THY SERPENT - Forests Of Witchery

Flowers Of Witchery Abloom 

As if to hasten the fading glow of the sun
Nocturnal insects rise in their constant hum
The humid earth responds to twilight's call
Sending forth the mists of evenfall

Into shades of grey the evergreen's subdued
By my feet, flowers of witchery are abloom
Bittersweet scented in this late summer night
Human consciousness penetrated with starlight

A journey will begin here; onerous thoughts drift to me
Now as the powers of nature are manifest
The meadow grows into an alien garden of plenitude
Destination unknown, sanity put to a test

The glacial epoch brought these moss covered stones
On which I stir from the grasp of restless dreams
I feel a chilly breath pass through my hollow bones
The reign of summer will soon be dethroned

Like a corpse rotting in a rack
Or wintry winds coming over fast
It is all a reminder of a single fact:
All life held so dear is only here to pass

Only Dust Moves...

Distress has found a dwelling place in me
Already pale as death but still I bleed
For promises have shown their fragility
Spare me your affection and pity

The world no longer is a joyful dream
But a crystal with darksome gleam
About to fall
Soon to be shattered
One shared for every emotion dead
I will rather learn to enjoy misery
Than partake a life of hypocrisy

Here I sit by the slowly dying candlelight
So I will drink with the shadows by my side
I flew with wings of the dragonfly;
Came down as the rain poured out of the sky
And stormwinds howled over the land
Snow covered the trees and ice the sand

No illusions remain
Silence conquers us all
Solitude the only reality

Only dust moves, set in motion aeons ago
When there was still life in this world