VARATHRON - Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire


Ygnai Fthig Nga Sothoth - Ym'Bd'Nig Ch'Eye Do Xna
Ngrktl 'Ftythech Gia Nghaa - Jug Mglo Mnyg Nafth

Swirling around the forbidden dimensions
Entering strange eons of disgust
Entombed in the stone ruins of great R'Lye
The Ancient Ones prepare for the last awakening

Psychodeath rites - Necromantical psalms
Though timeless agony - Death shall retreat

The liberated wrath - An orgy of perverted lust
Holocaust of morbid sodomy - The initiates await

Within his castle in R'Lye - The dead Cthulu awaits
While dreaming

Astral shape reentering the lifeless body
The black winged creature in chaotic noise
Emerges from the depths of the emetic abyss
Spreading forth the putrid stench of Necranastasis

Dawn Of Sordid Decay

Silent black plague
Chaotic leprocious death
Beginning of the anal war
Shub Niggurath ascends to Earth

Dawn of sordid decay

A future of viter submission
All planets a frozen desert
In legions of demonic wrath
The decomposed warriors walk again

The dark spheres collide
The key to the gate is found
In the shape of a vicious rodent
Satanas reincarnates in phlegm

Dawn of sordid decay

La Reine Noir

Shattering the serpent egg
Black shape reincarnates
Baptized in underworlds places
Domination of mystical worship

A weird shrine with malevolent colors
Manfully conquers the time
Disequilibrium of universal balance
La Reine Noir is cast to Earth - La Reine Noir

Withering in weakly sunlight
Petrified instincts awaken once again - La Reine Noir

Number the corpses in the plundered tombs
Incurable plagues in her immaterial face

A dance in funeral triumph
The daughter rides the chariot of fire

Controls the spirits of all enemies
Diffusing into the deserts of night

Withering in weakly sunlight

Number the corpses in the plundered tombs
Incurable plagues in her immaterial face

Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire

Though the endless storm - Reborn the cosmic evil
Dwell in inhuman rituals - The poison of wrath and hate
Conduct your subconscious - To the sphere of galaxial mist

Devoted disciple of Charon as you enter the loner domain

Lost in the maze - The visible disorder

Object of diabolical art - Mysterious exquisite substance
Cryptogramy (reveal) disgusting dreams
Breed in twisted (cranial) magnetism
The pestilent chaos of Sathanas
Genesis of Apocryphal Desire - Genesis

Lost in the maze - The visible disorder

The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep

Finally from the depths of Egypt
Nocturnal arrival of the strange one
Thy who was worshipped by the nomads
Thy who was followed by beasts

Abyssic born emerging from the sea
Forgotten lands and cold towers - Covered all over with seaweeds
The Earth scratched in two weird plains

Circle within circle, eye within eye
And when the sacred hour comes

From words they passed to obscure deeds
The final step before the apocalypse

Archegonig theory is fallen by reborn
Thy who believed once - Follow the light now
Marking the time to mystical tressbirth

That which saved him made him stronger
And he destroyed everything he had
The Melouzin's child is cast on earth
Nothing but shadows waves remain


Seven Endless Horizons

The dependence of an unholy civilization
The society of ultimate death - The coming from the past
The one who will sigh the future

Forgotten nameless graves - Inside the leper jungles
Desolation of exiled angels

There where the light is dying - An the darkness is ruling forever
Sacrifice for them in the altars of Varathron

The Graal which will give - Life to the Dark Lords
The mystificated mass - Which will sign the world

There where the light is dying - An the darkness is ruling forever
Sacrifice for them in the altars of Varathron

Seven sighs, seven scriptures - Seven gates whom will open
To break out the terrible nightmare
In the whirlwind of a painless end

Seven beasts, seven wizards - Seven endless horizons
Sacrifice myself to the demons - Black window opens in the sky

Deep Beneath An Ancient Dominion

The golden cities once - Desperately loved to rose
From fathomless grey mass - Blue lakes and abyssic mountains

Fear, for something that will gonna be
Fear, for something that will never (gonna happen)
Mercy and mighty echoes lamentation and tearing
From a voiceless face (without ending)

The shining towers of Hy-Brasyl - Earthy and heavenly paradise
Where men walked with gods - And with beasts of the forest

Time when springtime and harvest
Were as one; flowers and fruits - Hung heavily on every bough
Like a dream beyond the dimensions
The wind was blowing like a lover's touch
Caressing the highest towers
The mist like a sinful soul - Was searching its salvation

The time when hands moved
Only in grace and giving, the eyes smiled
The lips spoke with love without shame

Spirits travelling on a labyrinth
Without fear but passion - Bravery without bloodshed

Pictures from the past - Unspoken dreams of today
Mysterious visions for the future
It's time you will learn from yourself