THOU ART LORD - Diabolou Archaes Legeones

The Era Of Satan Rising

Our bodies obscured by the sun
from our birth we are cursed
inverted is the life we live
under the pale gray sky.

Bellow the shades of the dark clouds
victory is drown in our eyes
a dawn of a new order we adore
the infernal prince we worship.

The balance of life and death
the icy tough of existence
spit out the fruits of madness
expose your hate, escape from weakness.

Open your eyes and see
the veil has been lifted
The chain has been broken

Praising The Impure

Deeply down in the valley of Kings
among the neutral woods of the forsaken lands
A tenebrous spirit eternally dwells
seeking resurrection for the horde of torment.

Till the final calls, legion of the Undead
will keep their swords, fiery into the crypts
under a fullmoon light, onward to sacred path
bright ungodly flames exist in blackened souls.

Howling from darkness, summoning the nameless
reveals the hateful wrath unleashed upon mankind
nocturnal lullabies, praising the impure
the mystery of creation perished in the endless sky.