Moonlight Serenade

The final sunlight, fades in the dawn
It's time to celebrate, the spell of the moon
The profane, and weak will flee
When we embrace, the velvet darkness

The frozen stars, that shine above
(Left) a silvery gleam, over the midnight forest
Winterwinds, that groan and whisper
Ancient wisdoms, of the glorious past

Listen to the sweet music of the night
Is it the howls of my darkbrood?!
Yes, the wind carry their salute

My fellow wolves come walk with me!!!
My fellow wolves come bark with me!!!

The gentle touch, of the moon
A caress, on my shivering skin
This night shall last, eternally

My darkbrood and me, have to fulfill
The infinite quest, that last on thee
The final moment, of our ritual is near
To end our mediaeval, midnight symphony

Listen to the sweet music of the night
Is it the howls of my darkbrood?!
Yes, the wind carry their salute

My fellow wolves, share the night with me
My fellow wolves, let us share eternity
This night shall last, eternally

Of Demons And Witches Part I

Symbols gathered, thoughts set upon, the pinnacles blaze
Bring forth, the messenger, of voluptuous, delight

Invoked under a brooding moon, dark ones to appease
They shalt weave a web, `bout the one on whom thoughts alight

Oh pale majestic, please appear

Her presence, a fire, admist the gloom
Together we cling, and dominate the night

So angelic she first seem, she feels the snearing flame unseen
The flame of lust, dark desire, consecrated by Lord Satan's fire

Demon from the void of night, stand with rod athrust
Yearning to feed upon, the witches flesh

Lust to enflame, her demons to release
Together we cling and dominate the night

Of Demons And Witches Part II

As flesh entwines, and passion burn
She fixed me with, a basilisk stare
I saw the fire, dancing in her eyes
I've been caught, (in) an everflowing stream

My heat inside, her fuels the furnace
She bewitched me, with her angelic smile
Lost in realms of, carnal ecstasy

As demons writhe, in lewd abandon
Under the spell, (of her) infernal beauty

I give birth, to flowing life
Warm nectar, fills my body
As I give, the essential essence, of life

To her trembling divine womb
What has always been banned, now shall be done

As throes of dawn, are send from heaven
The end of our, time has come
Under the pale moon she stands, renewed and full of desire

The flame of lust, is burning higher
Oh my goddes, our love will never die
(but) the elder ones, returned her to their side

And no one can silence my pain!!!

Deny Thy Philosophy

Cast in the pit, under false morality
Asphyxiated by the christian creed

I call to thee, ERESHKIGAL, queen of darkness
Condemned, for seeing, through their web of lies
Oh Lord grant me in my depths, the purchance to dream
Self rightous priests cling to their hipocrisy
Mother of chaos, hear my forlorn call

Accept the gift my demons bring that I might pass the gate
Confront me now, ERESHKIGAL, confront me now with thee!
Oh Lord grant me in my depths, the purchance to dream
Slaves of sanctomonious wretch, obey the true father of lies

Follow the way that leads, into false morality
Thou art dictator, icon of filth, enslaver
Our path unveils untold pleasures
Ever the praises of the faceless dog 
Your death will be my fame

My wisdom undefiled, the flesh shall prevail
The age has dawned, and time has come
To rise against the fools of christ, with hate and despise
In fervent visions and dreams I still see
The unholy communion, against the christian race
Crucify the lambs of christ, to crush their web of lies
Oh Lord grant me in my depths, the purchance to dream
I call to the, ERESHKIGAL, queen of darkness
Goddes of desire, hear my forlorn call

Ode To Thy Horned Majesty

Darkness my mate I still wander, (under) your perfect shelter
At shores of night I raise my wings and praise the divine

Extinct is the light, that extinct the night
It now seems like, the dark is calling

Bearer ot mortality, bringer of delight
Let me taste the essence, of your delicious wine

We live by our desires, in the pagan way
We come to cleanse this world, with everlasting fire

We leave the treshold, (to) your realm behind
We enter the regal world, so splenderous and wide

Toward the gates, we march on 
To complete our reign, with the throne of stone