OLD MAN'S CHILD - Revelation 666

Phantoms Of Mortem Tales

A burning lust for pleasure less desire
A needless urge to kill
Fearful thoughts, a strength we admire
With hate that their minds are fulfilled 

Like tyrants, living life in wrath
Like wizards, vanishing into the dark…
As black divine gods 

Born under crimson rain
Taking lives in seductive ways
Putrefy the human skin
Feeding the demons within 

Nailed to the heavenly cross
You will die with the taste of dust
Praise your demonic saviour
Erase your memories of god 

Like wolves, howling to the night
Like beasts, living beyond the light…
As black divine gods

Hominis Nocturna

Dreams like dim lights of the dusk
We are the knights of incubus
Shadows blessed by the night
Embraced by the dreadful dark 

Stare through eyes that can't see
My immortality, and the visions of my hate
Sense with feelings that can't feel
As life gets unreal, you are the captive of fate 

Master of dark desires arrive as their kingdom falls
Master of divine desires arrive as Satan calls 

The night crawls upon me
The wind whispers my name
Spelled by hypnotic trances
I dance through eternal flames 

My beloved one I taste you
As i gratify my thirst and touch your dead skin
Oh darkest one receive my offerings
And grant me the secrets of death 

In Black Endless Void

Beyond the limits of our imaginations
Beyond the stars of the unknown
The secrets behind a black endless void
The unexplored lies ahead 

Dark but luminous
In a world surreal
The ominous force
Space conceals 

In twilight's timeless terror
The black holes of hell's abyss 

Far away from the sun's light
In dark infinity, the cosmic realms
Far away from the earth's surface
We will fly among the angels of sin

Unholy Vivid Innocence

I may have wasted the years
And swallowed my tears, I ride the circle of pain
I live in the warmth of my fears
Drowning my flesh with my poisonous veins 

Feel my thoughts, feel my heart and my soul
With sinless eyes, watch as I die 

Lost in a world of despair
Itinerant along mortals path
But where ever I roam
My heart will still go on 

Swept away with the mortal tide
Along the holes in your soul
The son that so faithfully died
Left scars, the seed of failure 

Feel my thoughts, feel my heart and my soul
With sinless eyes, watch as I die 

Views from sinless eyes staring at sinful lives
Judging by fate, you are cheating my hate 

As I die in emptiness
I leave my sorrows behind
I will enter, death's embrace
And into my father's grace

Passage To Pandemonium

Turn your light in opposite ways
Shine your grace on the following day
Be spelled by the thoughts that you fear
Be mine, be blessed as my slave 

Offerings for Satan we kill
Death, his lust and desire
Come, be children of divine eternal fire
Dreams of holocaust nurture the bloodless veins
Come raise the demons
Together as one 

Fade away, into the silent embrace
And drift along with the stars
Unite us for now and forever
Unite the worlds that divide us 

Live again without suffering
Be born again, in the twilight's myth
Arise from the flickering
Be a god without fate 

With wings that are soiled in blood
We will fly through dimensions
We will come with the storms of war
And fight for vengeance


Obscure Divine Manifestation

So I dive into the universe, I fly among the stars
Creations of the worlds between our own and the obscure
Tangled in a world of light with darkness inside
The labyrinth of cosmos is not a path to life 

Passing Saturn, closing on the moons of Jupiter
Europa shines in golden light, hiding it's secrets 

Underneath the wall of ice evil rests alone
Waiting for the cosmic call to move the forces along 

Europa's brother Io proudly standing tall
Innocent and beautiful his fate is in control
Jupiter is dark and grey, full of death and pain
The monolith has torn apart the beauty it once held 

Alone I fly towards the centre, a black hole ahead
To join the others on his ride, which will never end

World Expiration

Earthlings beware
Under a fading sun you will await the new age
Earthlings behold
The birth of a new dawn, the sign of damnation 

The rage of magic thunder
The storms of magic fire
Rumbles through the sky 

Again his wrath shall rule this earth
As foreseen in the genesis of death 

The earthlings' paradise
Come watch as it dies, destruction of mankind
Enter the realms of sin
And in to the dark voids of hell

Into Silence Embrace

Still I believe in a final solution
Where death is the king and life is illusion 

Call out the spirits, let them praise your names
A ceremony of evil, rising from the flames 

Wounds from an endless war
Heal, and prepare for more
Resurrect the magic inside
On those, whose faith has died 

Reveal the secret task
Destruction of the humanly gods 

Damn the seeds with germs
And poison the earth in which it grows
Life's illusions are death's solutions
We're at war with religious delusions 

Release the powers of timidity
Open up your soldiers' graves 

Release the powers of death 

Summon the spirits
And let them fear your names
A ceremony of evil
Rising up from the flames