MÍRK GRYNING - Pieces Of Primal Expressionism

The Sleeping Star

We're trapped within ourselves, in a prison of the mind
Clutching on to our ego, unable to break out
We fear every difference, things that feel strange
Used to our safe narrow world, we decline every change 

We're trapped within ourselves, in a prison of the mind
Our values we've enclosed in stone, our ego we've defined 

Let the speed vaporize yourself, 
Forget your ego and past memories
Sow the seed to a higher consciousness 
And lead the way to final release 

Free the soul... Leave the old...
Focus, and revive the Sleeping Star! 

We're trapped within ourselves, in a prison of the mind
Loosing creativity and the will to break out
Illusions seizes me, my mind's my only enemy
And we're feeding energies of negativity
Each man a god, each man a star, we've lost the key to serenity 

Doubt, no more I shall doubt
No time to hesitate, it's to take all the way, 
I shall explore what I've found
And walk the way of the expressionist!

The Cradle Of Civilization

The world is in for war
And everyone believes they're fighting for the good cause
As the world gather up its armies
The mighty clash awaits, waiting for a good cause
Welcome to the show 

Crossroads, which path to choose?
Either way we might loose
We cannot trust our knowledge, what we know of right and wrong
Redemption against damnation, what's our choice, the day has come 

Scorching, the cradle of civilization
Scorching, the cradle of civilization

All that I see, endless human stupidity!

Perpetual Dissolution

Withering to the void of abnormity a lament for the weak
Once again deserted facing the fatal fate, 
chased amid fusions of doubt
The bitter taste in my mouth 
is just fragments of true dissoluted selfknowledge 

Demise of light
Eagerness for mercy, a closer distance to darkness
Demise of light
Perpetual dissolution breeds encore
I ventured to grasp control once again
With closed eyes I realized the void of sense
This scenario can?t be real
In fear of researching consequences 

Pale cluster of depravity appearing, black is the halo
I am probing further into, depths of blackness
Moving through the ageless void, contaminated for all time
Derelict from the core perplexion to the fatal 

A shivering light appears in front of me
Blinded by it's face I dine in pain
Held back within the powers of surreality
A fraternity freefall penetrated within inner self
The sight is now clear
On and on sadness breeds sadness

Our Urn

Fear breeds hate (hatred leads to violence)
Violence to be avenged (vengeance leads to war)
War brings death (death is all that's left) 
and the circle of terror's sealed 

The wheel is spinning on
And the spinners don't know where the thread is going
A world to bleed and burn, to make it our urn... 

And the children cried and begged for help
The children cried and no one bothered
But the children grew, and when they grew up
They raped and killed their own mother 

The wheel is grinding the earth (Replacing soil with blood)
Who dares to challenge the curse?

An Old Man's Lament

Since my first glimpse of the sun my hands have been stained in blood
The foulest deeds I have done, rejoiced in torture and mayhem 

But since my first glimpse of the sun I've been broken torn and done
Trauma upon trauma, no mercy given no mercy shown 

I have done terrible things, but also great ones
I have been the tool of evil yet goodness I have always known
Often have I believed that goodness is what I've served
The end justifies the means as hearts turn to stone 

Now I'm lying here like a shivering snake, all my body and mind is torn
By experiences and deeds, unable to think cleary... 

Now, do you know my name?
Do you know what's your roll in the play?
What can you know, where can you run, my name is 


The Worm

A deformed mind's illusion, 
Mouldering his senses, 
Depraves his thoughts
A deformed mind's illusion, 
Controlling his senses, 
Controlling his thoughts 

I know what you fear
That fear is sanity 

The black worm crawls up his cortex
Thoughts no longer sufficient, the parasite must feed
The black worm crawls up his cortex
Controlling his thoughts, controlling his deeds 

The worm feeds on thoughts, 
Feeds on lust, 
Feeds on will, 
Feeds on life 

A deformed mind's corrosion, 
Trapped and bound to a prison of flesh
A deformed mind's pollution, 
A wraith of insanity, 
A decomposing mesh

Fragments And Pieces

A dying play and silence weigh on the city of Ur
It tears his soul, the glass is whole, fragments of her
The blue bus still calls us, destination our funeral pyre
The pious men await, while innocents are raped with napalm fire 

Fragments and pieces... 

The Persian woman was strong in faith, 
She wasn't chosen but pleased him well
The dogs shall not eat from the table!
Suffer them all, they'll scream out for more, 
Sadomasochistic conviction inflicted
The orgasm, the baptism in iron 

A dying play and silence weigh as the desert's set ablaze
He seeks to find a haven to hide, there are no accidents
The blue bus digests us, desintegrate into flesh and pus
The pious men enjoy the game, blessing all the innocents

On The Verge Of Prime Divinity

Oh, I cannot hold it, 
These energies are flowing
Burning in my soul
Pounding in my brain, can you feel my hunger? 
Desires beyond control... 

Forcing me to follow, to walk paths unknown
Born to stalk, like a lonely wolf 

Energies, flowing free
Metamorphose, on the verge of prime divinity 

Passed the line, of love and hate
I ascend to a higher state, 
To reach the origin of the human race 

The subconscious of every man, within me
In every legend and tale, it's there 

This vague feeling of something... 
We're born with the knowledge within our souls 
But life makes us forget what we know 
So flow! 

No longer I know myself, no care for life or death
I must break through to reach serenity, 
On the verge of prime divinity