SOLEFALD - The Linear Scaffold


Flykt fremmende
For du er ikke innhyllet
I jernlovens take
Ikke ditt
Men deres
For du er den som
Enna kan
Vi er kilden
Vi ander
Den jernlov som fodtes
I oss
Med oss

Philosophical Revolt

Luna plina - lift you veil of silver
Red wine rebellion - drown yourself in vain
Control and strength - cultivating sense
Regressive dreams - living in the past
Atmosfear - emptiness inside

Disintegration - scatteder sense of life
Realised impermanence - the sunrise of human mind
Realised perfection - artwork out of body
Realised corruption - artwork out of mind
Remaining permanence - the sunrise of human mind

Confucinus - Lao-Tse
Socrates - Plato
Schopenhauer - Nietzsche
Sartre - Beauvoir 

Defend the name of nobility itself
The art of intellectual reflection

My mistress of mental desire
Not bound to rules nor form


Red View

Burn the edges of your thoughts
Feel the air beneath
Burn the edges of your thoughts
Feel the air beneath

Witness the cosmic dance
From a red view

Burn the edges of your thoughts
Devastating fire
Burn the edges of your thoughts
Devastating fire

Pieces of a paradise never created
Floating on the tide of human mind
Washing the shores of the microcosmos
Guiding hordes of men
Towards the sick and the blind

Red view

Ascend, descent - the order of chaos
Stay safe in the eye of the
Renaissance tornado

See the universe unite
And yourself become its key
And a sense of correlation
Your opporturnity

Floating Magenta

Floating magenta
In circles
Over slippery, white surfaces
Reversed vitality
And the laughter
Of a metallic light
The world is familiar
But it never seemed this real...

The Macho Vehicle

Sex from backyards - porches
out - into chambers - arenas
Parliaments of men
Broadcasted boys

We fell off the macho vehicle
as batons from the scientific rev
Lost their bastille in Paris 68
Paternity dyed red
World pornography fall

No floor for the colossus
No divine divan
On words to rest -
No more soil
Sown with peasant lies
Burden carried by one

Countryside Bohemians

The train left westwards on a saturday sunrise
We rode along the linear scaffold
To a fertile sidetrack
Not yet been tamed
By urban architecture
Unknown in a rural village
Tresspassing by television natives
Rows of rusty tracktors left behind
To keep the sunset company
We strived the valley sides
Reached the bright blue castle
It appeared in defiant solitude
Spreading scraps of paint
Out on the october sky surface

From inside a giant panorama
Our conversation evolved
To women and witches and sex

We ate the saucy food
And drank rumanian red
Before nightfall dragged us into its coat
To watch the circular star belt
Wrapping us tightly together
In the pale flame of the paraffin lamp
A blue rope lowered onto glowing necks
We entered the circle of branches spread out
Like coutryside bohemians
Reeking of whisky and whool

The knife cut from grey to red
A brotherhood of blood

Dripping down on the heather
And into the soil
We were mystics balancing
On the plunge of knowledge

Ready to fall in ecstacy
Or retire in smart stupidity
After a one-night 

Tequila Sunrise

Nar parasollen Apner seg i sjelelsk
Glimrer det langs spilene
Og verden blir kjonn
Du er vanntarnet pa border

Jeg danser pa kanten av glasset
Og lengter mot regn og frodige skoger
Glir med ett rykk og finner ut mellom isbitene
At lykken er en utpult bigamist

Monogram med lidenskapen som eneste elskerine
Du kommer fra solavlede dyner
Og er fuktig med leppene nede
Sovn med sirupssote mothaker
Jeg drar meg opp pa cocktailpinnen
Huler ut en isbit med tungen
Smeltevann pa duken
Solnedgangen rodmer nar pinnen bikker

Med sugeroret i munnen
Setter jeg tennen i cisternen
Tommer den for vannkyss

Vi gar ut av baren sammen
Og farer videre
Kanelstrodde boulevarder
Kremfylte slott

When The Moon Is On The Wave

When the moon is on the wave,
and the glow-worm in the grass,
and the meteor on the grave,
and the wisp on the morass,
when the falling stars are shooting,
and the answer'd owls are hooting,
and the silent leaves are still
in the the shadow of the hill,
shall my soul be upon thine,
whit a power and with a sign.

Thought thy slumber may be deep,
yet thy spirit shall not sleep,
there are shades which will not vanish
there are thoughts thou canst not banish,
by a power to these unknown,
thou canst never be alone;
Thou art wrapt as with a shroud,
thou art gather'd in a cloud;
And for ever shalt thou dwell
in the spirit of this spell
Thought thou seest me not pass by,
thou shalt feel me with thine eye
as a thing that, thought unseen,
must be near thee, and hath been;

And when in that secret dread
thou hast turn'd around thy head,
thous shalt marvel i am not
as thy shadow on the spot
and the power which thou dost feel
shall be what thou must conceal

And a magic voice and verse
hath baptized thee with a curse;
And a spirit of the air
hath begirt thee with a snare;
In the wind there is a voice
shall forbid thee to rejoice;

And to thee shall night deny
all the quiet of her sky;
And the day shall have a sun,
which shall make thee wish it done.

From thy false tears i did testil
an essence which hath strength to kill;
From thy own heart i then did wring
the black blood in tis blackest spring;

From thy own smile i snatch'd the snake,
for there it coil'd as in a brake;
From thy own lip i drew the charm
which gave all these their chiefest harm;

In proving every poison known,
i found the strongest was thine own.

By thy cold breast and serpent smile,
by thy unfathom'd gulfs of guile,
by that most seeming virtuos eye,
by thy shut soul's hypocrisy;
By the perfection of thine art
which pass'd for human thine own heart;
By thy delight in others' pain,
and by thy brotherhood of cain,
I call upon thee! and compel
thyself to the thy proper hell!

And on thy head i pour the vial
which doth devote this trial;
Nor te slumber, nor to die,
shall be in thy destiny;
Thought thy death shall still seen near
to thy wish, but fear;
Lo! the spell now works around thee,
and the clankless chain hath bound thee;
O'er thy heart and braing together
hath the word been pass'd - now wither!