MARTYR - To Confirm When Destruction Comes...

Sanquis Vitea Est

Yours in darkness eternal
We welcome your strength and wisdom
Show no mercy this time
The clock keeps ticking
But for how long?

Untill the bomb falls
And we'll welcome a nuclear dawn
In which we will live forever
Yours in darkness eternal
Show no mercy this time

With cancer growing in us all
We will settle our reign for the very last time
No reverse, no pitty, no nothing can help
Mankinds lungs are inhaling, but for how long
The clock stopped ticking
As we welcome
Yours in darkness eternal!

Burning Season (Beyond The Flames Eternal Part II)

Beyond the flames we rise and with blood we'll feed
The souls that died in the Burning Season
It was the time of loss and sadness
Creation failed to create new life
After the humans burned to ashes
The Flames Risen. 
The Burning Season

A new Hell created by non-divinity
Will I be the ruler during the Season of Heat?
But who will follow me? 
Disciples who raised their hands.
Can they be trusted?
Although the Flames are rising, 
I see beyond all dreams
To connect all life with eachother. 
Could that be the key?

Beyond The Flames Eternal. 
Where the answers lie,
All questions will be questioned.
During the Burning Season
I rule, and the disciples will follow
But my soul cannot be cleaned, even how hard I try
Perished beyond the Flames
I will also burn to ashes. 
The Burning Season

Deathforce Re-Filled

Combine with power, the heretic gives the force
Combine with misery, and Death opens his doors
Complete the bloodline, Death will strike again
Complete the session, we will perish and see the end

Deathforce re-filled

And over the plains of planet earth a darkness fell
Death's breath could be smelled from far away
Humankind cannot stand any longer
We stupid fucks will all end up in our own created Hell!

Stupid liars, stupid rats, you can't escape anymore
It's better to see for yourself that your end is near
It's better to oversee your deeds and pray for your discredit heaven
So that the Lord can see what mankind has done 
With his mournfull creation!

Deathforce re-filled

Planet earth bleeds no more, a new reign has settled
Mother Nature sends her reagards to Death
Mankind does not exists anymore
We have destroyed our own species 'cause we lived like a whore!

I Am The Bringer Of New Obtainment

I vanish alone in Daylight
I emerge in thousands at night
I am the one with unanimous faces
I am the one who will hunt you down

The world according to you, humans of love, 
Is no longer the world that I'll create.
My adoration, my lust, only contains enormous hate.
There will be a new time, with a new obtainment.

Now I appear alone in Daylight
I will perish you all at night
I am the one who creates new life
I am the one who nailed you down

Now this new obtainment is just the beginning,
But the main point still stands: what will cause the ultimate end?

Prologue to the Unknown 

Life, it was nothing more than a sigh
Vanished in thin air, absorbed by the universe.
Questions to be unfolded, answers to be given
What is the meaning of this all?
When is the time we all will fall?

Answers hidden in our present universe
Beyond the imagination of us all
Memories constructed by multiple thoughts
Believes what we want to believe.
When is the time we all will fall?

Life, it was nothing more than a sigh, vanished in thin air
Absorbed by the universe.

To Confirm When Destruction Comes

Is there nothing more to fear
Now that the end is near
The omen, give me sight beyond sight!
From above a blood drenched sphere
I oversee you all.
Entrapped in a globe, you cannot escape
The barrs electrified, sight overwhelmed by pale darkness

Destruction is my name, confirmation of the omen.

The Gods are harmless if not powerless so to speak
You cannot escape from the wings of death
Everthing is settled
God for the weaklings,
Satan for the few
No, destruction has no face: it knows no good or evil
It comes and goes, leaving nihilistic thoughts behind

Destruction is my name, confirmation of the omen

As long as I can see it all, there will be only one Salvation.


In Nomine

Hail to the shadows that swirl around in Tragedy
How long can a soul be held captive in Eternity?
To spin around in a darkness you cannot see nor discribe
What kind of pain would that be!

I Hail toThee who crossed the streams - In Nomine!
I Hail the souls that crushed all dreams - In Nomine!
I Hail to Thee who will forsee - In Nomine!
I Hail all the souls that'll kill humanity!

Hail to the shadows that killed in Tragedy
How long will my soul stay in Eternity?
To swirl around in a place you did not forsee nor asked for
What pain kind of pain would that be?

I Hail to Thee who crossed the streams - In Nomine!
I Hail the souls that crushed all dreams - In Nomine!
I Hail the ones who killed Humanity - In Nomine!
I Hail all of Thee who've set our souls free!