SEAR BLISS - Grand Destiny

The World Beyond

I suffer in delight
The poison is mixing with my blood
A raging cyclone is coming
Onto the threatening sky of mine

Fury and longing rule my heart
When my time has come to depart
When I take my very last breath
I close my eyes and I emerge

I dare the burden of gravitation
Into cold space I venture

I watch the stones from the far distance
Beyond the threshold of earthly existence
The sting of darkness penetrates me
I'll be the cruellest shade
That dwells in your scariest dream

Death In Torment

With my haunting memories
I'm still staring into a narrowing funnel
Where bats fly

Look at my plated face
Eaten by rain and rust
Washed by a blye glacial torrent

My shadow is pinned against a sweating wall
With all the immensity of feelings in my heart
No one could satisfy my excessive thirst for blood
My carnal lust for the incarnadine

I step onto the freshly frozen snow
You'll not see my footsteps to follow

I'm the hay in the mass of green grasses
I've seen everything from dark to blazing bright

I strike down with the power of falling stones
I see you lying in the heat of the sun
Your odour spread in the air
A scent beloved by vultures

Arx Idolatriae

In the deep of the Carpathians
Surrounded by forests where beasts of night dwell
On a bare mountain it stands
The loneliest fortress

O' Lord Opour
Worship the four elements

God of Earth, thy gift a great stone
Created not by human hands

God of Fire, thy gift, a furnace in the bowels of earth
from which thou throw out thy fury
Through the "flue of hell"

God of Water, thy gift an awesome trunk
Transformed into a stone black as night
No axe could chop it and it sparks by the beat of steel

God of Air, thy gift an enormous thunderbolt
That fell on the ground of Arx Idolatriae

Step into the sulphur cave
Inhale the might of thy idols

Though the walls are crushed
We will raise the flag of the long forgotten ones

Labyrinth Of Pain

And I saw my death
And I killed with passion
I was out of breath
And filled with aggression
A silent cry echoing in my mind 
And a handful of sand
that in the deep of my heart dwell

There are visions engraved in the maze of my brain
And a sempiternal restlessness leads my existence
Into the darkest labyrinth of life
An unbearable pain restricts me from touching the stars
I lick the waters that fall from heaven
Even so I dry

I have seen my doom
and I travelled through horrors
there's an awesome vortex
that in the deep of my heart whirls

Though tears fall from heaven
It won't soak my soul
I would rather dry forever
Than to be empoisoned by god

I've been searching for the treasures
Hidden in the tangled labyrinth
Of my innermost and supreme being

Sometimes I fell upon the earth
Yet I rise and with the strength I sweep
Into the darkest labyrinth of life
An unbearable pain restricts me from touching the stars
I lick the waters that fall from heaven
Even so I dry

Hate Blade

We rise from the deaths
And we are holding our swords
Our heart is filled
With pride and might untold
With our spiritual brothers we shall gather
To fight side by side in the mightiest battle
And we shall use our mental force
for we are transcendent
We are gifted with the energy of universe

Join our army
And fight in this spiritual battle

The memory of conquering
Still lives in our heart
And we daydream a time
When we'll be in warfare
We have no time to loose
Triumphantly we'll awake the flame
Its embers lie inside (for a long time)
Waiting for this day
When we declare war
With the purest feelings in our heart
With the bitterest memories in wind
Why should we forget those whom we hate inside?

Black Heart

Still I dream and I'll never wake again
from a dream where the cruellest phantoms dwell
I invite you to my world to enter
Where the wind blows always and night is darker

I'm everywhere. Here and out there
Crossing galaxies I travel

I have no visions and entirety draws near
Look at this liquid blackness dripping and floating
Unseen I sail the streams of ether
Waiting for the greatest storm to gather

I fell in love with darkness
With delight
With hatred

Come and taste my fury
I rise and spread the wings of my heart
Over spheres and stars
...You will fall into my slumber

God Man

I have left my world behind
Ethereal winds tear me apart
Fallen angels wanting my bleeding heart
Ghastly shadows I belong to your kind

I fill the universe
With black cosmic sadness
Come to drink
from these galactic fountains

I watch the stars' aura
I feed my lake of fire
I'm lonesome and forgotten
Heading to the endless seas of oblivion

Moments Of Falling

The spell has broken
I can't see the face of silence anymore
And the force of wind suffocates me
I'll need all my power
To struggle forever 

I've fought many battles
My hair is stained with blood
And in the dark the blade of my sword shines
I know now how the wind blows the infirm ones away 

I stayed here, yet not alone
The Eagle leads me on
As if I knew him since days of old
My only companion 

I feel now as a warm wind caresses
Into the deep we dive
Sweeping between walls of flame
Roam through the darkness of dangerous fields

I entered a marble room
And spreadlegged angels laid before me
(I've fought many battles
My hair is stained with blood
And in the dark the blade of my sword shines)


Beyond the utter darkness
In the blackest night
Where noctiflorous flowers bloom
We breathe the autumn air

The night sky seems so pure
When we wonder in the winter cold
We are but shadows
Smelling the breeze of forests

Perhaps the vision is over
And the fog ascended
Walking towards the sky with desire
I'm disappearing in the distance, far away

When I find no words
And I loose my breath
Then I find out that
All finite things reveal infinitude

When the secrets are destroyed
And nothing left but void
I will see you in the night
Dressed in silver moonlight