NINNGHIZHIDDA - Mistress Of The Night

Mistress Of The Night

Burning horizons of grief and storms raging in my heart,
From sunset to sunrise, throughout the night,
I prowl at places, where we once kissed!!!

Do you hear my hymns tonight,of ancient truth and broken sorrow
Or (do) you walk a path, where my lament can't find you!!!

My saviour my treasure, (you) drown all that hurts
Oblivion drinks my fears
Prepare to receive, the gifts of my might
Beloved Mistress of the night
The everburning fire strengthen my desire
The starlight is dying with the veils of it's throne
Funeral winds turn back to thy realm
The moonlight kiss the ocean and dawn is close at hand
The rushing of the wind the sigh of the breeze
Oh powers of the night hear my demand
The flower, they carry away 
Had once been mine, mine...

Don't leave me alone to crawl through the night, 
In forlorn places I weep
I give you my heart, my life and my fears, 
With my warm nectar that enters your womb!!!
Grant me the power to still the waves, that I might her her call
Ignite the flame that ever burns, that light the way to me
Sirens sing with ancient tongues, songs of feeble things have gone
Sirens sing with ancient tongues, songs of feeble things have gone

Do you hear my hymns tonight of ancient truth and broken sorrow
Or (do) you walk a path, where my lament can't find you

Conquering What Once Was

Beyond the plans, where the chaos reigns
We brood beneath the stars while ages past.
Revel in the ancient spheres, where no life dwells
Captured by the sacred songs and spells of the Witch!!!

The wind of the vortex, that swirls amongst the stars
Will guide our path, from the ultimate void
Unseen and loathsome we descend to strike forth
We lie in wait, till the stars stand right, to come...

Arisen, in Blasphemy, oh Lord, of hell
Hear the howl of the serpent, whose roaring fills the sky 
Sleeping, (in) awaiting, dead, but dreaming
The legions of the horned, will rise up from their slumber
Never, scorn, to wear, the horns
Our servants do homage, celebrate the arrival

Treasures of darkness, treasures of night
Open the gate, that I can fell your might

Conquering, what, once, was
We are tryin' to take control, we are tryin to take them all
The choir, of the damned, whispers, hunting requiems
We summon the storm, that annihilates the land
We choose, to live, our life, in Blasphemy
Darkness shall be eternal, when all shall bow (be)for(e) our throne!!!

Rape (The Virgin Mary)

Nightfall dreams (of passion) were granted
Religious thoughts are shattered
Nights of passion,nights of pain
Flesh is weak, lust is strength
Hidden obssessions, of the virgin
will blame, thou art dictator
Heaven's on fire, Satan's desire
Who will rule, the world next

Feeble church, crumbles, sacred rites, desecrated
The wolves, on the hill, howl with thee

Your skin I yearn to share
The secret taste,the hidden pleasure

Beloved, in darkest night I feel your spell
Can't resiste the origin of sin
The recollaction of temptation is too strong
Temptation takes control

My precious gift I offer you
Spread your legs, unveil your throne
I feel me deep

Feed the burning desire, that breeds in me
Your caress cuts like a serpent fang
And makes me shiver
This moment shall last forever

I love the screams she made
My triumph my reign