VORDVEN - Towards The Frozen Stream


Under the shelters of the Middle-Earth, 
thrives a beautiful vale, 
where the streams are as sparkling as glass, 
that one's a sanctuary for living man.

A creation of nature is the vale with ancient wisdom.
The entrance to the vale was denied away from the black creatures of Mordor 
it's the site of elves, mountains and stream protection of mine.
That enchanted vale, weird in the eys of the wanderer 
mystical might it hides, the peace rewarding.
The dunedain kings grew up there, greater human beings, 
blessed with long life.

The might of their forefathers was hidden there.
The ring of Barahir, the pieces of Narsil, 
the star mighty of Elendil, the scepter powerful of Annuminas, 
starlit night, strengthened by moonlight

During the time of the evil Witchking, the Nazgul mightiest of Angmar, 
besieged the vale of Rivendell, 
by the death of dunedain and cried the children of Eru's might.

On the greatest moment of despair, 
through Lindon came the elves of Lorien, 
with aid of Rivendell's might crused down the Witchking of Angmar.

Finally dawns the age, fourth age of humans.
Then, elven souls get tired of the desperation of Middle-Earth.
The unquenchable yearning over the sea, through Harbors of Grey, 
silently elves sail, leaving behind the Rivendell, Middle-Earth

Eternal Storm

When nights eclipse paths forest's stillness becomes absorbed 
by the dance under the fullmoon with enchanted silence

As you see the clouds cry and hide the past times
Frozen lakes and cold wintermoon gleams through the dense fog, 
to reach the sky covered by Eternal storm

I see mighty wizards of the middle-ages
I hear depth from the unknown weeping of thousand years 
from twilight over the dreaming land.

The eclipse of moon shines and wolves howl in the nocturnal silence, 
in witches realm when the thousand moons of endless night have circled

The sky turns into the embrace of night
The stormy swells and the stars shine over the path to darkness