UNCREATION'S DAWN - Stormtroopers Of Antichrist


A dwelling in the home of all murderous feelings 
And atmopsheres that lack of humanity 

Death has triumphed over all 
And formed a void of utter darkness 

You contaminated the air 
With the stench of human 
And I came to you 

There was no need for hate 
My eyes were burning cold 
For I had become a true servant of Death 

I have swam through the black lakes of ever evolving chaos 
And discovered nothing more baneful than the deepest caverns of my mind 

I have tasted blood 
I have submitted to darkness 
And I know the taste of the liquid life in your veins... 

I left you dead 
Slayed by my hands 
My cruel and cold hands... 

Devoured by the cold breath of the void 
Buried in nothingness 

It is death that has triumphed over all

Stormtroopers Of Antichrist

As grim warriors of doom 
We march towards the falling sun 
Hatred called us for war 
Dream of revenge gave us strength 

We wreak total havoc 
And bring utter doom 
Where we walk 

The enemy of god we are 
And the face of death for those who 
pray his name 

Stormtroopers Of Antichrist 

Ravaging a monastery 
And raping and slaughtering the nuns 
Leaving smoking ruins and human ashes behind 

Tearing christian children out from their mothers 
wombs with our swords 
And burning the clergymen at stakes 

Blood of a thousand man spilled 
And thousand fires in the night 

Countless of enemies slaughtered 
Countless of corpses to feed the ravens 

Stormtroopers Of Antichrist

Uncreation's Dawn

When of the angelic hymns from heavens 
turn into screams of torment and fear 

When the son of god is nailed again 

We shall come forth 

We shall rise from the kingdom of 
eternal blasphemy down below 

Pure demonic unholyness 

Mockery of all Godīs creations 
Blasphemy made flesh 

The way into the kingdom beyond godīs grace 
Spawn of primal darkness 

By our hands shall the feeble thrones 
of the holy become crushed 

Lusting for death and the 
doom of godīs race 

Dreams of heaven are made dust 
in uncreationīs dawn