SHINING - Within Deep Dark Chambers

Reflecting In Solitude

From the eyes which beheld the invisible colours
Stare into the depths of the inner self
The utter Loneliness

Must go away
...Away to places where silence toars
And where no life has the possibility to grow

As I stared down into the cold depths of blindness
...In solitude


Do I belong here, in centre of these fields?
Any identity do not belong these faces
(They may not even be here)

So much mourning this place has caused
So much hate!
A life among distant shadows
Always one step behind

Every night - Lonelier than the one before
Each day - A mourning

Death has sawn it's seed
A greater Suffering than pain itself...

Vita Detestabilis

I am a picture of myself
Always somewhere outside aura
And like reflections in the mirror
It shines no more!

Wrapped in the complete Nothing
The emptiness nature wouldn't share with us

Disgusted by life
Release the blood and submit to freedom!

Ren Djävla Angest

Bitter winds embraces my naked body
With it's eternal charm
I'm forced towards this eternal Darkness
With it's eternal pain

For what is the meaning of life?
If not... Suffering
I wonder what's the meaning of this weak existance
If not... Sorrow


When night suddenly appeared during daytime
The angels invited me to enter inside
To find out what originally spawned wolves to nature
And what offered Emptiness

Night was created by day;
Day was risen through melancholy

Crying, the uttermost scream for help
Although even the insects wouldn't care

Far away from everything...
...even myself


And Only Silence Remains...

Hate me!
Complete patterns known as shameful
Cut me deeper than...
Hate me!

And collect the twelve daggers of infinity

Follow to my paradise
Fulfill yourself, harass yourself (for me)
And follow to my paradise,
Cut yourself, a productive code to manipulate
the Holiness

And share your pains...