USURPER - Threshold Of The Usurper

Necrocult Part 1 (The Metal War)

Listen to the words I've said
Prophecies from the dead
Into this war we fight as one...

Under the blood red sky
Total War!
Only the elite will survive

Blood drenches my hands
This battle forges the end

Metal War! Necrocult!

War against humanity
We shall rule this earthly throne
Together we shall kill as one

Eternal devastation
Total domination

Metal War! Necrocult!

Night Of Hatred
Dead Of Night

Black evil night-Faces of white
Fists held high-Onward we fight...

Triumph and glory
Obsession with death

A Drop Of Blood Upon The White Cross
The Night Will Become Ours...


Year scorned hag, with obsessions
Searching the realms, the dimensions
(With one) endulged with dark perceptions
Grasping for the eternal flame.

Ancient Mystic Summonings
Created Throughout the Past
Ancestral Passages
Scripture That Can't Be Lost

Yearning desires, they come
They come to seek me out
The Daughters of man are mine...
...for those wear the sacred mark

Ancient Mystic Summonings
Created Throughout the Past
Ancestral Passages
Scripture That Can't Be Lost

Nurtured to be in league
The Abduction of thy soul
(They are) taught the oath of secrecy
For one more generation...

Black Funeral

Bring the black box to the altar
Now raise your hands and do the sign
Oh Hail satan, yes Hail Satan
Lay down your swords, the evil star

It's A Black Funeral
She Was A Victim Of My Coven

Open the black box on the altar
Her blood is still hot, so let it out
Oh Hail Satan, yes Hail Satan
Now drink it, drink, drink, forget that whore

It's A Black Funeral
She Was A Victim Of My Coven

The Dead Of Winter

Soulless I have become
Death now calls my name
Under a dying sun
Beneath the frozen flames

Awaiting in silence, for there is no way out
Blackened, isolation, for I'm the one with the dead

Snow like ashes of bone
The frost now slowly sets in
(My) seconds in time have perished
Lucifer! I recall sin

For there is no way out
The walls of sanity vanish into the air

There Is No City Of God!
There Is No Kingdom Of Fire!
There Is No City Of God!
Unhallowed Be Thy Name!

The once proud temple of a dead soul
Becomes as one with the ground
Envoment by the Serpent's Son
The reapers scythe is lowered down

The witches, the priests, the madmen
Weave thier tales of thier myths
The lull of false security
Guardians of the sane mind

Satan Be...
Thy Father
Satan Be...
Below The Heavens
Satan Be...
Satan Be...
Be Thy Name
Kingdom Cone...
Kingdom Gone
On Earth...
As It Is In Earth

Ancient Myths Of Modern Man
As I Shall Be... Forever

Threshold Of The Usurper

The king is dead - His scepter broken
Rejoice (For it is) the day of retribution
overthrone - I raise my sword in triumph
Reign of terror - Hail Usurper!

Blood and fire - Mark my path of conquest
Desperate screams are frozen in the air
Thy have offered us thier weakness
Victory! Hail Usurper!

Release The Dogs Of War!
We are the legions... the dwellers of the night
Hear our battle cries
Slaughtering victims as we stand proud
The unholy Hordes
We are crushing force of the damned
The queen raped and killed
The kind lies dead as his fresh blood flows
Drink his blood from his skull
His harem obeys the lashing of thy whip
Raise the horns of the goat
Wear the cloak woven of clergymens' skin
The simple mind of the king
His power... nothing but a myth
His servants now enslaved
The Usurper slits the throat of the prince

Upon Sunset, all dreams are crushed 
Blood stained on my sword of steel
The thrill, the kill, the conqueror
Rejoice, hail, victory
Amidst inferno
Women are chained for sodomy
The ancient ones proudly observe
Rejoice, hail, Usurper!