Nightfall (A Moment Like Infinity)

Sitting on her deathbed
Narrating tales of love and pain
Seems to be a cold comfort
Oblivion, increasing with the time
Looking at her dying eyes
Closing for the very last breath
Just a moment when she dies
A wave oin the ocean of time
Holding her hand in mine
Her body tires the last time
Laying in the open coffin
Grain of sand in the desert of space
Standing at her lonley grave
Reminiscences of love and pain
Unititing to her whole short life
Transory, whistle of the wind
A wave in the ocean of time
Seeing her sorrofull eyes
Overshadowed by pain
Darkness is surrounding me
A moment like infinity

My Cold Eternity

Now eternity in taking my soul
And I feel like I´m frozen alive
In my heart, there is only keenly emptiness
My blood is yet again like red, cold ice
I, I´m the last one in this cage
Dying for your child, for human race

Now I´m seeing your sin, my god
You are the liar of all this past years
Might, it was your only destiny
I wish, that I die alone, without your heed
Let my soul pass away
I don´t need your grace - I won´t serve
I don´t want survive in your world of lies
I´m not your slave, I´m ANTICHRIST
Fall, fall again from grace
Into burning fields of truth
Fallin´ down, on earth
Without hope in blind eyes
Now I´m seeing myself in a buried word
Silent screams I hear deep inside my soul
Freezing dreams comes true im my pitch-dark night
From my barren land you can hear me cry
I remember the time, which is pass away
And I feel, that I don´t want to return

Time of my low is born - I´m your heir to the throne
Hear my complain - I will raise from my grave
Dawn of my lordship you see, your kingdom is blow away
Pay for your treason now - You will be mine

Demons Of Time

When their arms reach out for you
They seise thy heart for an atrocies embrace
With demoniac fingers the shroud covers your face
And then you know: thou shall die
Pursued by nothing zhan your fear
But their steps resounding in your tortued ears
Tormenting your soul, no place to hide
No sword to fight: thou shall die
You struggle when you hear them coming
And every step you run, thousand pursue your poor soul
Demoniac laughter when they tear off little parts
You´re bleeding when times and feelings come off and die
Every tick of the hand a part of you
When you crowl to the tombstone of thine
You know
You die
In pieces
Time to resign
But you are already dead.


Wer heute noch lebt
Morgen schon ums Sterben fleht
Wo heute noch Städte stehen
Dort kannst du morgen Gräber sehen
Spüre den Hauch des Verderbens
Des ewigen Todes
Frost und Schatten
Reigen in der Dunkelheit
Die Erlösung ist weit
In der Dämmerung
er steht groß und unbekannt
Zerdrückt die Sonne in seiner schwarzen Hand
Auf dem Berge fängt er zu tanzen an
Er ruft die Menschen alle auf und an
Es scheint, als wenn das schwarze Haupt er schwenkt
Vom Thron aus Tausend Schädeln seine Kette lenkt
Zahllos sind die Leichen schon
- ins Land gestreckt
Von des Todes Flügeln schwarz bedeckt
Ein dunkler Nebel verfinstert den Himmel
Verwüstung, Verdammnis, Fäulnis
Armageddon ist nah - der schwarze Tod ist da
Die Schreie der Verdammten verhallen in der Dunkelheit
Ein Schatten vergeht in der Stille
Die Erlösung ist weit
Die Welt ist dem Untergang geweiht