THY SERPENT - Christcrusher

Chambers Of The Starwatcher

I am the Starwatcher
silver son of Moon
The crow's lightened wing
and earth's son too

I make thunder trees
and shape thine growing eyes
Wither thy loved ones
I am the father of time

(In this blue chamber)
Ye saw me storm
did thee pray then...
ye while son of a Worm

Did thee not weep
of vengeance, back then?
No, it was a feeble begging
for what, who and when?

Ye could just have sat
in a rock with thine skin
as a momentous figure of them
Fragile are thee to wait for a win

Thus a bone of mine looks inside
of thine eager meat with a grin
hoping to gush out with joy.
Slowly thee die with me inside

Like serpent I am to gleam,
within thee I do always dream.
And slither to thine soul as it seems;
Mine shade is kingdom of beings

Curtain Of Treachery

A dream I saw in a curtain of treachery
between wolf's teeth it watched me deadly
this flame made fresh ruins, and war
reigned supreme in every beast's core

Ages of darkness took upon the earth
shadows glared on each evil birth
Horned black riders rode under the stars
Sun was unseen through mists of war

Red steam rose to paint men's faces
Horrible creatures raised to kill their children
and from sky and earth lightning struck the living
to burn, I rape and melt the ashes, of those once seeing

All shades of white descended to wither
colours of flesh and blood made men shiver
the riders pillaged and slayed meat
and drank from the weeping heads with ease

Thou Bade Nothingness

In times, when I fain of a season
its chill hold me wist, of an unknown reason
Greyness upon streams parlous and cool
Sheer the light which reflects from Plenilune

Ready to tale stars of wan, as both forwandered,
and loath the ways thee all ran astounded
So did thine glaive rust with wind and water
so terrified of fallow thee roamed to gutte

Perhaps the fragments of thine willing skin
saw no reflections of, what is called a bale king
Neither have Fall's shades descended to leaves
Of no nightbird's ashes belong to mine needs

Together a battle raged between moon,
likely the escorts of an velvet son.
One lode led to forhungered wood,
the frith were dark and thus thou run

As I see nothing but mere piece of meat,
trying to achieve as vision holds lack.
Hanging upon wold, not wist the made plead,
Twisting in gloam, this path fares not back...

Thus... Of no nightbird's ashes shall I devour.

So Free Are The Wolves

In the shadows of the trees,
I looked that huge icy opening
where the wolves turmoiled.
They seemed so free...
I moved slowly between the trees,
towards the pack of wolves...
They seemed so untouchable,
and they didn't even notice...

At last one of the wolfes looked at me,
anger that was face of the wolf,
changed to observing look.
Slowly it walked towards me,
it didn't show his teeth,
only its hesitating look.
Tears flowed slowly from my eyes,
when I realised that it had accepted me.

I walked ever closer to that pack of thousandheaded,
wolves stared at me,
not angrily but observing.
At last they came to me,
overturned me down and licked my cold face.

Suddenly a huge thunder was
heard from those mountains,
the storms arrived. Hard wind started to blow,
it blew all that snow to my eyes.
Wolves watched me for a moment
and ran towards the sunset...

I tried to run after them,
but so cold I had that I fell on my knees.
I cried tears of desperation,
life was turned its back on to me,
now the death was real.
I started to walk towards that icy pond.
I looked my self from surface of the ice,
so pale and dead I was.

I broke the cover of ice with my last strenght,
and I allowed myself to flow deep...

With smile on my face I died;
into those thick waters...

Circle Of Pain

Your blood was the one in the Mirror
the one dripping its way down the wall
the drops that would soon touch the floor
adventuring each bottomless hole between

Halls fill with this precious gift
that have somehow escaped through your skin
could it have something to do with me?
show me your arms, your body... why yes! it was me

Screaming you are, wonder why so pale and helpless?
was it not pain you sought out of life
was it not you who chose to live for misery
and to be like your greatest idol jesus christ...

...decorated with Nails

So bleed now, beg for the relief of death
for that would be a waste to let you die
now taste life's greatest gift, pain
I shall never release you from this life...



Burn the church 
Rape the priest 
Fuck jesus christ 

Smash the face 
Feel the blood 
Kill the christians 

Destroy what 
Thay brought here 
Hundreds of years ago 

Give them what 
They deserve 
Kill the christians 

I can't follow jesus christ 
The biggest liar of the light 
I don't need your fucking bread 
Share that with the sheeps 

Thousands of heathens were murdered 
By christian hands 
And what they have told us 
Bastards of Undivine god 

Lies, Lies, Lies 
Kill the christians 


I do profound the death,
Inside which it weakens me.
Not mine acting does it cause is in fear.
But blindness thou see in every mortal -
dreamlike thought,
including in me.

Beheaded I am,
greedly waiting besides thine grotesque being.
For a saviour of this soul
had it even ever been?

Thou all art but blind fruits, in mine created bowl;
Only feeling my hunger to thine flesh,
as stars have come old.
It Is a desolate night in me again,
so I was told.
Carried I did the shadow alone,
to these crystalmoors.
With a bare arm and drop of blood I do recall.

My reasons for vast profoundness,
are deepen far away.
By the shimmering light of the "ill-face"
I do stand pale and tall...
Wandering about in darkness questioning myself
Was there ever a day at all?

Calm Blinking

We now could face our seedling,
and to accept the disliked figure it bears.
Watch while it stings my growing
as this old friend lasted for years.

That grey and simple passage hidden within
my beloved nectar, it is what he needs
held inside ethereal glass of red potion
I do now lie cold in grass and plead

Begging this familiar face to give oceans
but he just hands me the weeds
as morningrise never reached my chambers
I stare that pale knife with greed

It flashes the only colour to my portrait
in this moment's ashes; it is a dream
No tears to give for this long trail
this elixir; my blood, is what I bleed

In a word of simplicity and hasted strength
I never saw that blinking again...