TEMPTAMENTUM - Mors Omnia Vincit

My Flaming Hate

We walk the unseen path
Embraced within the gloomy shades of night
Oh my mourning beauty
Sweet little dove of white

Let them play this darksome overture
Our wedding dance shall now begin
For I will seduce you with temptation
To follow me into my realm of sin

Let me caress your snowlike robe
For as a nightingale you will return
But if you deny my love
In crimson flames your wings shall burn

But you loved to play with the fire
And now you have to take the woe
As the flames rise higher and higher
From the eternal shades below

In the glance of the fire
Retribution now is mine
For your pain gives me pleasure
And your torments are my wine


A Midnight Masquerade

Behold, the shadows of the trees
So alone, so beautiful
Behold, the rising of the moon
See his glance shining within my eyes

I'm buried within the skies
Beyond the golden sulphur flame
So the winds will carry my name
Blackness is descending
Into a silent winter's shade
The wolves are gathering...
...A midnight masquerade

Behold, the feeble sun
I bewitch her fading light
For I am the prince of shadows
And my kingdom is the night

I am Lucifer...

Oh darkness, be my bride
For as king and queen we shall reign the night
Through eternity our names will be carried
Away, oh winds...


As The Night Falls

Oh, awake me from my sleep
With your pale shining light
Thou, my dark mistress
In this willow-weeping winternight

For the time of night has come
Thee mighty arise of darkness
Let your flaming passion burn in me
I summon you, moonlit countess

Awake, in eternity

So let me pass under your light
For one more moment now
Let your might be mirrorized
In this blackened eyes of mine

As the night falls
God's realm in flames
And nothing will be left but darkness
And beauty within the shades of night

For upon jehova's ashes
A new dawn will rise
Under blowing northern winds
Under clouded moonlit skies

Goddess Of The Twilight

I saw the vast eternal forests
So mighty, so dark and wise
I saw the dawn disappearing
...Through the raven's eyes
I saw her shadow in the darkness
And heard the lonesome cries
As her enchanting glance
Fell into my eyes

So long I've hungered
For the fullmoon to arise
So long I've waited
For her to put down her disguise
My princess of beauty
My luciferian bride
As her wings embraced me
I saw the eternal night

She spread her wings
And beyond her the wolves
Sang their melodies
As she embraced the nightfall

Embrace me - oh nightfall
Embrace me - my goddess
Embrace me - sweet sorrow
Oh goddess of the twilight

The Moonlight In My Hands

My kingdom lies so far
Beyond the snow covered mountains
And the path leads
To the eternal black horizons

I hold the moonlight in my hands
I lead the children of the night
To where dark angels gather
To where autumn breaks the light

Like a cold veil
Darkness surrounds my heart
As the ravens' cry
Break through midwinter's silence


Father Of All Raging Storms

Nightwinds are calling
In the trees I hear them scream
Like a silent whisper
From the depths of a darkened dream

Take me away...
To the realms of silence

Father of all raging storms

Oh wind from north bring freezing rain
Bolts and thunder and icy pain
For thy wings shall carry our names high
On frigid breezes across the sky

Carry me...
To the mourning halls
To carve my name
Within the walls
Beyond the mountains
You shall set me free
And from the shadows
I'm calling thee...