THYRFING - Valdr Galga

Prelude / Storms Of Asgarth

With the cold northern wind we travel
We're on a journey of a lifetime
And we'll fight many battles on our way

We'll trample the bodies of the dead as we travel
We'll go on ‘til the day we die
And reach our destination:
The golden gates of Valhalla!

A desolate aeon has passed since
the demise of our crown
A tragic end which made hecates
and predictors wail
But dragons still sleep tranquil
in proud heathen hearts

At first they came wearing their
most innocent masques
Telling vikings vague stories
about a nazarene whelp
While keeping their swords drawn
behind their backs

Storms of Asgard
Engulf the unfaithful
Storms of Asgard
Reclaim your throne

They spread their odius thorns all
over northern soil
Some unfaithful sheeps swore
allegiance to them
But some rather died
Their craving and megalomania
became too much
Raping northern soil before pagan
eyes spawned hate
There where great battles but the
outcome were not

The pagans volcanic wrath is still
alive in our hearts
And the white veil which still
covers us
Will be torn apart

From Wilderness Came Death

Screams in the night woke the whole village up
Their cattle is getting attacked
The fences are broken and blood everywhere
Horses are lying there slack
Fenrir divided, a horde of greywolves
His power inside of them all
Feasting on the guts of both stallions and goats
No animal in there stands tall

The people were struck by terror and fear
While beasts intruded their ground
Like the flow of a storm that none can control
Cascades of blood in the pound
Spears were thrown at the raging wolfhorde
So hard to select them all out (in the night)
Running with bloodied fangs and fierce eyes
It sure doesn't help much to shout

In from wilderness came death
Wolves in the pound!!!

Setting some torches on fire might scare
But will them beasts disappear?
The scene turns real grim when the creatures change course
Grotesque, exploding fear
Thirtythree persons in spite with the wolves
So hungry and dangerous
Only much later when the sun rises
One can count the loss

The horrible fur-beasts defeated 'em all
And the yard was a bloody mess
A village of death, Fenrir's cold work
Of entrails, bones and flesh
The people they fought in vain for their farm
Wolven hunger got fed
After this night of terror and pain
All the humans were dead

In from wilderness came death
Blood on the ground!!!

Askans Rike

Over nordmans stormande grav
Klagar den enagdes blick
Pa himlen Tor ilsken rasar
Under korset slav

Askgudens fader, vassa ditt spjut
Hoj baneklingan annu en gang
Bryt ulvens kotting
Vilan or over, vantan or slut

Fenris, jaga honom, falj hans spor
Faders motvind har mojnat
Nor hans boning blivit ruin
I korsets aska vi en ny grada sor

I brand mark finnes den bordigaste
Humle och malt skall sla rot i
ditt kadaver
Forgar, den eviga fienden till
hednisk hord
Askans rike ur blodshemnd fads

Hoj era horn i en skal mina
Ulven fann sitt byte annu en gang
Pa strupen syntes morken
Fran asars hander och vargars

Valdr Galga

I know that I hung in this tree
All of nights nine
Wounded by the spear, given to myself
Enlightened I'll become

No horn they upheld, nor handed me bread
I looked below me, aloud I cried
Caught up the runes, caught them up wailing
Then to the ground I fell again

I know that I hung in this tree
All of nights nine
Wounded by the spear, given to myself
Enlightened I'll become

From the son of Bolthorn, Bestla's father
I mastered mighty songs nine
And a drink I had from the strongest mead
Got out from? thraerir

Valdr galga

Yggdrasil must abide
More than to men is known
The hart browsing above, it's bark rotting
And Nidhogg gnawing beneath

The Deceitful

Distrust rules in Asgards heart
Farbautes son is spinning his web
With laughter, lies and malicous acts
Infecting our divine paradise

But we can not kill you, we are bound as we cry
A sign of death before Ragnar? k arrives!
"So h? der, why don't they let you shoot at your brother?
Here, take this arrow, I'll help you aim..."

Loke - spawned by giants you came to us
Deceitful - if we can not trust
you, who can we trust?

Your outrages are many, with that we must live
As your stepbrother I must you forgive
Your children will haunt us, and we will them meet
In the final battle, when you sail your fleet

On the flaming sea, you stand in the stern
Still you are laughing, in the fire you must burn!
"So Tyr, where is your right hand?
Seems like Fenris still has it between his jaws..."



