Worship Us

The day withdraws with shadows frame
And dusk has draped the cold domain
An echo fed by mountain walls
A cry of longing - Nightly Calls!

We are those of the nocturnal
Darkness breeds in our day
Travel roads of which forgotten
Dare to cross the ancients way
Thousand paths away

Worhip us, for yet we shall not slay
That which belongs to us
We guard the flower as the seed

Silence After War

I am a northern warrior of dark and ancient past
And I wonīt end this war until I am the last
Cause I swore to Satan that none would see me fall
That none would see me fall...
With my sword and with my spear I make them live in fear
And when the day that they come here
They will whish that they could disappear
The weaklings just pray for their lord
As I crush them with my sword
Children and woman do the same as I kill for revenge
In Satans name
Battle after battle won, still I want more
I might though be satisfied as I kill the heavens Whore
I can see the blood covered ground from far up mountains tall
I can feel my darkheart pound as I enter the mountains hall
Now I need silence
Silence after War
No one will bother me
Bother me no more...

Render God

Mindless ghouls - arroused, betrayed
By light bewitched (that once they preyed on)
Twilight - In twilight born
In twilight seething - worming under our feet

Oh, how my eyes will blaze with glee
As I crush them with stone-cold tyranny
On their beloved crucifix
Three symboly engraved - 666

Dark One, your time has come
Each battle won is a cloud on Jehovas sky
Dark One, take down the sun
And just for fun, throw ir right in the makers eye

Bow down and hail - itīs our new world
For years untold - bow down and wail
From hell we came - and hell shall be
Your backs will bend to whip and fail

Satan, Your time has come
Your will be done, crack the earth, whip and scorch the sky
Satan, I am your son
Each battle won is revenge for their filthy Lie