RAVENTHRONE - Malice In Wonderland

Obsidian Horizon (The Inifinite Azure)

Pale horizons somber taint
The coming of an age
Here we dare and step beyond
A land unknown to us
See the undiscovered side
The region of the dead

Unseen on breaths of wind we ride
Unheard to cars of man or beast
Pale the faces in the shroud
Calling us to leave this world
From a slumbers silent dream
To the end a corpse will bring

From a slumber unsilent
To the throne supreme
Immortal and defiant against the world we stand
Restless and soulless, rapture of peace
Devouring the hearts of man.


A raven will come in the solstice divine
And bring the truth upon mankind
The blade and the shield will speak of war once again
The hills will bed our fallen men.

The sound of steel breaking bones of our foes
Avenging the lies of the past
To battle we march singing songs to the brave
To conquer weakness from within
Then will come a better time after this
A time of shining steel and pride...

Here I roam obscured and lonely
Haunted by an angel
No one can see what the gloom withholds
Ha... the shine is blinding
Abigor the host, the warrior soul
Gather beside me your legion

"...We cast our spell and praise the goat
The warriors of the night..."

"...Conquer the Raventhrone..."

Here I am on the world's darkest side
Where the wind unsilent blows
Crystal eyes as I'm ready to fight to reach what will be mine again
Blade of steel and a spirit strong and proud
I am the wolf among the flock
Marching forward never turning back
Ahead there my future lies
Silence will come to the world all around
When I kill my foes with rage
Then will come a better time after this
A time of shining steel and pride...

Malicia The 3rd (Empress Of Insomnia)

Insomnia, greetings abductress of light
Abhorrence 'tis the ravenous time
Coming to burn in the lake of damnation
The echo of time
Grieving the terror the harsh one's death
Embrace darkness the kiss of the beast

The alpha, conspiracy of evil
The summon... possessed
Downward the Anfang of demise... we weep
Rampant the sight. Clairvoyant...
Fire evil destruction and hate
Endless black silent our fate

Master of evil... the sign of the horns
Painting the world with blood...


Deep in the twilight lurks a somber place
People call it Malicegarden
A realm of sadness the throne of the dead
Where sunlight is as rare as laughter

Leaving our world to enter Malicegarden
A journey that will last forever
A legion of mourners crying the past
Bedding the remnants deep in silence

Cross the portal and step in Malicegarden
Touch the fruit of everlasting glory
Here we will dwell praising endless darkness
Here we will stay for now and ever

Inducing oblivion the sinister path
Where this garden lies...
Of malice and grievance the creatures will tell
A fate lost in ages past
The throne of destruction, the passionate fruit

Only beyond death it grows,
for those who enter here

Beyond this hill of fouling flesh
Beneath the sea of tears
Lies the heart of Malicegarden
The castle of ill faith...

The Three Faced King Of Dominion One

The corpse of the ancient cradled in red
Lies at the bottom of this ice cold lake
Here it now dwells and ready for the stand
Deep in the mountains where but unlight hangs
The grace of malice adorns them now
For what they were even hell to them bows...

Deep malice adorned fruit of the olden empire,
Soon, as midnight's dusky hour dawns
And senseless the wanderer rests in silence
This is the tree of paradise
Where you shall fall again
I am the three-faced king of the first dominion
The watcher in the twilight, the keeper of the chasm...
Friendly it is to sleep in silence's whisper
And leave unworshipped the throne supreme...
We are the anointed rulers of the olden side
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end

Enthroned on skulls in the land of the dead
Where silence rules and the sun isn't set
Gather in vein start their dreaded quest
To bring the reign of light to an end
Painful bliss and the sweet touch of death
Raping silence to bring chaos back
Evil spells of the sinister kind
Words of god are but unheard now...

The Stargazer

Hearing the laments of millions adorned
Reveling in so called flesh
The contents of vengeance and millions of dawns
Lives in the soul of death
The meek and the useless shall herald their doom
The night is screaming black
Creation the damned curse of god
Will shatter at our feet
Galaxies and eons, thousands away
Restless a spirit haunts

Craving to taste the sinful wine
Inhaling the breath of life
The Stargazer grins beyond horizons afar
And laughs as we near our doom
The sword of centuries leers at the sky
And rips it right apart
From the gap looming in the night
Angels fell from the sky
Leper and demons
The host of the dead
Roamed the earth as one
The helpless cries from the children of the lamb
Damned and cast to hell
Hence came the day of wrath where all what was found an end
Under a dome of fouling flesh Pandemonium arose


Danse la sombre danse des morts
Goute le vin du mauvais sort
Liquide visible aux yeux du torts
Prince lugubre et malevolant

Ha... vieux esprits venus du feu
Des mers des vertes mar & eacute; es
Fulminants & eacute; clairs divins
Nourissant le flot certain
Dans la vie un sombre r & ecirc; ve
Enterre la vie jamais retrouv & eacute; e

Cercueil symbol fun & egrave; bre en noir
Maligne destin et immortel
Chair brul & eacute; e et dechir & eacute; e
Carcasses lev & eacute; s vos membres forts.

Vision Dementia

Sleeping awake in the cradle of death
Reveling in the fruit of sin
The suffering of thousands in the coming of dawn
They ate the force of time
Here we will call the powers of wrath
Calling the darkened ghouls

The feeding of weed for the sake of the damned
As pointless as is life
Among the cosmos, the cradle of stars
Where all good angels die
Here the upon gate is at hand
And we shall inherit hell
Turning the cross to the path of the damned
The way of the horned ones lair
Luring the saints in the crypt of the dead
Hate is the patron of all

Lying with the virgin of sin
The temptress of ill faith
Here the stars shine with gloom of the end
The calls remain unheard
The path to the end from the end of the land
Holding the key to the stars.