WOODS OF YPRES - Against The Seasons

Intro: The Shams Of Optimism

An hour away from home, 
The lights come on. 
Standing at the side of the road, 
I am in awe. 

Amongst the snow and trees, 
The freezing cold, 
I thrive on each sorrowful note. 

For the moment, all is still, 
A tranquil pace. 
The ease of being stranded, 
In this compassionate place 

Amongst the snow and trees, 
The air is cold and clean, 
and for the moment, I am at peace. 

Being able to enjoy a disaster 
is a sham of being so optimistic. 
Now that the thrill has worn off, 
and the adventure has lost itís charm, 
I just want to go home. 

Still waiting at the side of the road, 
The hours have passed, since I last moved. 
Head down, eyes closed, 
Into a suspended sleep I fall. 

Then in sequence, from far to near, 
Light reflects off of objects before... 
A sun, of the darkest blues, 
Rises from the hills behind...

Crossing The 45th Parallel

To pass between, these winter walls, 
While travelling at night, 
Taken by reflection, 
I mine my life 

The trees have seen me come this way, 
Many times at any hours. 
They stand on both sides, 
And greet me, as I pass. 

A time and place, where winter begins, 
I see inspiring sights. 
Reminiscent of years gone by, 
I mine my life. 

I am, being expected, by those who are waiting at home. 
Taking caution, knowing Iím guided by white lines covered in snow. 

On occasion I pass through, 
From the life I build, 
To the life I knew. 

Only the trees would have seen, 
Who held the wheel. 
Only they would have seen, 
When I grew tired of travel. 

Only the trees would have seen, 
Who held the wheel. 
Only they would have seen, 
When I lost control. 

In desperate times, in such desperation, 
This long road travelled once left me behind. 
Now used, for gaining momentum, 
The theme of it all, 
Defines my life.

The Sea Of Immeasurable Loss - Cold Flowing Sorrow

Who knows how long Iíve stood here... 
Or how many times. 
I may wander, but I will return, 
The same time each night. 

For running water plays the score to this scene. 
I stand and stare into the mirror. 
This has become so familiar to me, 
Because I no longer rest where I used to sleep. 

A handful of water to cool your face 
will be the only comfort youíll know. 

So pick up your heart and run for your life. 
To drain your body of all itís energy. 
For heavy steps on a quiet path, 
Is the sound of earning your rest. 

Try to sleep 
on the other side of the room. 
Forget all the time you have lost 
For itís the insight... that kills you. 

This night will end, 
Only to begin again. 
And nothing will change until the change of the seasons 
Many months away. 

The night is long, 
Exhausted I make my way home. 
As the earliest of those begin their day, 
I finally begin to sleep. 

This strain that resolves in me, 
Truly has come at a cost, 
For the rain, that falls on me, 
Was drawn, from the sea of immeasurable loss.

A Meeting Place And Time

A meeting place and time. 
Our chance to make amends. 
Weather to meet as planned, 
Or reach out for, the cold, upper hand. 

A meeting place and time. 
Of which neither of them would show. 
A meeting Place and Time. 

A meeting place and time. 
Pictured in our minds. 
To stand up, from a table, 
And prepare for the outside. 

A meeting place and time. 
Neither of them would show. 
A meeting place and time. 
Neither of them would know. 

"I wouldnít miss it for the world."
with that having been said, 
Could you be careful with your words, 
Because my world is in your hands. 

It was a year ago today, 
I put a desperate man to death. 
He was the man I used to be, 
He trusted every word you said. 

You can wait no more... itís time to go home. 

I hope itís cold, everyday, where you are... 

For this place, is where neither of us will meet. 
For this time when neither of us will wait. 
And this is the end of this burden of yours and mine. 
This is the end, of this well rehearsed story of you and I. 

This meeting place and time. 
The story of you and I.

Awaiting The Inevitable

Drawing meaning from the unexpected, 
A sign that cannot be denied. 
A portrait of our everlasting expressions, 
And the distance between us, side by side. 

Nearing the end of this long discussion, 
Still struggling for what more to say, 
A man of words trying to argue his point, 
With someone, who can afford to walk away. 

This conflict of interest, 
Of whether to act and indulge, 
Or risk waiting for the greater gain, 
That may never come. 

Iím always pushing my luck, for nothing is ever good enough. 
While you strive to protect, 
what you already have for nothing will ever be as good as it was. 

A look held too long, or maybe not long enough, 
in the perfect setting which complicates us. 
While we await the inevitable end, 
We enjoy the inevitable events. 

For everyday that passes we lessen the risk. 
For everyday that passes makes much more sense. 
While we await the inevitable end, 
We enjoy the inevitable events. 

And now... a new tension, 
This one of silence... 

A late morning gaze out of the window, 
from inside a cold apartment. 
We look out, we look away, 
Anywhere but at each other.