THYRFING - Urkraft


Ett tecken for Svearikets styrka
En symbol for svunnen prakt
Enande for oss som funnit nordens sanna styrka
Enande for oss som arar svunnen makt

Den kraftiga aska du bringar
Buren av guden som fardas av bockar dragen
Och nar han Hrungners dod svingar
da ekar de maktiga hammarslagen

Du som skapar det maktigaste av dan
Du som drapte Jordens gordel
Du som svingas av Jordens son
Du som aro tursars bodel

Ett vapen av stal som aldrig ger vika
Talet kring din styrka kanns oandligt
Vi din anda aldrig kunnat svika
Heimdalls soner dig bar standigt

Aven nu da mangen forlust ar liden
Vi bar dig, av Sindre smiden
Pa brostet vi dig stolt skall bara
Evigt trotsande varldslig fara

Pa brostet vi dig stolt skall bara
Evigt trotsande varldslig fara
Vi som nordens sanna ande ara
Vi som en dag till Valhall fara

Du, som Baldersbalet helgade
Du, som krossade de som Odens son vredgade


Nar stormen som knackte draken ven
den piskande blast som pryglat askens gren
Allfader da fran hogsatet sig reste
"Mer dryck i hornet" han ilsket vreste

Langt bortom Midgards berg och dalar
skyddade fran stormen i gyllene salar
Allfader plotsligt tommer valfyllt krus
tvinnar skagget fundersamt i behagligt rus

Lat dryckeskvadet eka i forna gudars ara
Drick ur, inte tveka, i minnet jag er bara

Bortom langbank, i guldsmyckat sate
hors korpakrax och ett mullrande late
Av vakna ogon fem blott fyra skarpt nu ser
Allfader i dromvarlden jattar hugger ner
Tystnaden nu harskar i druckna hjaltars hem
gryningen och slaget ger dod, sen liv igen
Nar afton ater stundat och striden den ar slut
Allfader for sina kampar utbringar en salut

Sweoland Conqueror

In primordial times, when Ginnungagap empty stared
Before Ymers death, before our triumphant dominion
There was nothing
No sea, no waves
No earth, no heaven

A frostcovered stone created
Bure, father of Bur, Bestlas husband

Bestla, daughter of Boltorn
And mother of three
Oden, Vile and Ve

Ymer's assassins, Svears creators

Oden - spirit and life you gave
Vile - intellect was your gift
Ve - completed the heathen warrior
And Sweoland sets sail to plunder

With will as strong as the heart of Hrungner
They sat the world ablaze
Usurpers of Ethelreds british isles
Conquerors of western Frankia
And crushers of Irish strongholds

The flesh of a giant bears the mark of their tribe
And his blood carried them forth to glory

"Never before has such terror appeared
as we now have suffered from a pagan race"

"Nor was it thought possible
that such an inroad from the sea could be made"

"Shrines were desecrated
Ornaments were plundered
The bodies of saints were trampled
The blood of priests was spilled"

Home Again

The long, hard yers at sea, have taken their toll on me
For thirteen winters and a spring, I have been so far away

So far, far away from the place I call home
A place so beautiful, it's where I want to die
Have you ever seen the rivers of Nyfors?
Or the majestic view at the mountains of Brevik?

Tyreso, you have left a mark in my heart
Home... I am coming home again

As I think of home, the memories burn inside of me
Does my son still remember me?
Does his mother recall how life used to be?

Will she ever recognize this grey and scarred old man?
Will I ever see her smile again?
Will she meet me at the shore when my ship comes in?

Mother Svea, you have left a mark in my heart
So I am coming home again

For home and kindred I have sailed so far
For home and kindred I am coming home again

The Breaking Of Serenity

Welcome to plunge into this storm
Where warlords ride, and kill with pride
The smell of rage, this ancient hate
That has been in wait
Before the torture took my soul
and the night turned black like the darkest hole
Before the wolves learned to howl

Open the time where bloodbeasts lurk, break serenity
Feel the ancient fury, smell the air of undead breath
Can you sense the torture, the knowledge of ending days?
Do you hear the sound of nearby death?

Taste the ultimate of pain
Struck me, ripped out every trace of life
Elves and valkyries scream my name out loud
This has been in wait
Before the torture took my soul
and the night turned black like the darkest hole
Before the wolves learned to howl

Come on, let's join the chaosstorm
Unleash your sword and face the sky
Can you see the reflections of a burning world?
Can you see the souls of those who died?


Ways Of A Parasite

In the filth of your failure, still suppresive
The overlord's standing supreme
Wounded through time, still it's breeding
Your beckon call ignored

Not of the divine, still it's drinking your wine
A parasites' vanquish in the light
You are the well that waters his hatred
Upon your sins he is feeding

The sins you made
when Adam got laid
Your life is a bitch
because Eve got paid

...and the truth shall set you free...

