THRONE OF AHAZ - Nifelheim

Northern Thrones

The Air Was So Cold And Pure
I COuld Almost Touch The heart of It's Sin
I Turned My Face Against The Sky
Nocturnal Gales Ruled This Blackest Night
I Held My Sword High...
And Drank The Blood on It's Cold Blade
In A Cyclone of Infernal Desire
The Ancient Northern Warriors Rose Again

The Pagan Wind Blows
Through The Mists of Eternal hate

Black Ravens Fly
Riding The Winds of Forgotten Pride

So This Night Had Come At Last...
Raped Is The Grace Of The Queen of Love
I Laugh As The Whore Cries
Her Tears of Blood Drown The Frozen Ground
A Northern Kingdom Rised
At The Artic Waste of Eternal Night
This New Aeon Was... For The Ones of This
Northern Throne

An Arctic Star Of Blackness

"A Black Star - The Ancient Hate"

A Tale From Forgotten Times
Told of Aeons of Hunger And Lust
This Vision of Enthroned Sin
Was Truly The Promised Sign

So, The Winds From The Ancient KingDom
Brought Forth years of War And Pain
And For Us The Sacred Hatred
Was Like A Blaze Ruling The Sky

This Blackenest of Sunsets Cast It's Cold Waves
Upon This Frozen Nocturnal Waste
The Sign For Holocaust To Come
This Vision Was Forsooth Dark...

An Arctic Star of Blackness
A Burning Eye of Hate
And I Was Reborned
Through It's Cursed Light

Where Ancient Lords Gather

Now Among The Gods of War
On Black Wings I Saw Him Ride
Where The Fires Enthrone My Scorn
Forsooth... He Was The Beast

I Saw The Pagan Lust...

And My Sword Shall Be Wet of Blood
The Dreams of Grace I Devastate
I Follow The Burning Serpent Eye
And Watch The Dawn of Black War

I Saw The End of Time...

Chaotic Was The Seed We Were Sowing
Armageddon Brings Forth The Storm
And We Drowned In The CHantes of The Ravens
Now Their Blood Was Our Wine

I Felt That White Light Will Wither
And I Knew That Our Time Was To Come
So Where Ancient Lords Gather
As A King (Among Kings) I Shall Stand Proud

Summon Now Our Disciples
We Shall Gather To Call The Storm
Speak The Words of Devastation
Bring Forth The Gods of Ancient War

The Dawn Of War

The Dawn of The New Beginning
Was Seen From The Mountain
Where The Kings of Northern Might
Were Gathered To CLaim Their Throne

Their Eyes Were Cold
With Burning Hate
They Watched The Dawn
And Saw Their World

And truly...
This Was The End of The Years of Light
At Last our Dawn Had Come

"A Vision of War And Lust"
It's Mightiness Blinded Our Eyes
And So The Cold Winds of Ancient Hate
Cleansed The Northern Lands...

Tall In Might
They Claimed Their Thrones
The christian god
Kissed Their Feet

The Kings of Northern Might
Returned With Pride
And So Their Swords
Was Red of Blood

This Was The Northern Storm
Brought Forth By Their Hate
This Was The Dawn of Their Return
Behold... The Dawn of War


These Cold Winds Caught My Soul
Vailing Winds From This Northern Land
The Eternous Winterstorm...
An Arctic Night of Shadows Rose

And From The Highest Mountain
I Behold This Frozen Waste
Under The Sunless Sky
A KingDom of Might And Pride

The Eternal Freezing Winter...

These Winds From The mountains of Frost
Brought Forth Echos of The Wolves Cries
Bleak And Damned They Gather In The Mist
To Cry Against The Cursing...

The Calling Blaze

So I See The Dawn
(of) The Falling From Light
As A Sign In The Sky
Cold Is The Naked Moon

It's Burning There... Burning Cold
The Untouched Flame... of Armageddon
It Calls My Name... With Distant Cries
The Blaze Is Mine... And So Is All

Within The Storms of Thy Burning Hate
Lies The Destiny of The False
My Scorn of The Whitest Lie
Seals My Fate Among The Rotting

My Scorn of The Whitest Lie
Burns Like A Calling Blaze

A Winter Chant

Called by A Winter Chant
Summon The Ancient Kings
A Nameless Fetid Sin
Lies In The Chilly Air

I Watch The Gods of Chaos
On Their Way Through Northern Lands
The Wind Was Freezing Cold
And The Sky Was Ruled By Flames

A Winter Storm Filled My Wings
And I Flew Aloft To Follow Them
I Rode The Wind Through The Night
And Knew That I Was The Chosen

A Winter Chant... Grips For My Soul

The Seven Kings of The New Aeon
Gathered In This Pagan Land
I Followed Their Speechless Calls
I Was Their Disciple And Heir

A Winter Chant... Grips For My Soul

The Kings That Were...

...This Is The Night of Werewolves...

The Bloodred Sky
Ruled By Flames of Twisted Hate
This Darkest Night
An Open Gate For The Black Kings That Were

The Fallen Grace
Raped By The Scorn of The Northern Kings
A Choir of Wolves
Howl Out Their Hate Against The Cold Sky

An Ancient King, He Rode The Black Winds
Through The Sky
His Sword Was A Burning Flame of Arctic Pride
This Endless Night Gather The Vision of A Black
A Winter of Pagan Lust... Years of Hunger And

The Werewolf
Revel In The Blood of Sacred Whore
This Nigth Is Cold
And It Was Foretold To Last For Aeons

An Ancient King, He Rode The Black Winds
Through The Sky
His Sword Was A Burning Flame of Arctic Pride
This Endless Night Gather The Vision of A Black
A Winter of Pagan Lust... Years of Hunger And

Black Lightnings of Returning Gods, Strike The
A Throne of Desire Was Built, A Throne of
I Saw Them Summon Under The Droning Moon
I Drowned In Their Eyes... So Black And Cold
So Black And Cold...