SUIDAKRA - Auld Lang Syne

Hall Of Tales

ThereŽs darkness everywhere in the hall of time
but a low glowing fire shines on lonly silhouettes
nigh colums of chilliads with runes of fate
scalds, bards and minstrels stare into the flames

Their lonly voices soar into the silence
like a glint into the feeble light
some runes start to shine in silvery letters
forgotten stories of ruins and ne`er ending blight:

Far away from now in sunken times
a fair young maiden followed the wind
a will - o - the - wisp led her astray
into a vale of bleakness and grief
Thousands of men - struck the marching tune
so they died and she greets seeding tears
and waiting for harvest

Far away from now in sunken times
a travelling lad followed an old path
his thoughts stray constantly to the sky
where elfs and wyverns fly
his colleen by his side with so bright eyes
shillelagh won`t ever fly again

Far away from now in sunken times
an old bard sung with the wind
the trees on an old path told him
of a place his thoughts still long for
A hall of ancient wisdom and lore
in the eclipse of abandoned time:

There`s darkness...

A Menhirs Clay

For thousand aeons
abiding the time
so silent and mute
the wind murmurs a tale

The wise of yore
evoked the spirits
to see the arcanum
but ay they failed

A witness of wyverns
elfs and sylvan glory
a petrified story of
...ancient realms

Thy mind of stone
a secret that accelerates
The tides of time
awaken by moonlight
when a bard reminds a tale

A fresh gale defeats my enchanted mind
farewell to my delight
but when the moon rises again
in my dreams, I will fight

Oh can you see the dancing shadows? 
The fairy - ring right there behind the trees?
Close your eyes...

And Another Cist Looms

So I reel away to a vale
of cists in front of me
endless buried names of forlorn games
wilting I fall to the ground
unable to reach the gate
the stones on which he lain all knew his name

Fare you well my mother
I shall search your flames
in the four winds of the land
Fare you well my dear son
Never forget the end

I awake by moonlight
under a lorn tree
a forgotten might
forces me to the sea

By a lonly seashore
a fair young naiad beholds me
the spray whispers my name
I laud her embrace, my wild young sea

So In desperate longing I take my path
unable to turn around
a forgotten might lames my will
But in my dreams I can hear her voice
a flame in the dark
a forgotten might makes me chill

By a lonly tree
a fair maiden beholds me
Eyes of soil, a sylvan goddess
her beauty lames my forlorn heart
silently the stones whisper a name
I laud her embrace like a fuddled bard

So In desperate...

By a bleak ghastly champaign
a gibbous moon illuminates
staring eyes in the wind
burning like infernal blazes
I will never laud her cold embrace

But her flames calls my name

An Dudlachd

When the moon shines bright
all leaves delight
is to dance with the wind
is to whisper in silence
is to cover the world with a hint

Low lie the fields of fright
enchanted by the moon
embosomed by night
Our shilhouettes flow in the wind

The wind calls a secret name
and pale licking flames
deride the rising night

Tuatha De Danaan

Close all doors
each eve when night descends
never call their names
there might be one attend

Like changelings
in the cradle of mundane reason
they still roam at night
so sure as the change of seasons

Each morn silken mist asphyxiates
this green deserted land
the sea calls my name with its imperious voice
each eve the roaring wind howls - you won`t resist my sway
this meagre soil derides me day by day

Where is it, this sweet Mag Mell with its luscious laughter
the sidhe in their hills sing of and embitters my life
each story which gone astray on the wings of the wind
rips my soul and my mind slowly apart

Still there`s a silver throne standing
under each hill of the land
it reigns over the realm of the night
the kingdom in my mind

The Fall Of Tarra

I heard it from the coldest gale
perpetually the kingdoms fail
I tried to smile on this rebirth
Oh purile sons of mother earth

Shining pikes on a foggy brae
the morning dew waits to shroud
each tear in their bloody eyes
when the foe of the land dies

Clarion pipes, proudly marching men
thousands hum to the battle drum
(Forward! For the king and the crown!)

A legend for each men who falls to the ground
for each standing one a low lullaby
desperation wields the sword, under a gonfalon of fear
a glimpse of glorious days shine in a widowed tear

I`ve been called to fight for my royalty
for my king at his right hand
be a matter to my country
I spill my blood out on this land

And if I should die in this battle
it`s a noble thing I do
And if I should be a hero
then I will return to you

The grace gave me my kingdom
my only royalty
now to raise my sword against
a lord to protect my family

So IŽll fight for them tomorrow
march in the name of Tara
to see their children - parished
by an enthralled soldiers sword

Enticing Slumber

Emperious Mountains
breathing pure frost
Icewinds in pale crowns
woodays into the...

Melancolic realms
cradle of soulless horde
Howling in league with them
a pact sealed wirh...

Nocturnal ways - don`t dare to follow
Carnal prey on untrodden path...

Eye to eye
surrounded by fear
Enduring their breath
eternal is the dark...

Swirling black
shapes in the unlight
Unfold empyrium
their traces are yours...