PENETRALIA - Seelenkrank

The Doctor

Good morning, I'm your doctor
Dr. Oste is my name
I appreciate your coming
to play my wicked games

No need to be frightened
Calm down and lay to rest
Come on let's see what drugs we have
Yeah - alcohol's the best

Now nurse where's my scalpell
give it - will you please?
patient's still in conscience
Anyway - I can't ease the pain

A little cut right here
another cut down there

How I love them sreaming
like little kids in fear

Yeah, I'm Dr. Oste
Surgery's my game
Cruelty was my mother
Everytime I do the same

Here is the nervus opticus
Cut it - will you nurse
Now give that slimy eye to me
I'll put it in a glass

Don't want your flesh
I just want your eye
Gimme eyes
But I won't take both
just one
Cause I'd like you to see
my sofisticated art

How d'you like it
disfigured faces are beautiful I think
Say you like it
I want you to say it ...


"Und ich sah sie, die vom Müllberg
herab verkündete, dass der Mensch
nicht mehr sei
Das, rief sie, ist euer Nachlass."

Endlich kommt sie wieder
Pestbringer der neuen Zeit
Findet sie Dich
Bald, schon bald bist du Vergangenheit


Dachtest du seist wichtig
Kriechendes Menschengezücht
Ideen - sie sind nichtig
Hatten nie Belang

"So war der Mensch beiderlei Geschlechts
wie er brüllte, wichtig tat oder seiner
Macht sicher schwieg.
Sein Gerede von der Unsterblichkeit,
dabei ahnt er, das allenfalls wir, die
zähen Biester das Zeug haben,
unsterblich zu sein."

Widerlich und klein
So siehst du unserein
Ändern tut das nicht
Bald schon bald - wirst
nicht mehr sein




Adern platzen - Blut dringt ein

Ein Kind
nachgeladen anvisiert

Zuckend liegt es da vor mir

Blutverschmiert - das wollt ich nicht
Kinderleib von Stahl gefickt
mein Stiefel tritt in sein Gesicht

Renne Schritt für Schritt
Bluttriefende Bilder
nehm sie alle mit
Lasst mich wieder los

Kleiner Kinderkopf
Zertreten wie ein Insekt
All meine Sinne taub
Wenn Gevatter Tod leben leckt

Drink Or Drown

Swimming in a cold stream of blood
clothing is getting heavier,
soaped with the sap of life.
Unable to fond a stand or grip,
no power to move further,
ready to die in this stinky floods.

Drink or drown, little jester.
Drink or drown!!

I can see pictures of rape,
naked violence passing my mind.
Hatred accelerates the heartbeat
to the speed of wardrums,
calling for Armaggeddon.

Drink or drown, little jester.
Drink or drown!!

There is sin, Jester, there are sinners.
Be god's revenge, slash them, where they stand.
Show them the truth of god's word:
"(An) Eye for an eye!"
Be the shining sword of justice.

Drink or drown, little jester.
Drink or drown!!

Never Bow To None

Are you really statisfied
doing the things the tell
all there morals and ideologies
just ways to keep you calm

no way anyway
never bow to none

Spit forth the hypocrit
deny the essence of their life
even more to do, more to find
just take care, or you'll go blind

Do what you want
shall be the only rule
I'll show you life
You'll be my tool


Total Eclipse Of The Mind

Illdisposed - rotten brain
Talking mental bullshit - gone insane

Disored by mother nature - can't you fell the shame
Little dumb bastards - all of you just the same

Narrow minded idiots - you are Hitler's whores
Ridiculous, all of your kind - that' what I call
a total eclipse of the mind

Fuck you - Bastards
Come down - just a piece of shit
Ain't worth it

None of you will ever fool me
cause I see things you'll never find
Just let my show you
the total eclipse of your mind

Perhaps you call me untrue - and that's allright with me
But all the things you stand for
just sound ridiculous to me

Narrow mided idiots - I see things you'll never find
Just let me show you - the total eclipse of your mind

Bastards - I'm just not the thing
you wanna see in me - Fuck

Bastards ...

Dead Girls Boogie (The Living Dead)

Fuckin' in the shadow with a whore
going straight to hell
Still i'm trying to ignore
that disgusting smell

Bodies in the darkness
dancing with me
Whispering voices
bless me with lust and pain

Pussy turns to bloody gore
where only vermin dwells
Sickness is her fucking name
and sickness' what she sells

Zombies in the darkness
dancing with me
Bless me with sickness
while I'm fucking her

Come on baby - fuck with me
Suck my dick - as I lick
Put my fucking tongue in your
muscous cunt - stinky cunt

Eat your pugnent smelling shit
this is fun - this is it
Get your pussy wet for me
love me baby please - Fuck

Sweat runs down my neck
my heart is beating fast
Maggots crawling inside my veins
no longer it will last

Devils in the darkness - torturing me
no longer dancing - curse me with death and hate

No more I'm a human beeing
now I'm living dead
I will be your worthless shit
I'll turn your head

Dancing in the darkness
whispering voice
I will devour you,
curse you with lust and pain ...