THYRFING - Thyrfing

Raven Eyes

Black shapes cross the sky
Once guardians of the pagan kingdom
Christian men took our land
But they did not take our pride

Ravens wont give you any blame
'Cause no words shall be said
They will just rip out your eyes
And eat your precious heart

Raven eyes watch from the sky
You better stay in the shadows
You better stay unseen

Crusaders of the cross rape the pagan land
A father and his son watch the troops
Knights in shining armour and horses to carry their gold
"Oh, please father, let me be a christian knight"

Crusaders of the cross rape the pagan land
A raven and his son watch from above
Wimps in womens clothing and mules to carry their shit
"Oh, please father, let me rip their eyes out"


Vargavinter - asars vrede...
Vargavinter - vinden pinar...
Vargavinter - frosten dodar...

Lange har de vilat ut i Asgards starka famn
Lange de glomda varit av Midgards nya folk

Inga boner hjalper deras nya gud
Ty han har frusit ihjal

Hans ljus kommer att slackas...

Vargavinter - asars vrede...
Vargavinter - vinden pinar...
Vargavinter - frosten dodar...

Set Sail To Plunder

A viking and his warriors built a dragonship
They're going out to conquer a feeble land
Heavily armed with swords, axes and shields
The swedes set sail for weaker ground

Chanting hymns of Tyr, of Odin and of Thor
A viking shall but win, berserker deep inside

The warriors spotted land, treasure hunt is at hand
Nobodys life will remain when they leave this shattered ground
Without any fear, they walked in from the shore
Mead is in the vikings to bring rageous attack

Take them all, slay them all spare just one
One to tell the story about a storming inferno

Men from the north brought despair to the foreign land
Treasure they now have to bring back home
Villages were harmed and burnt, but vikings got their goods
All the gold and treasures found their way to Sweden

One should have seen how they crushed all their foes
No damn warning for the pitiful scums
They died within minutes when the great warriors came
Children were drowned and women were raped

Oh, how the lust of the vikings was great
All their enemies met such a dreadful fate

Smoke is rising to the sky, the village lies deserted
Footsteps in the ashes, the only memory of the vikings raid
The only sound that is heard is from vikings counting gold
Not a single child in the village lived to grow old

Ur Askan Ett Rike

Norden hon stod, vacker och stolt en gang i en annan tid
Heligt blod flot igenom hennes hud och slackte hennes torst

Norden hon ligger, forkastad och fornekad i var kristna nutid

En ny tid stundade och forslavad hon blev
Strypt av den svage med sitt kors

Ur askan av vart hednaland, vi reser oss och igen:
Hans tro mot svardets makt

Ur askan ett rike

Tig och lyd du kristne fan
Ned pa kna och be
Oden lange i vrede statt
Men nu skall ornar fa mat

Den kristnes tro ar nu ett minne blott
Och ornar sin foda fatt
Lammet har svultit och finns ej mer
En framtid i det forgangna vi nu ser
I segertag vi vandrar med Oden forst
Hon har aterfatt sin torst

Celebration Of Our Victory

Torn and bloody our clothes they are
As we march home from a battle afar
Victorious we were, the raven's were with us
A glorious triumph was reached by dusk

We drink our mead in the light of the funeral pyre
Just as the flames, our cups are raised higher and higher
We drink to our brothers who in this battle have fallen
We hail thee, whom the god's have callen

Back in the village my woman awaits me
The fairest of women with a flaming desire
Her grace is to be seen by none but me
My scarred heart is burning like fire

Tonight is the night of viking's celebration
A celebration of our glorious victory
A victory that was surely not our first
And certainly not the last


A Burning Arrow

A burning arrow flew towards the sky
To symbolize the fierce ones
To manifest their pride
Torches glows and axemen sings their rhyme
Eternal damnation for bastard souls

The lust for blood are spread among our lines
All you can hear, a thousands battlecry
Our pagan force make blood run down their spines
The fury in our minds burns like Hel tonight

The ground below are shaking
As we burst on through the night
Thor swing thine hammer
In your honour we will fight

En Doende Mans Förbannelse

Med sargad kropp, men en sjal sa stark
Jag ligger pa frusen mark
Snon fargas sakta rod, ett sista tecken pa min dod

"Kloka korpar skall klosa dina ogon, nar i hoga galgen du hanger"

Du min baneman, ditt namn jag kanner
Dod mans forbannelse dig aldrig lamnar
Ett sista satt att hamnas

"Norves dotter, dig skall sluka
Nattens fasor du skall lida"

Frusen och doende jag ligger i snon
Jag forbannar din usla sjal

Nornor hor mig, lat min baneman fa lida
Underjordens alla smartor


Jag har lange vandrat pa denna stig
Jag har sett hednars och kristnas krig
Jag har stolt vandrat vidare
Jag har varit en ensam krigare

Skogen verkade vara andlos
Skogen som aldrig skulle bli
Lurad av vite krists hyckleri

Nu verkar skogen vara doende
Skovlad av goda man i blindo
Forblindade av en falsk gud

Nu nar ni overlamnat oss
Till prasters galenskap
Vi inte langre far slass
Vi ar fast i fangenskap
Men vi ger aldrig upp
Vi skall kampa for var tro
Ty valkyria till Odin oss tar
Var allsmaktige enogde far

Wotan's Fire

The fire that burns in the hall of the slain
Is the wrath of the speargod himself
The allseing father
God of gods, for wisdom he gave his eye

Betrayers will burn, betrayers will die
His light will never fade
Deny your origins, deny your belief
And die by the everlasting fire...

His fire is stronger than steel
You can try to save your empire
Your wounds will never heal
Try to run from Wotan's fire

Tyrfing's blade will reach you all
And slay the ones in our way
We are the army of the north
The army of pride
Which is never to fall

The call of the gods are our call into war
And we will stay and fight
We bring the fire of metal, we bring the fire of hate
So die by Wotan's fire

Going Berserk

Heated by the strongest of mead my blood is boiling
There exists no fear in a berserker in battle
Oh, how sweet my enemy is recoiling
His brothers have abandoned him
They're running like cattle

Going berserk - as I rush into battle
Going berserk - as I feel the smell of blood
Going berserk - as I crush your skull
Going berserk - I am high on death

All my foes are terrified by the hatred in my eyes
For me this is passion and lust
For them it is nought but fear
All realize my might, I a berserker born of fire and ice
As they go against me they know they'll never meet their dear