MACTńTUS - The Complex Bewitchment

Ornament Of Pettiness

Red from Blood you beg for Salvation
I Condescend to devour your Femininity
Maudlin Whimpers reach my Comprehension
The Complexity of Egoism Perspirate Undivine Pleasure

You are the Ornament of Pettiness
Scapegoat created by Strain of Disbelief

In Solitude I Wander - Admirable Conception
I Drain you for Life and Pour it into the Fountain
Of Death and Decay

Having my Way with Thy starving Countess
I am crying the Blood of Christ
The Beasts Nature is growing Inside of me
Licking her Fluids - Abhorrence arise

Thy Unsightly Prophets are slaughtered one by one
And their Powers of light used against you
Mourning Angels Falling from Grace

Another Dimension

Out from another Dimension I came
I saw Jesus playing with the Gods
I have seen the World burning - Twice
Reality - so far away

The new-born son, so long awaited
To speak of the New World

Fire! Gives me a new Desire
I crucified myself to be the one
With blood and Pain - I was the Holy One
With Blasphemy I rise from the Dust
And give the Human trust

I am the Greatest of all Creatures
Master I Am
Failured people to trust in me
Canít they see what a joke I became?
I killed Jesus I killed Jesus The Holy One

Be my guest on this trip
Come with me and share my Throne
In the World of the Unknown
Be my ripper and Drink with the Gods
And see the World in Flames

See all these Stupid Religions and all these Losers
All this brings you a Fucking Shame

The Passage (To The Kingdom Of No Return)

Come to me, Iíve got your Soul
Walk to the Gate of Emptiness

Search and you will find

To the Land of Sorrow
The Passage to the Kingdom of no Return

The Wintermoon is clear, the Voices are so Strong

The Goat is on his Throne, the Sixth Throne of Darkness
Beloved by the Whores of the Underworld

I Live in the Shadows, and have my Mortality
Like a Tomb, my Soul burns like an Icon
Far away from Reality, in another Distance

Come to me, Iíve got your Soul
Walk to the Gate of Emptiness

Search and you will find

To the Land of Sorrow
The Passage to the Kingdom of no Return

Take Luciferís hand and follow him to his Kingdom of Pride
The Glorified Throne with his Six dogs at his Side
Hell is coming so walk by my side
To the Kingdom of no return

Speak The Word Of The Winds

Speak the Word of the Winds
Search the Path of the Screaming
Empty Expressions of Sorrow
Detesting your own Sanity

Devotion, a Quest for Rationality
Redemption, a Pale Slave of Laughter
The Vultures of Jehovah Circling in
On the Prey of Light

Gormandizing the Remnants of our Legacy
Spectacular Sight of Horror
Gazing at the Torment of Individuality
Human - to Rest is not to Conquer
Rape the Silence

Spread your Fear as
The Vultures of Jehovah Circles in
Assassins of the Light with Horrors Rapture
Haunting the Shadows

Speak the Word of the Winds

With Excellence...

Dark Wisdom Profound
A Never ending Maze of Disillusion
Your Excellence is passed down to you
by Thy Elders

With Excellence - Attack!

Conquer the Darkest Void
The Prologue of Hell as your Forthcoming Illusion
Tremendous Pain brings you to Silence
Let the Transcending Heirs embrace you
Thriving the Ultimate Wisdom

With Excellence - Inhale Aggression
Exhale Anger - with Ecstasy

Experiencing Norse Brutality
An Ambiguous Vision of Severe Clinical Massacre
Submit Forthwith
Blacken the Blood of their Descendants

Crush and obliterate your Eternal Enemy
(Your Pride is lost in the Chamber of Whores)
With the Sweetest Excellence


Iron Handed

I am the Strong, I am the Powerful
I shall be Reverenced among men
As I Possess the Earth
The unfit shall Flee before me,
The Iron Handed

I am the Mighty minded and I ride the Whirlwinds
Serve and Suffer
I Challenge the Wisdom
The Soul of Envy I hold

I feed my Rage and live on Greed
The Awareness of the Flesh drives me
I take Pride in the Brilliance of Covet
I breed the Death of Thousands

Wander a Bloody Path
You are bewildered by the Stench of Fools
Penitent Fools
Longing for the Prince of Slaves
I will become Death
Destroyer of the World

Complexity In Vain

Ripping your Heart and Soul out
Your Existence becomes a Narrow Path
Madness becomes you
Behold the Wicked Torch of Emptiness

Travelling with Sanity
A Fierce Companion till Death does you apart

Screaming Hatred
Tenfold the Compassion

Scar the Vain of Thickest Blood
Your own Blood that wonít prevail

Struggling Aeons Transforms Ascending Nightglaze
Thy Hellish Eclipse
Dark Art Rabid King
Lupus Origin Raging Deathwish

Behold the Lust and Envy of Man
The Undivine Might of Sadness
Bleeding the Soars of others

Dance Of Might

Hold the Gift of Fire
Hold the Gift of Hate
Hold the Nightmares Secret

An Image in your Mind of
An Animal eating you up from the Inside out
Spirit of the Wolf placed inside you
The Wolf Fights my Battles
Feel the Price of Weakness

Out from the Darkness Closing in
All the Pain in the World canít stop me

The Heart you Hear is not your own
Your Heart stopped as Darkness came
And wonít start till Dawn of Night
Slaying the Light

I see the Pain in their Eyes
Before the Soul of Christ is raped
Let them be Tortured by their own Hand
All forms of Evil from all Corners of this Earth
Fulfil my Destiny

Fight the Battle, donít wait in Silence
Dance with the Devil, the Dance of Might
Living in the Shadows, avoiding the Light