RAGNAROK - Arising Realm

God Is Wasted

Burn the skeleton of God's child
Let the rest of him disappear in open air as smoke from the stake
His soul turn to nothing and his spell that blessed the earth dies with him
You can't see a thing that reminds me of him
earth is malignant once again
This is the dark age... never ending horror and fear for existence
God's men on earth have left
(Christians) you have no longer your faith
Your God is dead
a victory and feast for the Devil's men
No more times in glory
no weakness can harm this earth again
The earth was never meant for his glory
it was meant for us and the Devil's path
We will watch you... God
We will watch you do the same mistake
we will watch your moves
as raven high above earths surface
We will be ready and the next time you try
to conquer the world by sending your child
will he die while he still lies in the cradle
God is wasted...
His son has been removed from the soil
Burn the Child...
Let him never get his hands on this earth again

Searching For My Dark Desire

When the night falls after another day of sorrow
do darkness draw itself deeply in to my soul and sin
From depths of my inner darkness is the unholy strength rapidly growing
The power of the dark demon is an eternal satisfaction
demon of my world give me the strength that you have
This moment of glorious defeat is an eternal memory
a journey... a learning of my inner self
Share your dreams with me
hate, sorrow and evil dreams
dreams I love with whole my heart
Draw me down in the devil's kingdom
into the sea of flames and the rivers of grief
Take my hate and draw me down
I can feel your glowing nails rip in my soul...
The wind storms within my thoughts
and blow out what is left of goodness
Water made from of tears of the grieve dead
fills my veins and make my heart totally black
The soil place my corpse and the flame increases
I see the gate of hell accomodate me
I see the mighty demon ready to embrace me
Embrace me... my diabolical shadow
I am the one...
I am one of them...
Join me...
join the eternal flame
My darkest desire is fulfilled

En Verden Av Stein

Skyggen av naturen som jeg er
er den jeg alltid vil vaere
Den gamle sjel av mitt faderland
er den sanne og eneste kjaerlighet
Stormer fra fortiden...
baerer meg gjennom morke skoger
over snodekte fjell
og over de mektige elver
som krysser Norges landskap
Vi ser naturen knuses
av en haer av kristent liv
Den gamle sjel av mitt faderland
forsvinner i en svunnen tid
Stormer fra fortiden...
en grufull tid med død
Vi krysser Norges landskap
med hat over kristent liv
Hat som bare vokser og vokser
hat som bare de sanne forstar
Som skrekkens og grusomme dyr
lager vi var verden av stein
Menneskes band skal slites
for vi er troll som aldri gar tapt
Blod fosser fra de kristne kropper
og renner ut i et blodrodt hav
Idodensog fryktens land
lever vi vart liv
vi... troll fra en annen tid
Hevnen en verden av stein

Time Before Birth Of Light

He was born when the sun was black
In time when the infernal forces was one and only
Time before the birth of light as the beast of world and master of evil
He is the spirit of hate now as the time before light
He was the ruler and creator in ages and he is still our master
We can still hear the anger of the beast
Hate more pure... than a water of an mountain source
In thousands of year he tried to conquer the new religion of glory times
He can feel its present weakness and the upcoming conquer of evil
Defeat is not a word of his world
He is always the master of all creations
Let his destiny fall upon us and the world is what it once was
The conquer of evil

My Hate Is His Spirit

In the twilight of the day do I see the sun disappear behind a bloodred horizon
I can feel the insatiable night consume all light
Emperor of the darkly time give my darkest gift
I have now entered your world
My hate is your spirit and your hope to conquer the world
A realm of vicious creations came from the mist and rised
The dark knight have entered
He is ferocious in his sight
a perfect murderer as he enter the world of mortals
this is the hour of darkness
welcome to the devilnight

My Refuge In Darkness

A new world has opened
a world among the stars
I have now found my star and it will be my new home
until the end of my stargate vision
Among the star I rest now
it's the time of silent
Only the sound of falling stars break the silent
Only in my dreams exist this world
It's just wonderful to hover in the empty space
No feelings for humanity
a perfect world for me
I wish it last forever
This world made from depths of the darkest space of mind
Such vision of deathview
I search now for my death and meet the shadow world

The Reflection From The Star World Above

It have no fear for death as its hostile force
A avantage that we use against God and his light
As children of the night and creators of unlight
Darkness exist forever
The night is nor life or glory
it is a part of the destruction
Black as it show itself
Even light shows its respect as it is doomed to die
Where the light is
is there always darkness just waiting for the time
to consume the light as a flame that slowly dies
The night is created
The night is eternal
Our yearning for night to darken God's heart
and his children on earth
Gods words on this earth dies with the sun
And we sons of the night will be faithful to our master
As children of the night and creators of unlight
Eternal is the night as a reflection from the starworld above

The Fall Of Christianity

Blood streams in a dream
a dream of the christ's defeat
the dark horde have conquered
The christians burn in fire below the fullmoon shining in a cold winternight
The Christians certain death
our time is here
A bestial bloodwar...
We chase the Christians as the mighty wolf of the deep forest
Chase and drown their victims in blood
We chop them to pieces with swords tempered in blood
We let the blood flow to the ground
In the night can we hear the raven sing its song about the certain fall of christians
We kneel and worship our master and pay the homage to the eternal night

The Predicted Future

A thick mist in a cold Autumn night lies on the ground and devour the environment
A moonfog makes the infernal mood
A time comes when man get his bestial mind
The dark sign blaze through the sky
a sign who calls the day of doom
the world have predicted future
a future in violence and bloodwar
Blood must be granted and lives must be offered
But however our weapons will be fouled with the opponents blood
Try to understand... Foolish ones
you are not created by Nature
your God have nothing to do here
Can't you hear the anger
The wrath of Nature King is coming closer and the destiny is... Doom
Get the fuck out of our world or die while you still believe
As warm and cold clouds makes the thunder
do good and evil end with war
The black flame burns and from the mountain high rise a world that it was meant be
Evil calls... the brotherhood of beasts
Evil knights... will create the perfect world

For The World I Am Blinded

It's my destiny
my release from this fuckin' world
No humans... no memories from this chastetic world
Death is my vision
I'm dying... I can feel my death vision
I fly like a dragon as the speed of lightning
over mountains and majestic waterfalls
I see a world that not exist
a world without humans
I hope this view is the of mine
Life is just a chapter
I will soon leave this earth and enter the eternal winter night
the quest of immortality because...
for the world I am blinded
My hate is your spirit and your hope to conquer
A thick mist in a cold Autumn night
lies on the ground and devour the environment
A moonfog makes the infernal