NECROMANTIA - Black Arts Lead To Everlasting Sins - Split with VARATHRON


Lord Of The Abyss

Dwelling in the infernal domains
Riding the winds of pain
King of the realms of doom
Hiding your wisdom from fool

Wandering in parallel worlds
Revealing your secrets to (the) bold
Time and space are all one
Supreme ruler, deathless one

Sitting on your throne of horrors
Bearer of the darkest light
Feeling compassion for our sorrow
Endless, greatest is your might

Sing the psalms of the abyss
As five angels perish in the sixth
Scream the end of the god of death
With the angels of the path of the left

Reveal to us the ancient
Of dark evolution we're looking for
Inspirer of a new generation
Symbol of alienation

Prince of darkness I call thee
Bestow thy power unto me
Give me all of which I speak
Make me immortal, set me free

Honour to the Lord of the Abyss without
Whose laughter this world should not be

Honour to the Lord of the Abyss without
Whose sign we ourselves should not be

Lord of the Abyss I cry out thy name
Lord of the Abyss give me thy strength
Lord of the Abyss enlighten me
Oh Satan, incarnate through me

The Feast Of Ghouls

My reign beneath the graveyard my
kingdom's underground disease of
necrophagia child of Ancient Gods.
My shape's a living fear my eyes
reflecting horror my growl will make you creep.

Let's all gather under the
moonlight prepare our feast this
unholy night come my brothers
follow my signs this is the feast of ghouls.

I growl into your coffin licking my
lips for flesh the highest of
repulsions the sacrilege of death.
I'm the cremator from ashes I've
been born you're destined for my
supper your corpse is my rebirth.
I love to crunch your bones one by
one ripping you to shreds suck the
eyeballs of your socket feeling the taste.
Your tender tongue is a special
piece rotten in your mouth your
entrails smell delightfully soon will be mine.

De Magia Veterum

Worship me you mortal fools 
open my seal adore my name 
cause I'm the messanger of pain, 
the courier of hate, 
the beloved of the ancient ones.
I came before their arrival 
from the astral plains of cosmic chaos bow your heads! 
Don't dare to face them!
They'll make humanity bleed!
They'll make Jesus weep...
I dwell in the ancient R'lye 
dreaming in the blind depths of abyss my human servants
enlightened by my dreams now heed my call.
Now death is mortified, because it's alive
what has been eternal lain!
Alive is Cthulhu, the treatest of all!

Open the Gates

I'm veiled in hideous smells 
that bring death to your mind 
my face is a blasphemy 
made by human entrails.
I'm Humvava, the dark angel!

Open the Gates

I'm the lord of Chaos 
my hatred is blind, my wrath is insane. 
I scream on my throne 
from the center of the universe. 
I'm Azag-Thoth the Blind God!

Open the Gates

I'm the all in one and one in all. 
I dwell in the heart of chaos 
and I'm lurking in the threshold of pain. 
I'm Yog-Sothoth the ultimate God!

Open the Gates

Now the gates are opened. 
Time stood still as waiting for our arrival. 
The skies turned to black and the seas painted in red. 
We came here from cosmic chaos, 
our aim is one, our powers unamable. 
Devastate your villages,
your cities and the lands!
Humans will stop existing as a race 
and the earth will return to us...