VED BUENS ENDE - Those Who Caress The Pale

A Mask In The Mirror

Carry me and throw me, 
into the waters that kept
you and yours alive.
...and if that was fear...
I'd leave you with your doves.

You'd want to eat the hand that hit you
And your dear pity me...
Slowly I bound you and your doves it fear?

I have spilled my tears how, 
I could have drowned you

The dust and and you...
The Dreamking and I...
The flesh and the soil...
Is it fear...?

The Carrier Of Wounds

I slumber throught my years.
Like the desert moves with the wind.
Frozen and flickering, the lustful year
has met its end.
A wanderer I am indeed...
the son of the moon...
and I will carry mountains soon.
A burden I was for those who woke the sun
I threw their masks away, lit my torches,
and burned their eyes...

Forgiven I never was.

But I will carry mountains soon.
A burden, is it not?

Kneeling I chose my faith,
while they lit the sun, and flew naked and blind
over my desert fields.

You That May Wither

A distant cry...
From whom I perished for?
You are born...
...the winterburden

I bled your tears once.
If only I could wither,
You, That May Wither

A distant cry...
From what I perished for?
It was born...
The winterburden.
I bled its tears once...
Oh, if only it could wither,
wither in the absence of your thoughts.

So I cry...

I cry not only for my spirit in its living shell.
But for the ones who used the lust for me.

The Plunderer

The dust the Dreamking and I.
Kept restrained like the flesh between the ribbons.
We did what the sun forbade us to.

Oh how mournful we are,
soon to be given wings.
The wings that gave the swan his pride.
And the tears that watched the sun die.

And you...
You who threw silence over me,
return with the heart I gave you...
...I was weak to let you plunder.

Those Who Caress The Pale

Strange how mysteriousness bound us
and drags us through these dark times

Strange how the twilight encourages us
and fills us with awesome pride.

Strange how a thorn would please us
and bring our hearts to lie.

Pleasant to see the starlight
and your white smile...