SOLEFALD - Neonism

Speed Increased To Scaffold

A sotto voce song for the soprano singer 
Whose tyrannical arias won't cease to linger 
Bob's out there- none of us play cool 
Classmates in a haunted school 
Agent Dale Cooper won't take you any higher 
C'mon li'l boy 'n play with the fire 
Surrounded by the presence of the absent teacher 
Both knowing silence as the music of the future 
Surrendered at the serpent's burning gates of fear 
If you think that this is hell- the truth's in there 
The world situation calls for evacuation 
We wait in the dark for the next ejaculation 
Your black finger nails clasp the candelabra 
Turn the light on I see the abracadabra 
Naomi does the catwalk even when it snows 
Male photographers so envious it shows 
The stage their temple their trampoline to trance 
Trampled and turned by the transvestite's dance 
It's not Naomi- it's the Marlboro Man 
If you want to run I understand 
The night dies on a daily basis 
The solar orbit doesn't disturb my ekstasis 
Searching for knowledge in the spirit of Tintin 
Alone on a plain with Plato and Plotin 
My forehead bronzed by the Lamborghini moon 
I'm out of my night tomorrow at noon 
Lead the suntan astray kick the cancer away 
I'll kill my ego on a hidden highway 
Invoke the big silence on this small disc 
Trespasser listener on your own risk 
Outside of our chords and choirs of the sublime 
Reality is nothing but a heartbeat in time 
Outside of the bass and the blitzing blastbeat 
A massive vacuum whose ambition's complete 
All-sound without sound booming all around 
All-sound without sound booming all around 
Enjoy the years of work in these minutes of movement 
You evolve in our improvement 
With a linear scaffold still to fulfill 
I exercise a style of radical will 
Accelerate the ratioplane past the sound barrier 
To accomplish the bang the whole of my career 
Masculine motorcar Technowork sublime 
Be beaten or compete this is the last heat 
The Tiger Sky's jaws break the neck of Time 
Speed increased to scaffold 
Silence be complete

CK II Chanel No. 6

Come to me through the channels of the soul 
Pantheon of designer rock'n'roll 
The war broke out in the back of my head 
No victims but several dead 
Clear the lounge furnished with skulls 
Put out my heart and replace it with pulse 
Love is the glue of our fragmentary nature 
Highly compatible with winner culture 

Marx in the red corner Machiavelli in the blue 
Equality asked for K.O. and got it too 
The police shield and the arse-licking swan 
System run by N.Selection & Son 
Charles Darwin - I don't want to be rude 
But the panic-stricken herd trades its neck for food 
Ladykillers Maneaters fight about the roadmaps 
Predators chase prey from mobile death-traps 

Coco Chanel - welcome to hell 
Let me out of my prison cell 

I bring you hot towels and flamboyant oils 
I'm a cat stuck beetween transparent doors 
Prometheus chained I wait for the eagle 
To peck out my liver through the bullet-proof glass 
Survival of the fittest suits me fine 
The truth as it was told to me by Calvin Klein

Proprietors Of Red

The world is my will and I will a cigar 
A coronas corona creation of sound 
Cedar matchsticks light the best Cuban brand 
Hiroshima hides in this fat Havana 
A motion picture to rewind and remaster 
The director died in a Nietzschean crash 
Franco-American power premiere 
CKII Chanel no. 6 
Compact disc cinema constructed for passion propaganda 
Across the widescreen 
Proprietors of Red prepare the cigar 
The black car slid through the dust on its aluminium belly 
The snake granted them the power from an unexpected angle 
C&K clad the continents in haute couture 
The clothes are worn out it's time to undress 
A scene in fast motion 
The New Timelessness 
Some Tom Cruise crosses the landing ground 
His last cigarette before changing history 
The pilot climbs into the Priapus cockpit 
Uncle Unkind's got something to deliver 
A readymade rainfall of stillgoing drops 
Compact disc cinema constructed for passion propaganda 
Across the widescreen 
Proprietors of Red Prepare the Big Boy 
Let's inhale the Big Bang 
Some billion years in one single breath 
If you want to be to Omnipolis what God was to Sodoma 
Open this

Backpacka Baba

Crime's the other side of what's right 
Baba lives on the wrong side of the earth 
On a plain flat planet he would've been white 
Nobleman by name aristocrat by birth 
Selling shades on the beach my daily routine 
Matches the irony of your Western magazine 

Baby with the basket pushes fruits and news 
White man came across the sea 
To change my under-developed diaper 
White man came across the sea 
To wipe my ass with tabloid paper 

I'm a passionate man help me first 
Ease my hunger quench my thirst 
Can you see yourself devoured 
I'll do anything to stay empowered 
Part of him feels like some new kind of Noah 
But all he can carry is a m3 of Goa 

Big Mother Ocean shut the stereo down 
He travelled to listen not to see 
On Arambol Beach his guitar will still sound 
When the last black man's crossed the sea 
His earth turned flat his passport photo black 
Backpacker Baba's never coming back

The New Timelessness

Proprietors of Red and Priests against Prozac 
Propose one hour of messianic mozart 
Wolfgang Amadeus a.k.a. Muzak 
Got himself a VISA and went wild in the popmart 
The 23rd player thrashing the rest of his team 
Flashed his ability to discard the mainstream 
Largo to presto he grieves the accelerando's finite 
Headphones on tight more beats pr minute! 

Stepping on his watch enters the state of Freedia 
Fucking the hostility inherent in the media 
From chronological to kairological measure of the linear time 
Unjustly installed 
as the distinguo between work and pleasure 
Serial time personal sublime 
Immortalizing the point on the line that's meandered in a circle 
The revolution of all the small parts that constitute the cosmos in 
Which you speed for a paradise moving just ahead but slightly faster 
Middle-aged monster get out of here! 

Cyclical patterns don't fit your square ear 
Sensing so slowly you mistake the Sunset of Sole 
For the longed-for legendary sunrise of old 
Your sexist ratio pervades the hearts 
Your racist sexio misinterprets the arts 
Decay's seized your sensorial protection 
The only thing evil's your own perception 
We rest on day seven 
On day eight we blast heaven