MISTELTEIN - Rape In Rapture

Darkness Scars My Soul

Fall of the sulphur night
The sky is set aflame
In distance, I look upon
The dark age
I feel the stars
Burning within my flesh
So must they have done
Who beheld the sulphur fire
My mind flows away
In the void
And darkness scars my soul

I, whos soul burns with a desire of my bloodline's past
Whos suffering will never end

A pain that cannot die
Unless my flesh is dead
Cries without a cause
And darkness scars my soul

I cry out in the empty night
To break the angels heart
I summon winterdemons
Who answered to my calls
A fog of frost is falling
Upon me where I stand
I hear the voices singing
Darkness scars my soul

I yearn for days of frost and of pride but it is not to be found
Searching for the keys of time which do not exist
Even so my desire burns with hate
And darkness scars my soul

Scars which burn with sulphur hatred whos flame never dies
But for each day glows stronger like the stars in the northern sky
And like time they are breathing rising again as one dies
And darkness scars my soul

The ghosts who haunt me are creatures of light
Who scared my bloodline's flesh
The ghost who haunt me are angels of god
Whos son was impaled
The darkness that scars me is not of the night
Nor darkness of hell
The darkness that scars me is no weakness
It is my desire

My desire, my flesh seeks revenge
To hear the angels scream
My desire, I seek revenge
I want to see you die
The keys of time are not to find
So my hate will proceed
My yearning will never end
Because darkness scars my soul...

Twilight Sigh

I am eternal
On infinity I ride
For I am the unseen
Dressed in a twilight sigh...
I am a vision
A vision to come
I am a secret
Chained by the sun

Behold this endless mournful kiss
A journey through a casket night
Embraced by starless distant dream
Drained by a twilight sigh

I am the dying sunset
I am the twilights' spawn
I am eternal night
I am the sunless dawn

I breath through the lungs of oblivion
Timeless and cold are the arts of mine
I lurk through the dismal everness
Dressed in a twilight sigh...

Enchant me with your sorrows
A thousand tears to come
Bleeding tear of tomorrow
Is falling to the hollow ground

I am the dying sunset
I am the twilights' spawn
I haunt the ever black
For I am the sunless dawn

Autumns Misty Might

Greetings oh night starpainted mighty sky
I bow to thee majestic dream to which I cry
Souls of the candle which I burn with pride
You'll all sleep in peace no more your turn to die

Your mighty winds sweep over devastating
The lands of life were once so illuminating
Your shield approaching to mourn till death
As the rain falls down last sound of hops breath

The dark has come for me
Crucify me hate me infernally
Maim my heart blackened night
Destroy me autumns misty might

The rain comes down like tears from the clouds
A hopeless feeling in the autumns misty might
Shedding the tears like blood from a heart
A heart of despair chained to autumns misty might


I. The Beginning

I stand in the endless twilight
Watching the rising of the moon
The bleeding rays of the sun
Cast on the waters of gloom
And as the landscapes darkens
I behold the beautiful night
Which has moved upon me
And has taken my soul with furious might

II. The Awakening

I stand in the endless night
Watching the opening of the night
And as the forest hall wakens
So does the mountains with a sigh
The silvermoon cast its rays
Upon my darkened soul
As it brings damnation upon us
It is truly all to know

III. The End

I stand in the nevercoming dawn
Watching the death of the sun
The bloodred horizons falling
Starting the light to shun
And as the moon arises
Northern realms have come
All ancient left their sleep
The northern realms have come

IV. The Funeral

Curse my darkened soul
As I enter the gates of hell
Guide me to the eternal tomb
Where the god of light will dwell
Through the cemetary portals
Shall the infernal legions pass
And the northern realms have come
With lights death at last

At last...

