SINPULARCTOS - Transcendence

Far-Off Vision

Banished at birth
To this cold bitter earth
Some strange far off land
Alone i must stand
My Frozen Soul...
Will Never Know...
Warm Sands
Through time i have leaned
That i may return
To walk among your living dead
To be fucked and misled
My Frozen Soul...
Will Never Know...
Man's Dread
The cold moon gave me light
It was all i needed
For your world is dark eternal
I alone can see
The black oceans beyond
I smiled at the vast expanse
For alone i am master
Of this life and land
My Frozen Soul...
Will Never Feel...
Another's Hand


Enter unsane, domain of pain, domain of greed
Debased the whore, for this is law, feeding the need
Prepare for rebirth, ridding the earth of this human desease
Black heart addressed, put to the test, let us murder with ease
Internal void won't be destroyed for it cannot be seen
The future is made, can't be betrayed, existing in dreams
Watched this bleak world as it unfurled, captivated with glee
Preparing inside, come forth dark tide, drown out the screams
Transcend This Domain...
Wash Away Our Fucking Existance

Tragic Lands

Enigmatic pulse, shuts out the false
Guides my weary mind, vast retreat, allow me to find
Bleak vision tires the spirit of hope
Land of tragedy, I see now as a joke
This shell of mortality, remained in your reality
This bastard soul has gone - cosmic travel swansong
A recess to dwell
You cunts live in hell
A wish to transcend
No more time I shall spend
Bleak vision tires the spirit of hope
Land of tragedy, I see now as a joke
Tragic Lands - The Mind Expands

Reflection Of Instinct

A concept pushed foward as a means to oppress
Yet to look at society it is fucked up at best
An outside influence was never the cause
The dark heart of man - a race with many flaws
Excuses made the hide the fucking truth
Greedy selfish shits from old age to youth
As animals we cannot deny an instinct for violence
A will to survive
We consider ourselves to be above all other life
A concept responsible for all global strife
Belief in a 'dark lord' is to deny what we are
With a 'god' hanging over to watch us from afar
Bastard vicious instinct is part of the human psyche
No fucking evil deity dwelling in spite
We are the embodiment of total evil


Sieze the potential in your mind
Dormant strength awake and find
Blast the doctrines, fuck your kind
Independence equals pride
I never had to lie about some 'god' in the sky
They are raping the minds of all mankind