NON SERVIAM - Between Light And Darkness

Temptation Of Blood

The dark force inside my heart
Awaits the day when screams are heard
The vampire is once again reborn
When the moon, strikes full

Screams from the cold winter night
Screams from the vampire's bite
Immortalized souls have gathered once again
The christian woman is now dead

The dark age has now arrived
I feel the temptation of blood
My heart is full of hate
When my teeth reach her throat

Obscurity Unveiled

Pure betrayal, darkening desires
Seducted by chaos to pain and perdition
Affected by the lusts of flesh

Alone with thoughts, shadows on the walls
A dark moon is rising, portending death and destruction

What brings thou to my simple hut
Perchant a kiss for my beloved...


Distressed for a moment, an anguished cry
Yet his eyes percieves no beauty in light
Blinded by his dark desires

Between Light And Darkness

Two millenniums of constantly fighting
Waht is good and what is evil, bewildering
God is claimed to be good, why is he killing
Why can't they just give up their lying

Jesus, Satan
Good and Evil
The epic battle Between Light And Darkness

As you embrace yourself and your divinity of the light
My vomits will fill your throat as you forcefeed
me with your holy scam
All I want is to terminate your rotten weak and fooled mind
You think you're so good but you're killing and lying

Satan's Spree

In the forest a gasily vision appear
Raging inferno, a deadborn man swore

Let the demon free
Insects crawling upon the cross
Show yourself in Satan's Spree
And take him down to us

Why do all faces look so dead
In the fire they burn so red

The Enchanting Dance Of Mischief

Her arch smile just left her lips as the wind concer to started to play
The gambol around started at first but came to feel soothing after a while
Like morphia, the ranting drags her into a world of unknown evils
And seafens her mind for grief and nausea

Dismembered minds turned into clandestine seas of grief
The occurence of evil set to sanctify love as terminable life
Calm, oblivious words distorted to phrases of evil mankind
Faces, traces, monotonous phrases, stagnation is a movement in me

Come with me, kneel in the dance of mischief
Blaspheme, bow for the ruler of grief
Leaves hanging down from the tree sorrow, shadowing thoughts, diminishing sight
Ecclesiastical speech rapped in velvet clothing, prowess is preaching
Deathening rhymes, sounding, sending away
The stars are silent listeners, they come out at night they say
Lay down for an endless decay

Face Behind The Mirror Wall

A look in the mirror, whose is this face
So much pain to deliver, without mercy or grace

On hate and fear I feed, and the sins that you bleed
Open your veins and let go of all pain
Forget the light, you belong to the night

The face in the mirror, I can't live with that face
The face in the mirror...

Infernal Spirit

Seducted by the stars and the moon
To meet my fatefull and burning doom
To enlight your evil ghastly grin
Like a filthy eternal sin

Infernal spirit walk with me
Like a falling bird of purify
I look at my fate and face the eternal goddess
As the mist falls into the vains of the earth
My death becomes my real birth

As the sky turns red and the sea is boiling
I would be the greatest
I would rise above them all

Hallowed be my name
And the kingdom will be mine
And the glory...

Queen Of Beauty

The shadows surround me in the night
The visions haunt in the night

An emblazoned silhouette emerged
The Queen of Beauty I beheld
She gave me birth to the mayfly of love
And it descended upon me

Mountain of emotion
Summit of Seraph
Descending, falling as the nestling bird
Hands of desolation grasped my soul
And my inner tranquillity suddenly perished

Into the opaque thou shall obediently follow me
And nourish my desires to thrive
Thou shall submit to the yoke
And woebegone thou dust moulder away...

Embraced by crushing hope
Erased by the ice of dismiss
Trapped under ice froze my hope
The healing sun appeared and the mayfly flew away

By nightfall invited I was
My arousal was caused
By the crack of dawn dismissed I was
My armageddon was caused

Sins And The Embracing Of Shades

Perceive the sound of nocturnal soul
The edge cuts through the very flesh
Mind focused on profanity
Bloodsin odium

The beauty in the beast within the body
Animalistic life, blood sacrifice
The desire to exalt the ego
Egoistic need, sacrificial bleed

The sin of Onan
The lust of the soul
As the seeds vulgarly soar
Upon the celestial whore

Desire for the dead
For the virtue once fled
Bestial deeds, the mind feeds

Vultures and predators hunting, finding
In rapture of Dionysos' inebriation
Hedonistic indulgence in sinister lusts
Within the obscurity of blackness

Yet another carnality not to suppress
No remorse thrives within the heart
Merely one thousand more drops
In the enlarging ocean of life

You shall not be impeded by the immemorial gods
Let your pleasure make the suffer their spiritual demise
Utilise your human predestined share of craving
And use the ancients to multiplyyour ecstasy

Float along with the streams pf natural strains
Don't let the immemorial subdue them
Gather material on your immense voyage
And create your realm to dwell in

I fulminate in my eminence
I embrace myself and deliver my emperor
The essence of the world is my realm
Where nothing dies till the king's dethroned

When I behold my entities
I rejoice their gathered strength
I forbear to restrain idiosyncrasies
So I will achieve all shades of my landscape...

Throne Of Mendes

In greater days, a horned god
He fought for natures order
But the younger gods wanted to see his blood

They called him evil and prince of disorder

Silence speaks, on the Throne of Mendes
Throne of Mendes
Throne of humanity

Sense Of Whithering

I close my eyes to summon my thoughts
So I can see when they come forth
My mind is overtaken
My pure soul is now forsaken

As my soul, my body is changing
Fearsome figures are rising
Majestic desires raging, whispering eyes are beholding
Vampires surround me, they are enchanting me
We join them in their journey
We seek for human blood

I try to erase my carnal desire
But it's so strong, the lust of the vampire

Like the lure of the sea
We tempted them with pleasure
But now I will face the sadistic
To please its will
And satisfy my desire...

My mind is reborn
I leave the demons decay
Leading the victims astray
I will forevermore dwell

My vampiric lust is appealed
I follow my instinct to the nest
The sun is rising from its sleep
Now it's time for me to rest
My new life has begun
Never under the sun
Avoid the life, live at night

Melody Of Grief

Like a wind she flew into his life
Storm of hers cut deeper than a knife
In the night the sky was coloured red
Painted by her blood when she fell, dead

Mourning longing to see her
Falling into insanity

Oh, what a pain to bear
To never see her face
The one I held so dear
Vanished from this mortal place

Feel no fear my beloved one
My soul is still with you
When death your life has won
It'll always be us two

Oh gods, please hear our call
Bring peace to our minds
Before summer turns to fall
He'll die to meet her
Me once again

Darkness deep like night fills up his mind
Mortals of this earth not of his kind
Blood is flowing heartbeat starts to cease
Soon he thinks, I'll meet the one I love
His mind has found it's peace