THE CHASM - Procreation Of The Inner Temple

Conqueror Of The Mourningstar

I look far away, the candles of my burning desire
The sun seems so dismal, our mighty sky is in dismay...

Make my words be like pictures, for the dreams I have fall
My hate is shining bright to create the mourningstar

So rise...

Can the moon read my mind? So hopeless here I stand
There's hate in my veins, the stair is unseen
There's bitterness in my pain, my harmony is rotting

Save me your essence, embrace me, fly with me
The tower we've build, the life that is ours...
The tower we've build, the life that is ours

I look far away, the candles of my burning desire
The sun seems so dismal, our mighty is in dismay

Let's drown in solitude and reborn in tragedies
For the dreams we have done, we are the mourningstar...

A Dream Of An Astral Spectrum (To An Eternal Hate)

I want to find the end of the road
And I want to sing the mysteries of my penance

Because I hear the tears of the trees
And I feel the fire in the rain

Once there was light, a dream of an Astral Spectrum

Until what's eternal dies, until the unknown be known
I'll fly in these spheres of hate, chaos and ignorance, I'll fly...

While I'm sitting on the Darkside of the very moon
Tears approach the grief of my internal void

Tears approach the grief of my internal void...

The Gray waters will tremble in my rise
I will be the spirit of the storms

My essence will be magnificent
The bleeding eye will control my Faith

These Cosmic landscapes of sorrows
The misery in the Mistery, I'm the Master of myself
The creator of my will, my will...

"I'm finding the way, I see what they've done
The end of the dreams is near, but first I'll kiss
The end of the road..."

Confessions And A Strange Anxiety

Will I ever be free? With my heart and soul
I walk these colossal times, 
with you and the hallucination
Caressing the flames of your eyes
The deepest of my sorrows

And once more time I'm alone
A Crashing tide of grief washed over me
Blinded by bitter tears of rejection
And the sound of grey aspirations...

In this Inner Temple I'll die, 
in my cosmos within I'll fly

Towards the pyramid of feelings, 
I'll walk so far away

I thought that you were the one, 
my sad heart kissed my tears
As the moon and stars are gathering

"I must kill the present
And respect the unseen future"

I walk these colossal times, 
caressing the flames of your eyes

The statues of my voluntary fall
Will stand until the sand covers me...

The sand will cover me, 
and once more time I'm alone...

Honoris Lux Infinitus (A Whisper Of The Moon)

In pursuit of Clarividence to live is to sleep
To die is to awake in the twilight of the fears

Those countless melodies of hate
In the oceans of fresh sadness
The sound of the other side
Is the mirror of my grave's face

But I have pride and force
My heart is the fire of hope
The anger will make me Immortal
For me to die is to awake

Ecstasy in the nocturnal winds
Light and visions of grey faces
Vortex of innocence and desire
No beauty nor happiness

Vortex of innocence and desire...

Show me the memories, Honoris lux infinitus
I want to be forsaken under my forgotten lands

Hear the whispers of the moon

Forever my will is strong and my hate is everlasting
My bride is the majesty, she comes in the
Honoris lux infinitus...

Light and visions of grey faces
No beauty, nor happiness...

The Day Of Liberation

The gloomy shadow in screams
Embrace the multicolor scenes
The mirages of hypocrite souls
In all these years, the lost years...

Beneath the crystal brightness
Of the circle of dimensions
I see the end of my earthly life
I founded the unreal past...

I'm searching the serenity
To fill the void that flows in me
Deliverance of the humilliated man
Strange times are coming...

I proclaim this soul as wraith
My dismal eyes are blinded
Emotions lead my journey, the dawn now is here

Dust, dust in my sky, cold, cold is my life
Crawling in cosmic solitude
Somber remembrance of the forest

The lunatic visions of my life
I whisper as I fly, poor ignorant entities
Now I'll go to my place...

Awaiting for the end of this life
The macrocosmos is open to me
The stars will be my guide
Universal path of disgrace


The Lonely Walker (My Pride And My Wrath)

"We all are blind, 
I'm alive, I'm a lonely walker
Alive and blind, 
There's no journey which can liberate me
The only reality I can aspirate
Is the experience of death..."