UNLORD - Schwarzwald

Inferno Bizarre

Black is the blood inscript the name
three horned goat spewing flames
beyond the skies beyond the stars

Red cadavers treasures plagues
feasts of flesh in deep embrace
born soldiers of Ornigoth
ancient rituals of the unlord

Bless the child born of wrath
green and purple skies rains black
victor is born, born is hell
my lord sathanas, unclean my world

I kneel
I kneel
For my master
For my master

Uprising Hordes

From woods of nights nocturn
prepare the land to burn
carried on winds of war
uprising hordes
pilgrimage force
praise the unlord
until the dawn

Decapitate their god
summon their wives to rot
children are slaves of hell
uprising hordes
rising for war
pilgrimage force
until the dawn

As we arrive, we leave no stone unturned
and the smoke reaches high
king ilves, countless heads roll
they're destined to die

From our hair dris the blood
carve our swords in bones
sitting proud and rest
and take only the best

Rivers Of Fire And Blood

Kneel down to worship him
Knees deep throuh feel no pain
Runs warm whilst waiting for
The arrival of the one
Feel lightly tensions with
Sparks fly the candle winds
Whispers anounce of lost


And the night turns to black
And we light the fires
We gather round to tell the tales
Of wisdom so ancient
A past, glorious, strong
The elders sit and respect their sons
The battles of sin
Crusades to win
In armor made centuries ago
We prepare for war
Repeating our words

"Father, our master, your law is total"
The boundaries are clear
The Schwarzwald is ours
You, who trespassed
The law is devoured

And the sun fades away
Our master, we pray
Give us the strength to conquer what's ours
Unholy the blood
Battle we must
Ions of the demons, turn enemies to rust
Our brothers in war
Raise high thy swords
Collect their heads in the burning woods
The Schwarzwald is ours
The law is unchallenged
All what's unpure has now vanished

Outburst Of Hate

All holy houses
around the earth
by this means warned
for total destruction
the time has cometh
to set things right
the exploiting churches
all burnt down

Outburst of hate

Terrify all mortals with
the only choice
of heaven and hell
the treasures robbed
from all the men
are pillaged and burnt
to justify

The warmth
the fire
all sinners win
in our hands
burning torches
of evil flames
all burnt down


Where Fires Burn

Hear the dark call, burn with me
erased in darkness, blasphemy
a choice so clear, like skies so high
a life eternal, the eternal night
we build the stake, the sacrifice
and gather forever to end this life

And the flames are reaching high
as the hordes from hell arrive
the sacrifice is made
to resurrect the master

Burn die headless corpse!
Ghost ride on the cross
taste blood, demon's wine
unholy soul to be mine
praise the night when fires burn
in the haunt of no return
the call of darkness whips the sand
as we build our new land
our new land
where fires burn

E Caha Di Bela

Anochi seur, diablo ta lur
Muhernan si dono
Ta perde non cono
Miedoso ru bosnan ta
Adorande i alabands
Otro diosnan
Dios no lo tolera
Ainda de caha di bela
Ta banda di e misa
O, dios pordonanos
Pa nos pecadornan
Sirbidor di satanas

Scupiendo awa bendita
Rudianan ta sangria

Blasphemia total

Messiah Noir

Unholy bloodlust
the serpent redeems
a vision rising
through blasphemy
lucid lord satan
unchain the key
messiah noir
embodied in me

A gift of pleasure
the sin is greed
master, summon us
followers will bleed
the black horizon
reborn god
messiah noir


The wind carries on enticing voice
blackbird suffly has made her choice
I feel her power possessing me
trapped in her moisty cave my destiny

Black bird black bird
my horny spirit
premortemly unsatisfied
devouring mortals
like sheep by wolves
blackbird blackbird fly

She haunts my dreams
her nails tear my skin
my soul my soul burns
eternal pain
burns like salt on the wound
the ultimate revenge
of the only with black wings

Blackbird spread your wings
oh blackbird
her look will capture your mind
her lusts were never satisfied
devouring mortals
like sheep by wolves


Terrorize the night
with your hammer
crush the weak of mind

Brought before dawn
Prepare the underworld
for the final storm

Bring us war
Master Thor

Cleaning the lands
We raise our Iron fists
towards the horizon

The anvil of steel
Bring the hammer down
prepare the slaves to kneel

Bring us war
Supreme lord

Enslaved are we
We tasted richness
paid the price and
chant unholy blasphemy

Beyond us fires burn
We hold our daggers high
And watch the lord return
Riding fierce right to the sky