TUBE - 99/98

Doomsday Fuckwar

Demonized fucking whore, 
doomsday war 
Ripped to pieces in pure hell, 
Satan is the lord 

Fucked by demons in the pit 
You are scum and you are shit 
Pass the dagger, you fucking cunt 
You must die tonight


Hatewar evil and demonkill 
The blood must fucking spill 
Satan is the lord, rivers of blood 

Kick the face in on the fucking scum 
The christians burn in hell 
Kill the worthless fucking cunts 
Death is painful now!

(Cuntal War!) 

Cunt of god's been desecrated 
Souls of the impure 
Hellish war of demonfuck 
Blood must be shed!

Total Genocide

Ripped apart by demon rage 
The fuckage has begun 
Total war, genocide 
Jehova is a cunt! 

Ripped apart by hellish cunts 
Blood is spewing out 
Testicles of Jesus Christ 
Eaten by worms 

Lay down you fucking cunt!
You Suffer!
Satan is the lord!


Death, unholy cuntwar 
Satanic warmachine 
Pestilence of hellish fuck 
Raped and fucked up god 

Satan is the masterwhip 
The beast of fucking death 
Unholified through vagina 
Unleashed from the abyss 

Master of the bloodorgy 
Cuntal maggot death 
Rotting in the fucking church 
Burning souls of hate 

(Abused by mad nuns!)

Unholy Deathfist

Aggressive fist of the underworld 
Living on the golden worm 
Beating the cunts a smiling hunt 
Dead on the walls in different worlds 

This is the transparent whip 
Leaking gas from hell 
Death's head collects the arms 
Unholy deathfist crushing the smell 

A victory for the nowhere beast 
A cunt in the face 
The extreme lust for gore 
We live in the underworld 
Devilish blood in my mouth 
Drunk and stoned killing the freak 
Help the beings kill 'em selves 
Die in the painful blackhole


Bleeding The Slut

Ain't such a powerful neck 
It's dead, bleeding and cold 
The axe burned the body 
Sluts burned my eyes 

Smiling armies follow the hope 
The machine and the shit 
Open mouth drinks the piss 
I beat 'em up - ...long and hard 

I wanna see you all die! 
I wanna see you bleed! 
Press the ice down my throat 
I wanna see you die!