The Fire In My Eyes

Through the endless stonehalls
My soul silently walks
By my side a million screams
Of eternally burning souls
Before your almighty throne
Again I shall die
Under your wings
Immortal I shall rise

Oh mortal one-betrayer of light
You faced the powers of light with hate
You shalt no more see
The heavenly creatures walk

Cast into hells fire
Release me from my flesh
Curse me witheternal suffering
Till just a shadow remains

Satan (for you I took my life)
Satan (and came proud to you)
Satan (for you I reaped christian souls)
Satan (for you I spilled oceans of blood)

You are the neverending wrath of my soul
You are the infernal fire in my eyes
You are the marks which I bear with pride
You are the source of my existence

And my flesh was burned
As I walked in valleys of fire
And my bones were crushed by demons
Just my soul was left

Left was I for dead
Demonic choirs sang
My eyes burned infernal
Again I rose

Oh mortal one-Slayer of light
You'll now face angels with fire
A demon of mine thou art
Oh immortal one


Inquisition Of The Bleeding God

A shapeless drawing sight
Drowned within the dying night
View so thick and yet so clear
No human since long lived here
A dagger of flaming ice
Has ripped through the silent skies
And the floor of glass was broken by angels cries

The window crushed behind the light
Dreamlike demons wake
From the sky blood like snowflakes fall
Fundaments of heaven shake

The roaring oceans once furious rose
Now has calmed into bloodseas
And thw winds have since ages silenced their screams
All lies still awaiting

A blinding light of fire raped the silence
Heaven fell aflame through the ground

Begun was the dawn of Satans reign

You were predicted to be slain
In domains by yourself condemned
You were to die by your own creation
That had died one thousand deaths before your birth

Behold your childrens blood paint the new world
A cold mist now drowns the world

New creations are summoned
Followers are Jehova are burning impaled
Antil their ashes are growing again
Only awaiting to burn

You are predicted to die

Hymn Of A Timeless Being

The most ancient of all beings
Before all seven spheres
I alone raised eternity
Created was I in times
Times still not existing
I am the guardian of hells fire
The infernal legions that roam the earth

I am the tales always told
The rage of thunderstorms
Medieval darkness and glory
Ancient rites and sacrifices

Like mist I float throughout the landscapes
Into the mighty forest above the mountains

Like statues standing tall and cold
I watched the rising of christianity
I watched the birth of god
And saw the end


Black death was I, breathing at the earth
Planting my seed, of my own rebirth

I am the tales always told
The rage of thunderstorms
I am before eternal
And I am the flames infernal
I am the suffering always known
The pain of mortal souls
I am darkness eternal
I am the dark lord infernal

Dusk Rising

Shadows dancing, silhouettes of the night
Rising eternal, away from the sunlight
Beautiful shapes like a drawing of the sky
Over landscapes vanishing fly
A broken heart still breathing
Thou its essence is cold
Shedding centuries of tears
Feeding on the nights blood

Symphony of the winds
Floating like mist
Covering the moon
Spread thy wings

Stormwinds freezing through the heart of man
And the beautiful life dies
Like autumn it tears the soul apart
Drains it of blood

Dusk rising, dying is eternal
Dusk rising, sorrow is eternal

Mourning and screaming helpless cries
Panic spreading still questioning why
Again the sun descends
Last rays attacks all hearts like knifes
Nightwings blackening the woods
Drawing forth like thunderstorms
A lifeless shape searching
To drink the blood of christ

Powers of darkness
Fullfill my wish
To seek eternity
Bring me into
For what pain have I not felt
Take this flesh
Guilty of deeds
Who made god cry
Do what thou wilt
Just give me the key
To seek eternity


Embrace the autumns night
The unsilent wind sail the shadows
And the skies starlit pride
The silvertears that freeze the ground
Are lifelessly falling in endless line
A gaze of void in the empty night
The eyes that in the moonlight shine

Fogcovered soil and the icewinds vail
Seven spells cast and the moon turns red
The stars fell down the sky is ripped
And silvertears are now blood

Rain falls
So does the night
Over these endless landscapes
Dressed in a silvery wintry shade
And blood falls on the ground
Thou unseen in the darkest night
Light is now so desolate
As the moongate opens wide

In moonlight
I am at one with thee autumns night
In the unsilent darkest winter shadow
The silvertears stains in the snow
Though not alone in these landscapes
Tears still will fall
For these tears are not mine, but thine

Even in the silent void
The steps of blood are followed
A grief contained
Reach out for your soul
Dragged through the soil
In forgotten oblivion
And no death will be called upon