The Winter Nightsky

The Dark Moon shines the Night sky
In this Forest of Mystic Desolate Trees
And Snow falls upon the Heart of Time
Only Northern Darkness to be seen from the Throne (of the Night)
With Warlocks and Demons throughout the Deep Sombre Woods
Coming with Sorcery and Witchcraft

...And the Cold winds blow in Frozen Fury 
Fog covered the Landscape of No Hope
Wolves Guard the Winter Forest's Spirit

Frost filling the Cold Void with Silence
Through the Ebony Sky of Winter
I form the Black Circle with each Beasts of the Earth
I Summon the Eternal Soul of the Essence
To Fight with Swords and Spells
I am One with the North...

Pure Northern Landscape Desolation

From the Night of Cold Winter Shadows
In the Kingdom of Pure Northern Desolation
Throughout Primitive Forests, up in the Mountain Frost
Light faded once again for the Twilight Moon

My Travels are Endless Through the Dark Ages
Through the Glacial Northern Hills
Through the Crystal Covered Trees
And Dwelling In Eternal Dark Caves

Only Pure Northern Desolation all over the Land
Frozen Nature and Solitude of Ancient Times
The Full moon is High in the Black Sky
Reflecting the Proud Landscape of Medieval North

I am into the Heart of Time
Beholding the Ice Castle of this Majestic Realm
Triumphantly Awakening the Snows
For the Forthcoming Storm

Onward Into The Crystal Snow

Night Prevails with Infinite Echoes
Over the Naked Trees of My North Kingdom
The Iced-Moon Illumines My Crystal Throne
And prepare Me to Slumber in Nocturnal Cold 

As the Ravens Chant in the Winter Sky
I walk Onward into the Crystal Snows
Where the Moonlight Shadows Dance
And Where the Rays of the Sun Die
Before Reaching the First Cloud

My Clear Crystal Spirit
Reflects My Coldest Winter Thoughts
With Supreme Majesty I Proudly Reign
On My Medieval Frozen Kingdom

"Et Au-Delà de Mon Royaume se trouve la Montagne
Où même le Temps est Défendu d'y Pénétrer"

My Journey Into The Black Forest

Whispers in the Night-Dark Winds of Evil
As I walk in this Black Domain
With Might and Wisdom in My Hands
I Travel across the Horizons

(Black) Misanthropy fills our Souls 
With the Darkness of the Night
And with all the Spells of the Forest

The Moon turns to Red

A Gloomy Light Appears Before Me
This is the Way (that I Look Upon)
Towards the Icy Northern Highlands
The Threshold is Covered by Snow 
And far Beyond I can See
The Sun Dying

L'Èternelle Majesté Des Montagnes

Au Coeur de l'Éternelle Majesté des Montagnes
Avec la (maintenant) Faible Lueur de la Tombée du Jour
S'en allant vers la Nuit, au plus Profond des Forêts Assombries
Dans les Montagnes, au Claire de Lune
Les Ombres Semblent Danser
Attendant Impatiemment la Noirceur Totale

L'Automne Règne avec Fierté sur la Majestueuse Nature
Sur le Trône du Moyen Âge
Avec sa Sombre Atmosphère Nordique
Cachant Hâteusement la Lumière du Jour

J'ai passé au Travers des Temps
Pour Conquérir la Nuit Éternelle
Pour Posséder la Majesté des Montagnes
Pour Enchanter l'hiver qui Tombera
Je Retournerai vers le Royaume des Glaces
Là où la Vie est Oubliée à tout Jamais,

Là où les Âmes sont Noires à tout Jamais...

Night Throne

The Sight of the Northern Moon
In the Eyes of the Raven
(Clear is My Sage Glance)

My Throne Shines of Ice
Surrounded by the Breath of Centuries
Untouched by Dirty Hands
Of the Human Race that I Flee

From the Grim Shades
They could hear (the) Lamentations of Souls
Watch My Nightly Quest
And Disappears with the Wind

Pure as Crystal Caves
Fierce like the Wolf's Tooth
Dark as the Darkest Winter Night
My Spirit is Eternal...