This blade I give to thee
I put my trust in you
Deep in you
May your blood keep it warm

The ways of the parasite
not for your eyes to see
As your icon withers
Odin carries the prophecy

Fire forever


Vapnare under nordens baner
Framat - Nidingblod ar ert elixir
Av jord ar niding kommen
Jord skall niding ater varda

Drakens ornament i hallen gloda
Till tordon skall niding villfara
Av jord skall niding ater varda
En salut for nordens moda

Sanningar tar nar ert allt ar brant
Utopins eldar stravar mot ytan
Skrik, ni kladda i lagans skrud
En grav ar gravd for skyars regent

Askens krona den siste nu vordar
Ljuset falnar, ty hoppet dog
Nar Birka ater ur askan steg
Ett ansikte forvridet for nordens moda

The Slumber Of Yesteryears

Yesterday never died - it just went into hiding
It lies slumbering at the bottom of a deep, dark lake
Hidden in the woods of my time

There was no path to follow, but I found my way
I had been lost for long
Forlorn in the woods I knew so well
I didn't quite know what I was looking for
But still I found it - or did it find me?

I couldn't see a way to this place
But from where I stand now I can see it all.
I can see how bright the stars shine at night.
I can see how the sun wakes life from it's slumber
And I see how the snow cradles it back to sleep again.
I see my way back home but I never want to leave this place.

Till Valfader Urgammal

Slutligen foll jag pa kampavallen
men sorgen varar ej hos en krigare fallen
Som foda at korparna jag foll
men svardet mitt i handen jag holl

Valkyriors vackra skepnader jag sag
da jag doende i mitt sarsvett lag
Striden valdig blev mitt fall
Till Valfader urgammal jag nu fardas skall

Harfader, Valfader, in i salen mig bjuder
Enharjarskarans skalar i Valhall ljuder
Kommen var min sista jordedag
Nu ar blott vantan pa det sista av slag

Min dod pa faltet var ond och brad
och nu berattar jag om manget hjaltedad
Var dag far vi pa garden kampa
aldrig bliva gammal, aldrig lida av en alders krampa


En starkande kansla som haller anden vid liv
Som overlever nornornas alla nycker
En kraft som segrar over alla fiender
Den slumrar i dina blodsband, men finns dar kvar

Ett naturens vasen, sjalens barande stomme
En fornimmelse fran forr, i arv fran vara forfader
En ymnigt strommande styrka, lika gammal som tiden sjalv

En ododlig energi, som i naturen frodas
i varje levande fors och sjo, i varje maktig ek och reslig gran
Stilla den andas, lugnt och starkt
men ett vaket sinne ser och hor, hur den vacker sjalaminnen

I glomska den ligger, men ger givmilt nar du ar redo att ta emot
Redo att vacka din ande till liv
Dess kalla ar outsinlig, evig och oppen at alla som bar den inom sig

Lat den ej for evigt sova!
Kann dess aterkomst, likt nagot som saknats
En del av den du ar, ett kall fran ditt blod
Kann ditt arv, och hur nordens sjal flyter genom dina adror

Ett fatal ar vi som urkraften minnes
Evigt styrkta av en flamma som aldrig slocknar
Varlden ar holjd i morker
men nordstjarnan leder oss till slaget pa Vigrids slatt

Over The Hills And Far Away

They came for him one winter's night.
Arrested, he was bound.
They said there'd been a robbery,
his pistol had been found.

They marched him to the station house,
he waited for the dawn.
And as they led him to the dock,
he knew that he'd been wronged.
"You stand accused of robbery"
he heard the bailiff say.
He knew without an alibi,
tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
for ten long years he'll count the days.
Over the mountains and the seas,
a prisoner's life for him there'll be.

He knew that it would cost him dear,
but yet he dare not say.
Where he had been that fateful night,
a secret it must stay.
He had to fight back tears of rage.
His heart beat like a drum.
For with the wife of his best friend,
he spent his final night of freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day.
Far from the mountains and the seas,
back in her arms again he'll be.
Over the hills and far away.

Over the hills and,
over the hills and,
over the hills and far away.

Each night within his prison cell,
he looks out through the bars.
He reads the letters that she wrote.
One day he'll know the taste of freedom.

Over the hills and far away,
she prays he will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the seas,
back in his arms again she'll be.

Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day.
Far from the mountains and the seas,
back in her arms again he'll be.

Over the hills and far away,
she prays he will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the sea,
back in her arms is where he'll be.

Over the hills,
over the hills and far away.

Over the hills,
over the hills and far away.