THROES OF DAWN - Pakkasherra

Across The Loveless Horizon

"This solitude is all I have
cold nothingness is all I share
with myself"

Embittered, by time and the loneliness
so loveless
is our horizon of emptiness

Final sunset of our lives
never to miss the light
the dawn will never come

"These times are not like before
too much sorrow
nothing for tomorrow
the path of life seems to be long
boredom leads to a shorter way"

Dreams ending into tragedies -
suicide dreams

I was not to be in this world
cursed to be human

Watching, the final sunset of life
drifting, out of this time

Across the horizon flew a star
towards unknown horizons
I flew

The Night Belongs To Us

There it lies, under a midnight sky
a stony sign of your ended life
in moonlight I buried my bride
hopeless I cry
"Why did you have to die?"

The wind whispers your name
I miss your sweet embrace
all happiness is away
only sadness and sorrow stays

"Wake my beauty rise from your chest
I open open your casket and set you free
my pale beauty, open your eyes
together we dance in dim moonlight"

In my dreams you come back to me
in reality you will eternally sleep
there somewhere I will be with you
I dig my grave beside you...

"A piece of eternity only for us
the night truly belongs to us..."

My sorrow is too strong
I´m all alone, all good
from life is gone,
trying to forget, in this
nothingness I curse myself
no more I can take this life so fake
my feelings are turning to rage,
life has no gain, wind whispers your name
where I killed myself...


From the heart of northern storms
after several lifetimes go by
I, the coldness arise

Touching the sky, turning the light
to frosty shine, forming to frost
I am a ghost, the lord of frost

Wolves call my name -
I am the northern wind -

With the black wings of light
I fly to the castle of mine
higher to the mountains
deeper to the woods
to the cold heart of moon

Watcher In The Tower

I dream...
moon came behind the clouds
revealing a black tower, this tower rises in other reality, 
yet I´ve been there several times dreams

Life was nothing, never, until I found
the truth
the truth of never existing, doom
the secrets not for milleniums told
the tower waits for the arrival of my soul

From the tower opens a view
into worlds so distant, but so true
I´m to be the thyrant, of my realm
as I carry the light of other knowing

Wind whispers me: "Come with me ..."

Burn me - spread my ashes into the wind
as a shadow I descend into my eternity
no path leads there... from the dust
I materialize before the gates silvery

I stand beholding my fate
black tower with open gates
wind greets me as I enter the cold
tower, endless stairs to my destiny
the gate closes behind me,
never to be opened again...

Cosmic Seas

I drown into ocean, into the shoreless ocean of eternity, 
stars pull my soul into the breath taking views of the abyss,
the abyss has no end, an endless journey through the stars, 
abyssic black darkness is inside me ...

No solid touch
only the stars that watch

I saw my fate as it was written before time the cosmic seas
where the stars are burning me
I drown into streams
of the cosmic seas

I faced my destiny, it was always there
waiting for my end... the cosmic seas
where the stars are burning me
I drown into the streams
of the cosmic seas

"Deeper to the cosmos I will fall
the emptiness of infinity... fills me
I breathe... not air but the power of stars... 
my heart beats in the rhythm of the universe
I share the harmony of eternity"

My heart beats
in these endless streams
in the cosmic seas

End Is Silence

Mournfully, the same sun rises again
the times of yesterday are away
wind howls the sights of those lonely, forgotten times

"Even time will come to an end"

We could hear the birds sing
through the winds hum
we were not like the others
time revealed our nothingness

Let the stream of the wither
wouldn´t it be "nice" to sleep,
to dream forever
from the silence we awoke
and into there we shall wither

We were the birds that sang
in the winds´ hum
we were not like others
end is our silence

Autumn Winds

"Sad whispers in dead trees, 
a graveyard of yellow leaves, 
rising of the northern wind
breaks their peace..."

With the reaping winds came coldness,
the coldess that crawled from the heart of the wind
weak kiss of the winter queen,
storming through the autumnal trees ...

As the darkness embraces me
and the wind screams sadly,
I could feel the coming of winter,
snow falling from the cloudy sky
I close my eyes and wait for
the goddess of winter

"As the days grew shorter
the wind came stronger
from the dawnless mornings
to the winters glory"

Winter Romance

Chrystal snow falls from the clouds above,
winter the bitterest, I have heard
your lullaby and seen your figure dance
through the sky, into my arms I would take darkness... 
blessed and renamed
my goddess... (of winter)

From your lips I tasted love
love that was so poisonous
my twisted desires for you
are taking me to sacrifice my soul
for the goddess of winter

Winter romance, give me this final dance, 
through the falling snow into the clouds above, 
fill me with your love
carry me before the throne
deep into your wintry kingdom

My heart belomgs to thee
my beautiful white winter queen
the pulsating rhythm of heart beating... 
in the silence of my funeral coffin...