WATAIN - Rabid Death's Curse

The Limb Crucifix

Show me the face of uttermost madness 
Reveal the mystery of time reversed 
For in chaos lies mights forgotten 
From which we all have emerged 

Crawling from wombs - a vast reflection 
A rupturing from deformed flesh 
Yet a false revelation, a pointless effort 
For the truth of all life is Death. 

For your bodies form a giant shape 
That cast shadows across all lands 
Filled with the greatest of emptyness 
Falling as it stands 
A crucifix of flesh and bones 
Lifeless, yet trembling in fear 
For as sulphurflames are it's consious 
And the smothering is near 

Emptiness spawn, pale stillborn breed 
Blinded at birth and forever to be 
His tusks pierced through eyelids and tounge 
Not even Death can set you free 

..sense the smell of burning flesh 

A titanic symbol of death's overture 
Impaled on behorned pain 
The limb crucifix, built on remains 
Of the cursed breed of Cain 
It cries and it suffers, burning within 
Reaching towards the sky 
Anguish shaped by bloodstained flesh 
A shadow of Satan, longing to die

Rabid Death's Curse

Born into a fatal illness 
Ascension unto a graceless sphere 
Yet the chain forged in sulphurfires 
Emerges with them through labias lair 
The stench, the curse, the sacrilige divine 
The enduring of rupturing cold 
Brought to life, crushed to dust 
By an impenetratable presence of dark 

Incarnation of plauges and of longdead pests 
Fornication of all brought to life 
Shadow majestic, spell infernal 
At the core of mankind as a lifefeasting tumor 

This curse if to haunt and to kill and to crush 
For it's claws are the flesh of all life 
It's eyes are the souls that burns at hell's heart 
The ones who are blessed from it's strife 
This plauge is to die and again to be reborn 
Through eternity and beyond 
For it is life, the rabid death's curse 
Cast by the firstborn, never to be gone 

Of sharpened steel and of hanging ropes 
Is the cure of this illness made 
For all lifes that walk are possessed by a curse 
And in the end it all shall fade 

Blessed from the filth 
Touched by the mystery 
Carressed by the dark 
Left as a snake to crawl and to curse 

May the seas they boil 
And the napalm rain 
Let mankind fade 
For still it shall reign 
Behold the burning of earth 
And your feeble creation 
Still cosmos shall tremble 
Beneath his domination

On Horns Impaled

Bow for me, inferior 
I demand you in the name of the horns 
For I am the one 
To bring the demise of the bearer of thorns 
You who's father 
so pityful upon the cross died 
Behold it inverted 
And burning under the nightsky 

Inferior lord of heaven 
Your might shall fade 
Jesus has wept 
On goathorns impaled 

Unclean vermins, scum of the earth 
Blow your heads for the dark ages birth 

Black fire cast your flames high 
Above the realms of light 
Behorned father Satan 
Show them all your might 
Taste the blood 
And the decayed flesh of his sons 
Behold the desecration 
Of the weaker and feeble ones 

A cross burned black 
Soaked in sacred blood 
From all of us to all of you: 
Go fuck your jewish god 

Inferior lord of heaven 
Your might shall fade 
Jesus has wept 
On goathorns impaled 

Black fire cast your flames high 
Above the realms of light 
Behorned father Satan 
Show them all your might

Life Dethroned

A pallid shape is floating
A lurid shroud of fading life
What ones was a place so glimmering and bright 
Has ignited itself and burnt out of light 
I canonize thee, lord of the odius 
For enlightening the path to perpetual might 
For guiding me on this voyage 
With nothing but scornful mirages in sight 

Devour me, oh immense shadow 
This locus is cursed, shroud me forever 
Damnation be my lodestar 
For humanity carves my veins 
I've been nailed to a cross of anguish 
Crucified above to behold 
The blind, the loathsome's strife in vain 
The holyness of those who should suffer my pain 

Lunar strains of morbid grace 
Reflections of nocturnal mysteries 
Eternally hidden for their eyes 
As what awaits behind... 

Branded by the unpure light 
But still, You like I 
Reaches for the dark 
And even further... 
As symbols of life we are fading 
To were this twilight reaches night 
A pallid shape is strangled 
As my soul and his darkness unite 

It wont shine through 
Believe it, you're never to see 
That my flesh is carved with spells 
Of mankinds destiny 
Blessed with contempt 
For what has edged my strife 
And through sacrilegous veils 
I dethrone life

Walls Of Life Ruptured

Spawn of the darkest evil divine 
A creation of the holy womb 
Step aside for lord Sathanas 
His fist so deep within 
A servant am I and in flesh am I captured 
Holy flesh and holy sin 
Oh, the strength it does not take 
To deny life's lying pleasure 

Their wars stills my hunger 
The tears in their eyes still my thirst 
Yet their life's feeds my despite 
...eternally to be cursed 

As it opens for me 
In darkest desolation I behold 
My blood runs cold through my veins 
Running in vain 

Lands fall behind my eyes 
And humanity is bleeding 
And in my hand I hold the key 
To all living holy glory 
...and all that is evil 

The womb of life is rotten black 
The seed of light dried dead 
The fist of Satan deep within 
Behold the cunt of life in sin 

Behold the purest evil 
The creation of a higher force 
Lurking within all of man 
Stronger than every life and lie



Feel the coming of a storm 
Of wrath burning red as blood 
Thundering forth 
With poison in veins and death in the eyes 
Under banners as mirrors reflecting 
The darkness above and below 
And the eye... 
The eye that is him 

Bonecrush, bloodlust 
Behold the remains of jehova in the dust 
Suffocate, Desecrate 
For Satan's return - Angelrape 

Warlust fill my veins 
As bullets in the heart of humanity 
Darkness drown me 
As carnal shreds of light soaked in blood 
Cursed to wander 
And to eternally despise 
Forever to stride 
For evil never dies... 

The beauty of destruction 
The passion of death 
In your ashes 

Bonecrush, bloodlust 
Behold the remains of jehova in the dust 
Suffocate, Desecrate 
For Satan's return - Angelrape

Mortem Sibi Consciscere

Created by them 
Yet reborn through him 
Blessed from life and lie 
For the cunts that are licked 
By your gentle tounges 
Are raped and cursed to die 
So far beyond 
Your rottening grace 
Yet trapped in smelling chains 
For the bodies you caress 
I have cursed 
And put cancer in their veins 

The blazes in the night called stars 
Are reflections of your kind 
Pallid and fading lifes 
Spawned and guarded by darkness behind 

For what dwells behind those flames 
Is hidden for your eyes 
And just one single glance 
Would transform your smiles into cries 

There is a war in my heart 
While yours is thorned by my nails 
For you are nothing but dead 
Beneath those carnal veils 

Rejoice as emptyness grow thicker 
Feel it's grasp around your neck 
The hour has come to release 
And to welcome the razorsharp fate 

Feel the jaws of the snake 
Slaves under cosmic contempt 
Mortem sibi consciscere 
Your key to achievement