MORGUL - Sketch Of The Supposed Murderer

Violent Perfect Illusions

It's a fucking discrace how the sane and unable rule the world
I need to disconnect and scatter my violent perfect illusions
Catastrophic mind error, ghastly, bizarre, spiteful, vengeful, hateful, 
a mind set on destruction
Dominion of antichrist, Amen!

Would you not hate the sea that's drowning you?
Would you not curse the woods if you were lost?

I cannot see the moon nor the stars
Only the icy touch of an endless ocean
And I am so alone, so alone
No one knows my misery
You will learn, you will feel,
I'll take you with me into the depths of insanity, misery, to hell.

The Dog And The Master

I can smell your fear
You reek of insecurity
I know what you crave, what you need
I can be your dreams

I'll wander behind your eyelids like a grain of sand
This path leads to hell
You need to be thrashed and broken
I'll be your master and you can worship me
Adore me, love me above all
I'll feed your desire, make you happy
You need to be thrashed and broken

Death is a quiet room where all is peaceful
And desolate, where life is cursed
No glory, no vivid memories
No tales to tell
This path leads to hell
You need to be thrashed and broken.

Dead For A While

I am back
Looking not well at all
Empty and hollow
Not what I used to be
Misery made of flesh

I have dwelled in the arms of misfortune
I have been trapped in it grasp
I've dwelled in the arms of misfortune
I've been trapped in its grasp
I've walked the path of disfunction for many a mile
I have been dead for a while

Do you know how they hurt with cruelty?
With such ease and simplicity even in your sleep
And from the other side of sanity
It is like fire burning my flesh, like spears piercing my heart
Confused clowns constantly fucking my mind
Up, down and from behind.


I can't seem to get out
I can't seem to break loose
Can't disconnect from this machine
I cannot move, I cannot see
This time it's even worse then before
Too many lights and not enough to destroy
Did I get a moment?
A split second in time
I'm just a minor malfunction easily replaced by others.

Of Murder And Misfortune

This reeks of pain and cruelty
Misguided flesh and hypocrisy
Mutilated souls thrown back into circulation
Vessels on a black forgotten sea
we all float endlessly with no hope of achievement
Splinters of glass in the whirlwind
A never ending maelstrom of misery

These are the devils
These are the lost children all hideous to behold
This is the race of murder, fucking and misfortune
Here's no peace, here's no rest
Here's only spite and detest
Here's bloodlust and carnage
The bitter taste of existence
A hope of extinction and a dream of hell

I have awaken
I am lost and forsaken
Ignorance is bliss
I blame you for this

You don't know what I do
How I'm fucking you, beating you, trashing you
Tearing your soul apart, 
I cleanse the world

You don't know what I do
How I'm fucking you, beating you, trashing you
Tearing your soul apart, 
I see so clearly that I love you dearly
I cleanse the world


Truth, Liars And Dead Flesh

Please sit with me and listen
I hear a different drum
Maybe you will think twice before you fall asleep
This image reminds me of a whore's attempt to get clean
A beggar's eyes when gold is in sight
Honour in the eyes of a thief, truth in a liar's speech
As real as a dream
As real as painted puppets on a painted scene
I see the great pit
The beast and the eye
Hardly ever listen to what you say
Any colour's fine as long as it is black
I'll die alone, afraid and hated
I'll lie unwanted, unburied and godless
These words remind me that I have to die


I am not what I seem to be
This flesh is not reality
In some fantasy it may be cookies to go with the wine
In a dream it could be a rigid phallus inside of you

Silently through lifeless corridors
One where feces lie scattered,
one where the seeds of thousand saints burn and suffer the
agonies of the damned

Within you, beaten, whipped, so intensely fucked
I infect you with death
And when you swallow me, drinking the wine of insanity
Collapse into sickening divinity

I am the true god, I am superman, 
I am silent, I am invisible, 
I am the shadow of a shadow
I am unspoken, I am unsung, unseen
I am in your head, but I have never been
I am a reflection from a shattered looking glass
I am god
I am nothing, I am the devil in your flesh
And I am the whimper of the whipped beast