I would wake warriors great
Summon warriors of the oak
High as a pine in the forest
Summon those who sleep
Wake those beneath the grass
Buried deep under fields
Under sacrificial graves
In the burning earth

Carve runes upon the horns
Stain them red with blood
We mumble our spells and sing our hymns
Filled with lust we drink
The mead so pure and strong
Proffered by smiling maidens
We praise the taste on our tongue
Mead blessed for us by Odin

My father he has promised
That glorious I'll become
Standing high in the stern
Steering the ship so worthy

Slained in battle I rise again
Brought to life by a heathen spell
The sea was my home, I ruled the waves
Without fearing my death
Arising from the realm
Where the dead are screaming in vain
Bring forth the day
And I'll fight by your side

Born here in northern land
My vision's been clear since long ago
My heart will bleed as I walk upon earth
My fate lies here, carved in stone
I'm surrounded by fires
I behold this fearsome night
I was born as a wolf
But raised as a human


Crawling shadow
Nighttime abomination
Beyond daylight lurking
Hiding from the sun

And he who mist breath
Is the ghost of my time
The soul of my kindred
The blood in my veins

In flesh he was mighty
An enigma yet real
He was a fierce slayer
Feared by those not insane

Utter usurpation of foreign shores
Axemaster and berserker without remorse
The might and courage he possesed
Are in treason times qualities opressed

Underworld dweller
Arise and tyrannize
Thyrfing warmongers
Wants you warlike again

Let the air fill your lungs
Your prevail is my victory
New tales are to be told
New tales carved in stones
Tales spawned by enemy blood

A fire deep within
Fire forever

A Moment In Valhalla

Horns raised and filled with the finest of mead
Valhalla's warriors battle succeed
The lodge so enormous, so many in here
Valkyries serve us the best flesh and beer
Forever we'll sit here, to eat and drink well
All of us heathens on a battlefield fell
Our death went divine to Valhalla came
Another brave name for the golden hall's fame

Inside the great lodge where delight does stream
A beautiful valkyrie in every man's dream
"Woman come over here and sit on my knee!
In the great sky tonight you will see
Up there I'll show you the mighty starsign
The shape of Thyrfing trapped in time
That sword my life once before took
But now in Valhalla, tonight we will fuck!"

Where delight is streaming
Fallen warriors gleaming

Soon we'll be there in the goldenmost hey
Crawling around each other ‘til the very next day
Eight hundred voices in a drunken chant
Some dance around the tables, stand straight they can't
Throats are getting wet, throats are getting dry
There's a lot of mead in the horns raised high
The feast goes on forever, for ages it will last
We're all getting glorified, thinking about our past

Mimer's Well

In the dawn of time, when Ymer lived
There was no sand, nor sea or waves
There was no earth, there was no heaven
An endless abyss, gasping like a wolf

Before the sons of Bor, raised the
lands to the sky
The ones who Midgard created
The sun shone upon stones
The grass was left untouched
And the earth slept in peace

"I know it all, where you hid your eye
Down in Mimer's well
He drinks your mead, your source of wisdom
He is drinking of your blood"

The well won't dry out as long as I live
I can promise you
But the sun will never shine over worlds nine
The final battle awaits

In the shape of an eagle, I flew
And I drank of Kvasir's blood
I created, I enlightened
But what is left today?

From Hlidskjalf I behold
I watch over you nine worlds I remember
In ancient times, giants spawned
But what is left untouched?

A Great Man's Return

Under Norve's starfilled sky
In a forest so deep and wide
Eight hooves are thundering
By the mountains darkest side
In the shadows two grey shapes
Hungry stalking their prey
A long time has passed
Since they went away

This is the call for a great man's return
Longing for the old age, let this world burn
I yearn for retribution, I want fields stained red
Odin show us that you're not dead

Northern king... return
Follow the path we make, longer for every day
Warlord... return
Your eyes in the sky will show you the way
Northern king... return
We will be waiting, thousands and thousands of men
Warlord... return
Together we will drink, fight, die and live again

Under Norve's starfilled sky
In a heathen forest deep and wide
Sleipner calm is standing
With Odin by his side
By his feet two wolves are lying
Feeding and resting in the night
A long time will pass
Until bloodred snow becomes white