MÖRK GRYNING - Maelstrom Chaos


We are templars, of an old order
And we are believers, of an old conception

Before the birth of time we roamed spaces unknown
Undreamed of dreams, fabulous scenes
A spectacle beyond the most vivid human fantasy

A crown of glory adorned our shapes
The nightsky was our home and the stars our desolate hosts

Templars, I summon thee my friends so old
Awaken from thine dwelling sleep
And let us once more ride our steeds to eradicate the weak

Have you heard the starwinds blow?
Far our where the watchers lure
You should be pleased of your ignorance
For knowledge can be a most dreadful curse

A crown...


My words shall sound the alarm, legions awakened to arm
My sword shall shatter the bonds, and we'll see what'll come from beyond

Oh, rise our legions
Feel the rage at heart
An army of ghouls and demons
Led by the templars

Do you hear the starwinds blow?
And do you feel the darkness creeping upon you?

Ont Blod

Ont blod lämnad av mörkrets dräpelse
I ett Sodom av blodbadens utgjutelse
Kvarlevor av urminnes tid
Anornas andar är enda som tillstädes

Eder goda själ skall spetsas
För vi äro obönhörliga
Vi skall förklena ert försvar
ater igen härskar mörkrets allians

Var makt och tro, lat det evigt besta
Känn dominans av isande skräck
Mörkrets klor bemäktigar din själ
Beskada ljusets förfall

Hänryckta i stridens hetta
Med hatet som själskraft
Vi smädar er svaga tro av lögn
Denna känsla av fruktan bestar

The Menace

As terror comes down on the earth it strikes down with a vengeance so strong
It can kill all that stands
The ashes of that which once was is all gone and the bringer of darkness is brought forth in the sky
A black aura of golden evil is taking the shape of a globe just like ages ago
Travelling in a dimension away it will create the end for this retarded race

Apparition, this is the grimly arrival

The pain of the humans exposed by this power is as fire ripping as it is
Destroying the world in a blink of an eye
With a force stronger than the light of the sun

Resurrected, it is the grimly arrival
Apparition, pain is the source of life
Now, the golden one has come
Supremacy, no legion can stand

Plague has tortured the world, fire has purified the souls
The master of fire came from the sky, the introducer of chaos have showed itself
Death is the truth of it's prophecy, this new era is nothing but infernal

Ripping death, plague, evil, carnage, fear, suffer, pain, darkness, destruction, pure fire, terror, resurrection!


Maelstrom Chaos

Fog, blinds your eyes as you walk
You can feel things crawling near you
Things noone should see
Fear attacks your spine, the phantom fog declines
Now you fear to see the things that should not be

See... Through the fog what lies beyond
See... How the fog is forming...
...A maelstrom!

Fall into the whirl...

Then I saw the past in a time before time
The beast of aeons, chaos complete
And I saw him the creator

Save yourself from hell
You are nothing but clay to us

And you saw what can't be seen
And you saw what has to be
For that which is old, shall once be again
And darkness always stays the same

My Friends

Once again I call upon them, please be my guests a while
See, I've dressed in purest scarlet, won't you see me a while?
I don't want you any harm, please come play with me
I know you know what I am, please help me see

Like immortal shadows of the past they're watching me
In my sleep and in my wake I know you're there guarding me
And I know that you'll always be there to comfort me
And I know you know that I'm pure when judging me

What is this, my room is sick, the walls and doors and floors
Are swimming, and worms in my bone, sucking, eating my marrow...

There they stand again, my friends
I knew they'd come to help me, in this moment of pain beyond the plains
There faces... such art
Crawlers from the stars, but no, don't look at me like that, no... No!!!

The Darkness Within

Come forth...
My furious anger and incessant hate
Invective towards you weakling
Arising in dark vapour, I'm becoming one with night
To dissolve your enfeebled kingdom

I'm invincible with the tempered steel, reduction you will feel
Infernal rapture fills me, sucked into the realm of hatred
When you weep those tears of blood
My veins are cold as ice, delectable desires

Behold evil desires of laceration
The resistance is forever vain, feel my unchallenged power

I scorn with mischief:

Life shall vanish disinclined to arise
Darkness saviour scald upon your soul
The shadow of the serpent sweeps over the ground
Your slattern divides the trembling darkness within
The darkness within...

Human... you can't resist your overlord
Deformed beyond the red coloured fluid, forever we shall... ledge

Forever Unhallowed Preponderance

Devastating in the forthcoming age of war
Marauding all holy ground only moor remains
Thou god shall be shaded in neglect
My credence for almighty powers

I shall establish my triumphal vengeance
Your god shall be dethroned, my detest is overwhelming
Detach the strong from the weak
My superiority clutch you painfully

Terror, eruption, escalating
Your fickle troops shall fall
Thou will yield for the darkside
Under scarlet heaven of hell

Behold my retaliation, my rules in posterity
Oohh... this beauty and the might of the moon
Intoxicated of it's rapture
I'm the one assorted to lead this insurrection

As you are choking in ponds of blood
I'm waking up from this mighty dream
Regarding the fall of the night
But still my unholy desires remain
It remains...

Dödens Skald

Silver vatten, sjön vilar blank som stal
O andar, för mig ut, ta mig ned
Ned i djupet till dödens ljus, sänk mig och dränk mig, jag ber

Mitt liv är förbi nu sa kom dra mig ned, mina vänner ur djupet mig ser

Jag ser upp mot himlen och dansar en sista dans
Allt är nu gjort, allt är sett, allt är sagt
Skymning vilar tugnt över mig

Men att jag gar nu är inte ett slut, ljuset är mörker och mörker är ljus
Dansa min vals jag är Dödens Skald, min sång sjungs utav skogen
Den dag jag dog

Djupets svarta lockelse mig blivit allt för stark
Till Absus rika sal jag svävar i extas

Jag är en med Nattens svarta väsen
Jag är en med de oändliga djupen
Virveln i vattnet för mig till mitt ursprung
Virveln, den eviga Malströmmen

Jagad genom grottor sa mörka i skuggornas rike
Varelser krälar efter mig, abnorma ting
Plötsligt en avgrund vidgar sig under mig
Jag faller igen, längre in i avgrunden
Jag ser upp mot himlen och dansar en sista dans
Allt är nu gjort, allt är sett, allt är sagt
Skymning vilar tugnt över mig

Men att jag gar nu är inte ett slut, ljuset är mörker och mörker är ljus
Dansa min vals jag är Dödens Skald, min sang sjungs utav skogen
Over berg utav ben och forsar av blod
Den dag jag dog