MORDGIER - In Deathcold Mist

Satanik Commando Mordgier

United by Evil!
Upon the altar of night
We have sacrificed our souls
As black as night
In our cold hearts
As cold as ice
In the fog we stalk
Though never were we born
Under the signed of five-pointed star
Flames shall devour the temples
Of your mendacious god
We are Satanik Commando Mordgier!
In this millenium
we shall create the new order
We are the sons of The Lord of Darkness
The Soldiers of Satan
We bring you Death!

Cold Forestvoid

The rising moon
And the setting sun
Witnessed this unholiness

This lonely place
Deep in the forest
No one knew that
He had hanged himself

The blackest cloud
Rose over the forest
And covered the moon
All the life freezed

For the cold forestvoid
Became the evilkingdom
Where the wise could hear
The hymns of the hanged soul

The hymns of Satan

Cursed Forever Cursed

Hollow drumming
From afar
As twilight fell
Old legends came true

In deathcold airmist
Shapes appeared
Icecold wind
Swept down my heart

Heard I the hollow drumming
Ancient song from afar
"When Hell Calls Your Name,
There Is No Way Back"

Since this night
The sun never rose again
And the Life we lead
Turned to the way of Death

Black Metal
Cold grip
Satan's kingdom
Cursed forever cursed

The Last Earthly Day

So cold...
Darkness... Sacrifice...
Cold steel in my hands
Russet soil running with blood
Cold Winter Night
The sky is getting dark
The moon lost in blood
When so far you are
There is no way back
Cold Winter Night
So dark...
Heard I the funeral hymn
Carried on the wings
Of frosty gale
Saw I a lifetime in Hell
So cold...

Cold. Winter. Forest.

Blood! On whitish snow
Red! Redpainted whiteness

Cold. Winter. Forest.
The ghost is rising
From the bloodred snow

Cold. Winter. Forest.
The ghost of dead trees
Death's dominion

Cold. Winter. Forest.
Gripped by the cold hand
Your heart is

Cold. Winter. Forest.
Black metal
The forgotten ghost

Cold. Winter. Forest.
Take your last breath
The ghost is here

Cold. Winter. Forest.

Gripped by the cold hand
Of Satan
Your heart is


Kingdom Of Hell

Darkness. Winter.
Kingdom of frost
In the land of the freezing moon
In the land of my misanthropy

I look at the face of the night
I cut my veins
And I break the chains of life

I open the gates
To the land of cold flames
To the land of Death
And my life is freezed

The black candle is no longer burning
But yet it shall burn forever
In the land of silent screams
In the land of Satan!