THYESTEAN FEAST - The Fall Of Astraea

White Widow

Skins of mask are flayed and torn
Abrasion and scars hide face forlorn
Borrowed... Sunshine seems profane
Sorrow... Drains jaded emotions

Pale feathers, eluding, soothing
Portats of grief, abjured, slayed
All your memories, platituned, chained
Scorches of grace... Never heal

Through dark colonnades, ruins of feelings
Your kinder pain, perifidious guide
Theatre of mortal, yearn to know

White widow

Dreams that sought graven image
Now they prise the christ of euphoria
Stabbed gygnet with stained wings

White widow

Emotion turmoil, the war in us
Parasite touch brings warmth of lust
Wounds of soul smile crimson within
Light lingers as the rapture grows dim
Treason in kingdoms of bereaved pathos

Feed the flames
With bonds of sacred love we burn
Bleed for flames

The Fall Of Astraea

before the sunset of epoch
Eve of omens gathers me
To weep the fall of Astraea
Of shaped dogmas famish
Misery forges stream antehms
Lies of tortured patriarch

Zephon seek and always find
Prhophecy forms circle
And diviner has forked tongue

So falleth the moning spear
These lunar mantras of heresy
whispered in costumes of day
To merge and then invade
Nightfall summons vigil
So dies the oath and oblivion
Vanished pyres of midnight

The Fall of Astraea

Gabriel bleed and always scream
All thy arclies sweet
Never believed and yet obeyed
Ithuriel sleep and always dream
Fabled utopia grace


Slumber nailed fear
Retribution reach me
Deceive leashed cross

Church breeds witchery
Sorcerers ravage dance
Come and kiss the throne

Trace the liturgy

Wallow in fragile lies
When crown bates my thorns
Reach for me

How luster of sainted viper
Seduces thy daughters with ease
Trace the liturgy

Inbred thruth so hollow
Be the one above trinity

Ascend through immortal blood
Reverse my reign with screams