TROLL - Universal

Rex Lamictal

Randomly amused,
The executioner of common evolution.
Whirling in the hale of light.
Trapped in ink on these shelves,
Left without grief.

So rumble these systems,
All painted by the light.
Discharge the lifeforce of this feeble fiend.

Paralyzed and packed in ice.
A forgotten exhibition in this galeery of thoughts,
A thousand years in sanctuary,
A lifetime in this flesh.

Factory of time,
Reborn in a glimpse of suddenly seeing.
Plastic paradise of a billion elements,
Behold the rising paramount!
In a chain of dispute,
Nailed to the wall....Gently.
Secrecy in these chambers,
Spawned in moist for the favour of means.
Reign of instant death

Sannhetens Plagiat

I mitt kjølvann steg en æra av vårt rike.
Jeg kvelte sagnomsuste drømmer i mitt grep.
Tok "tåpens" kreasjoner til mitt hjerte, og
sakte, sakte omformet hans visjoner til min visdom.

Bak natten lurte dommedagens teppe,
Da alt blir skapt og skapt igjen.
Vi danset døde hen i tidens tankeløse tomrom,
Hvor ferden førte frem til eget forbruk.

Ei dratt til side av en annens
evneveike krampe.
Vi nådde frem, strakk oss ut og rørte
Ved allsidighetens krybbe...
Ved allsidighetens krybbe...

President Besters Alimony

Euphoria as a trick, beloved but denied,
Hidden in an agenda of means.
"Breed behind the instincts, feed the masses!"
Stationary dreams, taken swift in a glimpse.

To race dimensions in a single grain, multiplicity!
Find sanctuary in the Eleysian sandcastle.

Feel the stench of mass hysterias cauldron,
See the branch easily brake.
To hit the ground, merciless smiles from above.
Surrendered to the miracle of death...A lesson to beg for.

Marked as a Man I stand, behold the tide is rising.
Nor a trixster, nor a fool, engulfed in coal,
Hastily on the way to other "planets", whirling.
To bloom in the horizons, to settle in the shade.

A cure for the stream: To blend the evolution,
As it leaps into tomorrow

Entering The Fluid Oxygen

The sun and I, the watchtower of tranquility.
Copy all these sane solutions. Overcome...
A deeper darkness there out in the dark,
Drowned by those who danced the blue beams.

So we stepped into this new "unreal-reality",
Stared gently at the stains of monumental glory.
Thalia saved the souls from terrestrial entertainment,
As the prowler left his marks on paper doors.

I am the exorcist of conventional evolution....

Fields Of A New Sun

Pleasure dome wide open,
King Cosmo in a shell.
Molest your fears,
Behold the revelation.

Tranquilized again...Blazing!
Breathe this oxygen of ice,
Sailing nautic blood lines for a cure.
Reach the harbour of the blind.
Sell your soul!

Burning mind, the tide brought pain.
Covering the fields of our newborn star.
Its first "sin" was its salvation, dead!
Terra stole its pride and went away.

Dawn of a new sun, time for incubation