SUIDAKRA - Lupine Essence


That is not dead
which can eternal lie
yet with strage aeons
even death may lie
H.P. Lovecraft

I bewail my destiny
a foible of mine
but her voice tortures my mind

I yearn for her bosom
I fear her sway
my eternal blemish
is her embrace

She whispers: chose a realm
these two are the preferred ones:
Hell - where your soul reduces to ashes
Heaven - where you´ll be drowned

Dragon Tribe

Another dry mornin'
A summon song awakes
The tribe of the dragon
So desolate...

He lurks on the hill with outstretched wings
Watching for every false step

The dragon tribe... Delusion of delight

The little ones look up
Dazed of the might
The envy in their eyes
See the all - mighty flight

Grab a slice darkness
When time is ripe
The envy in their eyes
See the all - mighty fight


Like the holy scripture said
Satan fled from his prison
He twisted the minds
In the garment of the holy church
Every fairy-tale has a wiff of truth
Our scaffold is build on this

I for one, a wife, the original sin sentenced me
Depressed by a dogma, without a will
In a land of cold , a princess of drearyness
Flames are licking on my flesh, but I chill

With their flesh so strong
And a mind so weak
A crusade for their god
With a fond full of blood

A silent enigma`s still untouched
The gleam inside fades more and more
Don´t fear the darkness, nor the scythe
Then reason comes to fore

Only darkness beared the light
Incredulity bears the truth

Sacerdotium murder of calm

Sheltering Dreams

I felt asleep , with the raising moon
Found myself born anew

All my grief and all my pain
Turns into glee (in another dream)
Low whispering voices say
Everything is a dream

So sheltering dreams keep me alive
I try to leave , I try to hide
Can´t they hear my silent cry
I cannot breathe in their light

But a low voice whispers to me
Nothing´s as it seems to be


Woe... when fear is our bridle
Lost in the claws of decay
Oh, Tomorrow´s a grinning skull
That leads our way

Sweet oblivion rocks us
In a cradle of darkness
Reel to the first tune
In the crescendo of death

Each delight becomes a jeering guilt
Our mohters viscera sticks bleedin´in our throat
So we grunt and we belch without any dread
Prelude the eventide of the tellural breed

Just like a desease
Our race increase
Just like a noctural dream
We´ll fade away one day

Oh father tell me why
The last flower died in my hands
For castles in the air
They burned down the ground
And a hand full of dust
For my life

Hark! To our mothers scolding
Discord is the harvest of greed
Trust no pray into the emptiness
Still havoc feasts... on mankind

Warpipes Call Me

So long he is gone
With a pale servile face
His way led right through
A cold bloody haze

His yell pierced the cold frosty mornin`
As he erased someone wicked with evil

So like millions before
He died in his gore
And those who survived
Died in their minds
But those who does not care
Were dead before
Who loves his sword
Even loves war

Four children he left behind
With a mournin´ mother
All their dreams return nevermore
This hope is lost - killed in war