Suidakra - The Arcanum


Cold and lifeless lay the plains of lore
Until finally silently a spirit evoke
And timeless clansmen rose
By the sound of the old
Celtic tunes of war

And feel the deadly breeze
The scent of burning flesh
For my blade thirsts for
Another war

Curse of the might to take
Oh it`s a human bane
To fan the fires
To cause an higher aim

Here we stand
Brothers in war
From the four
Winds of the land

High on the hills
We stay proud and brave
For Freedom is a right
And serfdom a grave

Death to our foes...

Legions of greed
Of fire and light
A thousand pikes
Fight as one man

Stormlike enraged
They fight till they die
The one to enthrall
The other to survive

Last Fortress

A petrified spell
Here where the stormwinds yell
The crown of the reef and the land it defies

High and statly
The claw of the sea
Reach for the stars to distant skies

Rising worlds behind my closed eyes
A kingdom an island in an ocean of decay
Falling through ages my curse and delight
To escape for a while the bleak neon light

Taste of life is bitter sometimes
So take your heart
And your mind to bury it somewhere
Tear your soul apart

Sometimes when the main is roaring
Hear them moan to fall awake
Fighting with persistant power
The joy of someone is the otherones sake


Somewhere in time along the trace
Of decay to a darker land
Exchange the mystery with human tragedy
A regal path to an dead end

Streams of fire from the eldest time
They merge right here
To pour the seeds of Death

Their sight and breath
An anthem to the kill
To finally pass the crown
To the emptiness

Oh here it lies, veiled in madness
On the edge of sanitys precipice
Oh here they fly, on shadow wings
Eternity echoes of their cries

Worship the tempest
Feel the rapture of almightness
To burn out and fall
For their triumphal call

Here is the darkest creature
Reality ever beared
Full of hate and wrath
An herold of death

For the dragonbreed
Has grown in ashes
They bear the evil seeds
To fulefill the curs
...To ravage the earth

Rise Of Taliesin

See the winter is coming
Falling leaves dance to a silent tune
I`ll take their hands I`ll make them stand
When they`re all alone
Years passed and the dawn of light
Spread through time to leave tales behind

The Queen of witches
Gathered the wisdom
For a year and a day
Gwion takes care of the cauldron

The spell is broken
Flown into the youth
They`re hunting and chasing
Through the hills and braes

The queen of witches
swallowed the young lad
So in year and a day
Taliesin the wise rose from the dead

Praise the one who breaks the circle
The one who dyes all grey away
Laud the army of dwarves and elves
Companions for the final day

Now see the man in legends veiled
A wise, a brave, of fortune hailed
Now hear the man and his flaming rhyme
Divinely anthems for glorious times

The king of mortal
And the source of wisdom
For a year and a day
Taliesin`s the guard of the cauldron

To Rest In Silence

Fear his words
Creating worlds
For now and ever a living memory

Holding the crown
He reigns all alone
One man, one will but no destiny

Straight through the memories of woe
Into the fields of buried glee
Here the wilting dreams below
Source and ending of this story

Fall down to your knees to adore the lie
Fill the power and right to reign in violence
Time and failure have sharpened our mind
Disarmed and voicless it finally has to rest in silence

Hear the tales of thousands and one death
Of revange and wreath
See the veils which cover our mind
Silently making us blind

Silentium est aurum
Step back to where it once began
Silentium est aurum
The adornment in our requiem

So die in lies...

He`s creeping through the dephts of living
Holding out until the end
No remorse and no forgiving
All he learned is to pretend


Gates Of Nevermore

Time changes
While we forge our fate
Passing the gates

We set fire
Betrayed our past
In the Illusion that nothing will last

See, the night is alight
With our stateless flames
We killed our gods
Buried their names

Thousands of years
Filled up our lore
While we`re marching through
The gates of nevermore

A heir to the crown roams all alone
The blade of enlightment banished the shades
Lost in a maze, in a dreamless embrace
Oblivion - The tomb of our three fates

All glittering wonders are finally shrouded
Lying wasted under a brocken spell
Our gods at the sky only fire and rock
All beauty must die - Wecome to hell

The Arcane Spell

Enter the circle
Banish all fright - of the night
Shadows whirl around
Hunting and chasing the remained light

Fall into the darkness
Severed of reality
Sable spirits dance around
Laughing at your velleity

They arouse all secret fears
The innermost blemish
Another phantom born in light
Changes to the other side

And through a maze
Of howling images
Through times of old
Lies the arcanum unfold

Attacked by discord
Which devours your heart
Crawl in despair
To follow the light

Aberrant mind
Paralysed by fear
Another soul is struck
With the burden of sight

Seasons of fire and ice
Rise from the past into life
Companions of reality
Guardian of our time
Memories of misery
Shall be our sword and shield