SUIDAKRA - Emprise To Avalon

Darkane Times

Now the seal is broken
which captured all misery
while dark hands of fate
fulfilled the augury

The script of this tragedy
Now lies in my hands
I read the lines, realize the signs
how the story ends

The High King is dead
struck by his vision
greater than men
It`ll spread out through time... an eternal rhyme
- sic transit gloria mundi -

A challenge between darkness and light
Medraut and his clansmen of terror
A discordant soul burnt the seed
with voices of blight

Take my hand I`ll be your guide
On the battlefield of wrath
Read my mind IŽll show you the light
Birth of a vision sealed by your death

I am Taliesin
with swordlike words
the rhyme for reason
and truth against the world

I am Merlin
a fiction
with chanting spells
a herold of fate

I am Myrddin
the link to reality
a sage, a wizard
an everlasting mystery

A threefold existence in a darkane time
I am now and forever
A futile persistance between me and life
Lasting since auld lang syne...

Dinas Emrys

Hear my words Earl of Gwent
I am the fatherless one
Drain the lake and rouse the dragons
Take my blood 
Yon stronghold will never stand 
For the hour of doom is rung
See the dragons rise into the air
They`ll be figting sore and long
For a wise man will come to take the crown

When even the house
Of romulus fell
His final fate
No seer can foretell

There`s a greater place 
Beyond the realms of lethe
There`s a flaming trace in our heart
When a memory becomes myth

Pendragons Fall

Oh, remembering the words
The vision of the sage
He summoned all the heathen breed
A black hearts dream of a new age 
Taint and vicious life he cried 
Strongest of his kind
Shattered by a fateful might
A carnal spell devoured his fiery mind 

Distrust and treason
The strong will survive
Is no virtue of reason
While the whole land is moaning
Oh, who`s worth to be king

Revange! Hunt the king of Cornwall down
The troops will march
For they adore the cauldron
All is fading to ashes, turning to war

Oh, all you woeful warriors
For yon weakness`ll never be strength
Cold and fearless you adore
The lies of a madman right till the end

And in a night of roaming shadows
With a spell on his face
He seduced the unaware widow
Oh what murderous embrace
So fate took its course
With less rhyme than reason
War and hate
Will bear brighter days

The night passed
Its crown to the king of dawn
This dream will last
Till the day
This new kingdom will come

The Highking

I am the boar
I took the head of bran
Which kept the land so secure
So hunt the godless
Heathen host
And dignity improves our valor 
Rise all you honest warriors
Close the lines - fight with one hand
Life is short and memories`ll last
Fate itself cast us into war

Years and tears of war have passed
Camelot grew out of blood
Truth and virtue reign side by side
The night passed into light
But not in my mind...

I am the shadow of discord
The void of lust
Unaware begot in sin
The nameless lord of distrust

The shades`ll grow stronger
Tainting all your joyful minds
A coward creeping enemy
Silently strikes you blind

Dark Lord of Orkney, scourge of lot
My song of doom is also thine
Caliburn`s my strength, Gwynhwyvar my shield
My fate and task lays beyond time

The Spoils Of Annwn

Am I not worthy of fame and song for ever,
In the four-cprnerend castle in the island of the strong door,
Where twighlight and pitchy darkness meet together,
And bright wine is the drink of the host ?
Thrice enough to fill Arthur`s ship we crossed the waters.
None but seven returned from the castle of the rulers,
None but seven returned from Caer Rigor. 

I allow the kings of the story little honour
That beyond the glass castle saw not the prowess of Arthur.
Three-score hundrets arrayed along those ramparts
With their watchmen we could scarce confer.
Thrice enough to fill Prydwen we went with Arthur.
None but seven returned from the castle of treasure,
None but seven returned from Caer Colur 

I will not allow much praise to those of drooping courage.
They know not on what day the ruler arose,
Nor in what hour of the serene day the owner was born,
Nor of what kind was his silver-headed beast.
Ah, when we went with Arthur, mournful the memory,
None but seven returned from Caer Ochren


The Quest

Still the giants dance
at salisbury plain
Still my spirit wanders
to reach this higher aim 
Straight to foreign shores of distance
we call the gods
for a quest of truth and wisdom

As long as you see the giants dance
My spirit wanders through the land

Led by the strength of bran
and the timeless kings of Avalon
The four winds of the land
I will strive for the caldron

Led by the swiftness of winds
I will wander through the farest glens
My sentence is my deed
Is there a view of sense unknown?

Craving for some armament to outlast
this cold royal path
I can hear them call
The king must fall

Strayed by the four winds
Over the land and far away
through the dark and cold
Hear my song of grief
but there`s a tune that gone astray
while the world grow old

Each tone that ever met the wind
finally reaches Math and so me
sight and breathless I am
believe and trust is a value for the weak

And The Giants Dance...

Through the unnatural silence rose a moan,
As if from the very Earth itself.
As it rose in volume it also rose in pitch,
Until it was clear that it issued from the
Standing stones of Salisbury plain.
Inoxarably the sounds crescendoed into the
Shrieking wail of the druids.
While they turned to stone...

Song Of The Graves

"Shades`ll grow stronger"
a dark voice calls
out of the past 
Minds too weak
to with stand
to divide higher thoughts
from barren lies

Here I stand on the plain
while dark forces gather around me
hear the lament of the corvine goddess
a sullen croon of my destiny

The air resounds
a song of doom
all is lost
only cairns will last
Oh they`ll remain
as a mute testemony
to the valor of men
who proudly defied the will of fate
led by a vision to a bitter end

Come on - you creatures
of war and hate
leader of the weak
taste the steel of my blade 
Stouthearted I stand
face to face with the darker side of mine
well aware of my decline

So here the story ends
with trembly letters
On this fateful script
the kings herald brought to me
Misery is a child of bliss
and so the circles close
to finally vanish into a
haze of mystery

All this I witnessed
and even more
as time passed by
I saw the sons of romolns fall
the one god rise
and coldness survive

Still The Pipes Are Calling

So long he is gone
With a pale servile face
His way led him through
A cold bloody haze 
His yell pierced the cold ghastly morning
As he raised his sword to fight evil

So like millions before
He died in his gore
And those who survived
Died in their minds
For those who failed to care
Were dead before
Who loves his sword even loves war

Four children he left behind
With a mournin`mother
All their dreams return nevermore
Their world got lost - killed in war

There on the field, with dew on his eyes
His empty face stared up to the sky
One final breath curses his foes
No blessing for his beloved ones