SACRIST - Unholy Voices

The Fiery Devil In The Birds Form

That black clouds are his wings
and lightings flash down from his eyes
sharp like a sword of snake
They cut the crown without any grace

Like a wheel of death are his clutches
Theyíll take everything what will cross his way
Dreadful screamís been resounded on the area
Now itís time to attack!

That fatal day nobody guess
that they look straight to the black ladyís eyes
to the empty eyes from which is evident
what fate will early come to everyone

The Sun suddenly lost his face
and cruel breath of death blew
The ground was shaking under the blasts of guns
like drums beat on the execution

Thousands lives lost in the eternity
and empty looks of innocents
A lot of questions and no answer
Look up to the endless heavens


Day by day
You kneel down as today

Now humblier!

The enemy from shade of past
changed ghastly dream
into the reality

Tears of fright
on pallid face
A crucifix
in vibrant hands

Spasmodic prayers
for divine rescue
without response

mind returns to past
But time is fast
so fast


Youíre awaking
Donít understand nothing
Only a dark cell
and a ray of moonlight somewhere up

Blood, pain and suffering
breathe from the old stone walls
You began only the next one
the next innocent victim

You refused and your fate was sealed
Youíre the heretic, the servant of the devil!
...The monstrous face of injustice
are grinning at you...

Now you suffer
All you ever loved is gone
Night to night youíre falling to hopeless
Decided to stay to the acrid end
Donít succumb corrupted machinery

At the moment when your heart beat
for the last time
The last drop of blood fallen on the stake
The flames swallowed your body

The sky became overcastted
and the wolves somewhere far
howled their heart-rending oratory
Dark wings of death took your soul under
her own protection

They didnít prove to clean your brain and
you paid for it to much
Maybe ones will be more like you
and theyíll burn on their own stakes

But how long yet?

Deadly Temptations

Forgive me

Lust to reverse cruel destiny
Redress evil past
Purificate those black souls

Itís stronger than me...

Iím open the book of death
Feel the magician power
The fear of the unknown
Blood curdles in the veins

Letís start the dark ritual!

The skyís turned
to bloody coloured tangle
Ground is shaking
The gate is prepare to swallow
everything up

Burned ground
in smoke and haze
Stamping of hoofs
Cross like a sign of fate
get lose in veil of grace

Cruel awake
Body bind together
The last remains of life

Through the dense smoke
sounds mad laugh of fate

The verdict is guilty
and the circle is closed