The Dark Night Of The Souls

Then came the dark night of the souls.
A mystery veiled in secrets.

Every strike of the moon was followed
By suffering in every sense of the word.

On the seventh month of the year
The sun turned away.
Then came forth
A world forcing every man to run away from
All but honour.
A chapter of His memory was about to
Be written in blood.

Corrupted minds lead to moral abuse
A people were lost.
Though there were stars all over,
None could be sighted.
It existed in the shadows.
It worked alone and through every being.
Death was no option
Still many fell.

A rage grew within.
Riots swallowed every sense.
Women giving birth to the spawn of their sons...

Men drowning in the blood of their fathers...
Children feeding upon children with a blaze in their eyes.

Hearts transformed to salt,
burned its way through the flesh
and disappeared.
Being the company of beauty.

No one knew what was coming.
Revelations passed through the land,
But no man seeked the answers
Since all were dying to breath
The air of the soulblight.


With the soulblight came chaos and hate.
Few were those with hearts of purity
And forgotten were those who drowned in pity...
Brought by others.
As mist the blight appeared.
It covered the lands in darkness and death.
As real as the soil they lived upon
Were the battles waiting to be won.

The field was charged.
The sound of steel meeting steel...
Sung across the plains.
In every corned of the land one could feel the Ground shake.
Axes of war and spikes on clubs ripped and
Cut through flesh. Thousands fell.
Few were those, able to stand.
Risen by pride. The mist did not blind their views.

Still they breathed the air... polluted by the blight.
But they stood proud, as one... the victorious!

Songs of war were to be heard across the land.
Desolate and naked were the senses of man.


Before him in an aura of light appeared a being not of human breed.
Pale as death, with eyes as dark as those of midnight ravens.

In visions he now saw the ancient one... enraged.
The being spoke in a tongue unknown to him.
But its aura was veiled in pride.
Days of wisdom were to come to him and his tribe.
Those not lured to weakness... by light.

(Voice of the old one:)
"Moonlight bright embrace thee.
Forever she caresses thee.
Free you eternally.
Fear not children so true at heart,
Our powers shall protect thee."

Buried deep within the heart lie secrets of a distant past.

The darkness in the old one's eyes was not like that of man.
Within them burned a hope. What was hidden? What wisdom did he hold?

A challenge for those of heathen blood... lords and kings.
Only pride remained as darkness fell on soil from which he came.

As the old one moved closer he could feel the presence of his soul,
As that of nature itself.
The flames in his eyes revealed a secret... of what was to be.

(Voice of the old one:)
"There must and shall be blood. Pain until the last drop.
As night itself will sweep the ground that I place my feet free of purity ever after.
Until the night once again sends its breed."

Voice From A Starless Domain

Wandering endlessly in solitude
A vision guides.
A vision of wisdom and magic.
Fear reigns in his heart.
His cursed soul yearns for an end.

A veils lays across the land.
The shimmering dusk flickers and dies
A hazy darkness beyond the realms of mortality
Shadows take form before his eyes

At his side stands the wise one
He who dwells in starless domains
His voice as that of a wandering soul

The key shall you reveal
In a realm few mortals dare to encounter
An odyssey that knows no limits

You must seek the four winds
Dance with the storms
Soar with spirits of old
On an endless blackened sky

You must journey through flames
Of hatred and temptation
Defeat the mighty serpent
Whom exists in spirits of fire

You must venture deep
Into wells of fate
Alone - in sorrow
Where dreams become reality

You must master the ancient arts
Magic and mystery buried in stone
Dive into the dark eternity
No fear in your heart

A final battle you shall encounter
From without and within
Where truth is diminished by chaos
And will is lured to darkness

The Goddess' Lake

Through Centuries of sorrows I have wandered.
With the Moonchildren have I searched.
In the black and sour soil I have dug deeper.
Possessed by a quest, to find truth in forgotten myths.
To find the sea of power.
This well where the Wolfeheart drinks.
My thirst has been a nail in my skull.
But behold!
This is my victory over the mortals.
I will dive in the the Goddess' lake.
For an everlasting beautiful moment I am in ecstacy
Wrapped in darkness, I am one with the night.
Deep in the frosty fog I hear voices.
They are calling my name - greeting me.
"Come with us - be ours."
"Join this perverted dance of the night."
"Listen to out symphony - a rhapsody in black."
Their choir enchants me as I am being lifted.
High on the bloodstained wings - they guide me.
The earth and sky is no longer any limit.
Through dark ages.
I see witches burn and warriors with blood on their steel.
Plague and ashes.
I see kingdoms rise - built on flesh- so weak.
It is beyond this that my quest ends.
I have entered my long lost throne.
It is neither black, no white - pure power.
The key has been found, and I now can return...
Or stay forever...


Am I here to stay forever... or not at all?
My flesh is yearning for the spirit world.
A last battle must be fought, for those of flesh.
Total destruction - lay the soulblight in ash.

Return to soil from which I came.
Defend the last of my tribe.
Will this battle be fought alone... How many will die?

These were questions I dared not ask as I
Gathered those with hearts still true.

The horns sounded as we charged the field.
Axes of war were held high as banners.
In tongues of spirits long forgotten
Our tribes screamed their cries of war.

Many fell, but strong were those still able to stand.
With pride wrapped in rage and hate...
We charged again.

This time to conquer all that was,
And was to be.
What has been had always been ours.

Those infected by the soulblight lay crushed and broken.

Return to soil from which I came.
Defend the last of my tribe.
This was has been won.
We stand united in pride.

I am here to stay... forever...